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So my GF told me she finished The Babadook while I was out with my son trick-or-treating, and…she HATED it!!! Something along the lines of a “stupid piece of s###, and complete waste of time!”
She did mention a scene in which the mother does something that she can’t tolerate, and that was likely a factor, but even beyond that she said it sucked. Not scary, didn’t care for the story, nothing.
Oh well, I probably wont get around to watchibg it now, cause I’m not watchibg it by myself! Lol.


@simian Yes. It had flaws. So many flaws.


Unlikely, but seriously, Ambrose and Susie were actually the most interesting characters IMHO. Sabrina herself was a bit generic and unconvincing, as were many of the other headlining acts.

“Ahh, oh Satan and gore! OK, that’s fine, let’s keep the plot moving…”


You might like a podcast called “There’s no such thing as a fish.”, which is made by the QI Elves.

Definitely a YMMV film then. I adored it as a study of mental illness, which is one reading of the piece. It’s based on a short film on https://vimeo.com/39042148 . And yes, the mother does do some… decidedly dodgy things.

Oh, I may not bother watching it now. Was it worth the time? I have so much on my list!


Unfortunately I didn’t know much about tthe movie before hand, I just told herr it was a horror moviee id heard good things about.

I still think she would of disliked it due to some things that happen. For example, to my knowledge she’s never watched beyond the early parts of John Wick. I want to remedy that as the movie is basically a revenge flick, and considering what part of his motivation is, she could get behind it.


All that’s left is judo throws and gunshots to the head! Lots of 'em!


now have it cued up, as soon as I’m caught up on the podcast I’m currently listening to, that’s next.

Many thanks!


So, so many. Easily a top 5 action flick of all time for me. I loved the second one as well.

I just asked her, and she did finish it, but was mad the whole time. She has a real problem with violence against animals in anything (which I get). She even had some issues when I would hunt in Breath of the Wild.


It actually was worth the binge, there wasn’t a lot else out at the moment to satisfy my light horror-hunger (there is a lot of body horror, but I think it’s balanced by the teen drama?) It’s not great, but it’s not bad by any means. It’s on my A-list of B-list shows.


OK, everybody else, now that Halloween is over, I have to admit I didn’t notice the new season of Castlevania is out! Written by one of my favorite comic and novel authors Warren Ellis (Transmetropolitan and many others). It ain’t bad.


If you can get her her past that, go for it. It’s an amazing action movie. The choreography is perfect, and it’s a bit deeper than it sounds on paper.


Watched the first two episodes of the new season last night. Great so far. Loved the first season and was only disappointed by how short it was.

I was amazed that I actually remembered Hector from the Curse of Darkness game. They even kept his look identical:


The first season was really short. Like, really really short.

But, Ellis is a big game nerd, and he keeps a lot of the elements in play from the game while still maintaining a serious and gruesome plot. As you said, the art direction is pretty fine, too! They keyed onto the original games for the most part.

It feels weird waxing rhapsodic about a cartoon made about a videogame from decades ago. Sure, it’s not Shakespeare, but it’s not bad.


I didn’t really enjoy both John Wick movies that much. First one was okay, but somehow I’m part of the minority that doesn’t think the choreography is that good.qe
The second one also had some narrative issues (I know, it’s a friggin action flic but still).
I prefer the Equalizer as a similarly themes movie.


Missed Luther the first time round so have started catching up on iPlayer


You’re in for a treat, that was excellent! Broadchurch was awesome too


I’m kind of in between you two.

I’m really enjoying the characters (Walsh and Whitaker more than the other two, but they haven’t really delved too much into them yet) but I am finding the stories kind of slight.

And as much as I like what the messages are, I’m finding that I’m getting a headache from how hard they’re getting pounded into my head.

Chibnall is not a subtle guy, is he?


I liked the first two episodes, found Rosa extremely heavy-handed, and felt that Arachnids was too much of a rip-off of the core plot of The Green Death without anything new to say or the interesting side stories. But Chibnall has solo-written four out of the first five episodes and co-wrote Rosa, and that’s far too much when you’re also supposed to be in charge of the overall direction of the show.


How’s the sequel? I love a bit of Denzel. I even enjoyed 2guns and that had Marky Mark.


I haven’t watched it yet, only heard it’s inferior.
I’m still hopeful I’ll enjoy it more than John Wick.
Will post my impressions once I’ll get around to watching it.


I have been watching Merlin. All five seasons.

It’s not great, but it’s good enough. For pauses in-between work and kids, I’ll take it.

I’ll have to see The Equalizer and the sequel, since you nerds have an opinion on it. Mind, I am an old man of 45 and nothing will compare to the 80s Equalizer series (even though I’d never watch that again, most 80s TV is kind of crap when you watch it again, with the possible exception of Magnum P.I.)