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What are we watching?


I was just thinking “Hrmmm I think my favourite episode was the one with Peter Weller in it… What was that one called…”


This is pretty much exactly what I did, only I haven’t gotten through. It was too much and I love my horror movies.

Speaking of which, I saw the new Halloween movie last night with my hubby. I enjoyed it. The music really set a good tension level.
Definitely a few, “really?” moments, but for what it was worth watching.


I’ve long been a fan of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which is now entering its 13th season. I remember hating the show when I first saw it, thinking the characters and humor were just so crass. But it’s actually many, many levels above the gross-out humor of Workaholics or Family Guy, and has only gotten smarter and weirder as it’s moved into its teen years. Once you can appreciate it as a satire of sit-coms _and_contemporary politics, you’ll enjoy it a lot more. At this point the show also has a lot of self-references and call-backs, sort of like Arrested Development (which I also love), but they’re handled in such a way that newbies will still laugh. I rank Sunny as my favorite comedy.

Bob’s Burgers is also another favorite. Coming from a blue-collar family that always scraped by for money, I really enjoy the working-class character of the show. People with money or authority are usually represented as arrogant and stupid, while reformed criminals, weird mechanics, and motorcycle gangs turn out to be the heroes. Bob and the other characters are endearing and I always feel good after finishing an episode. Nothing too heavy or dark here.

I’m also re-watching episodes of the original Star Trek with my girlfriend, who got into Trek via Discovery and has never seen anything else in the franchise. Her first episode of the original series was “Errands of Mercy,” where she got to see just how bad the makeup was for the first Klingons. She loved the the hammy acting and what she saw as a whole lot of sexual tension between the male characters, heh-heh. Like so many Discovery episodes, the Star Trek episode we watched was about a Federation-Klingon conflict. But oh man, the ending of the original series episode reminded me of just how vastly different Discovery is from its predecessors.



Hey, Kirk/Spock is widely thought of as the first slash fiction couple!


Watching Dr Who over here. Not a huge fan boy of it - that would be my good lady whovian her indoors - but I enjoy it most of the time.

Really disliking the latest season though - there is no feeling of threat and, apart from Bradley Walsh, the acting feels either flat, or way over the top.

So, this morning I watched the first episode I remember seeing back in 1975 - The Robot. And it was great!


I’m finding it the opposite. I’m enjoying all the characters and I’m liking the simpler/more straightforward stories after the last few series over-complicated everything and insisted every character had to have some kind of universe-shattering role to play.


Finished the season! Definitely got a bit silly in the second half, like they didn’t know where to take it. Everyone killing everyone and speeding through the fall of the cult. The first half was pretty much perfect, but the second half was a bit slapdash.

There were a lot of jumps and leaps in the plot to the point I felt like I missed parts, but tracked back and no. It went from militant feminist to militant mysoginist in the gap between two episodes with no explanation. All those fight club guys suddenly just showed up inexplicably. Then Kai somehow has influence in the institutionalised gang system of the prison? Of the neo-Nazis no less! I don’t buy a hardened prison gang listening to a weedy Trump wannabe councilman preacher!! I thought they were going to take the leap to Kai actually having psychic powers, but no. And Gloria the warden too?! What’s going on there?? So messy!


Watched the first episode of The Haunting of Hill House, it was pretty creepy


We’ve watched 4, and it gets MUCH creepier…and apparently even more so after that! Lol.

We also finally got around to watchibg It (2017). I really liked it. I wish Pennywise was in it a bit more (as opposed to thebother forms It takes) because he is just so good in that role.

Its been interesting watchibg the above, as I’m an admitted chicken - much of Hill House has been watched through my fingers. Fortunately my gf doesn’t bug me about it too much! (She actually doesn’t at all, at least no more than I do myself).

I’ve been trying to get more into the genre as there are some really good movies out there, that I’ve avoided iver the years. Getting better!


I was talking about horror movies with someone at work, and I sent them the trailers for the original Ring (aka Ringu), and It Follows, both of which were exceptionally creepy to me.


My wife and I used to seek out Korean and Japanese horror movies. However, as soon as we saw The Eye that was it. That’s probably the most creepy psychological jump horror I’ve ever seen. Since then, I rarely watch horror films. The slasher style movies are fine, as they’re generally predictable, it’s the supernatural and psychological horrors my overactive imagination has a problem with.

If you do want to watch The Eye - and it’s a brilliant piece of filmmaking - make sure it’s the Korean version by the Pang Brothers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! I’m out of touch with horror, but it may have been remade in Hollywood.


Yup, I went thru a period of doing that. And yup, watched The Eye, pretty unsettling.


My wife has the same problem. She loved Haunting of Hill House however! She had nightmares after watching just the end of The Last Broadcast, which is not a great film, but has a (divisively) brilliant ending.


Korean Horror: A Tale of Two Sisters was amazing. Creepy and, as I remember it, very few (if any) jump scares. Plays on the mind tho’! (It is a VERY long time since I saw it though)

Does anyone else like that feeling when a film gets under your skin? I have watched films and had to sleep with the light on!


I used to - not sure about now…

Blair Witch Project creeped me out too - even when you know its not real


Frankly, this is all CRAZY TALK to me!
I once watched the US version of the Ring with my then girlfriend, and we both tried hard to keep coming up with conversation topics that night so we didn’t have to fall asleep.
That was my only foray into ‘proper’ horror and confirmed my conviction that it is a genre I’m just not made for. I just don’t enjoy being scared out of my wits.


Haunting of Hill House has left me really cold. It doesn’t have charm or originality or flare or intrigue. It just kinda mopes along, and ends up feeling like Lost for fans of The Cure. Every character is ‘oh woe is me’, but with nothing redeeming about them to make you care. After hearing IGN podcast rave about it I was expecting a lot more.

(Before anyone says it, I get that AHS doesn’t have the best acting, but it has vibrancy and character!)


I think I watched the original and the remake of The Ring back in the day. I’ve also heard of (but not seen) it Follows. The Ring was creepy for sure. I tried watching The Babadook but I wasn’t up for it. Might try again at some point. I also really want to try and watch The Quiet Place when it hits Netflix.


We got addicted to QI clips on YouTube. Looked around, got the first seven series of complete episodes on Acorn TV, an app we can access through our Kindle Fire TV dongle.

Just the first seven seasons. Then we had to skip to BritBox, another app. Which only had series 12 and 13.

The Toskvig episodes are there, just “unavailable”. So we’re missing the middle four, and everything after Fry.

It’s a hard addiction to kick. Any suggestions would be welcome. The US doesn’t do panel shows like that.


Was actually able to mostly binge Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and gotta say, sort of a letdown. It lacks the self-aware camp of Riverdale and has a pretty weak lead character. I wish they’d done more with the supporting characters, at least the interesting ones.
Fingers crossed that Ambrose gets a spin-off.
Also, WOW was the dialogue dodgy. Did some one just do a find / replace for any religious-esque term and replace with with an eeeeeevil / satanic equivalent?