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What are we watching?


Go back to the early series of GBBO. The standard is a lot lower!


Fringe was SO good! Well, most of it anyways.

I’ve been meaning to watch it again with my GF, but we have so many shows we’re already never going to watch, lol.


I loved Fringe. It got to the point where I was crying every episode, heh. The only other sci-fi show since that has had that emotional resonance for me is 12 Monkeys.


Yeah in the way back it was much more amateur hour but still, I’d say that the first couple series were significantly more skilled than the Canadians so far.


They did a lot of their filming near my office. A couple mornings I’d come in and there would be a NY Subway station entrance or stuff like that still out.


I never watched 13 Monkeys. A cpuple others I really enjoyed were Battlestar Gallactica (still need to watch season 4 though) and The Expanse has been really good as well.


Does Fringe get significantly better as it goes on? There was nothing that really hooked me after two episodes.


Yes, yes it does.

Saying that - I was hooked from the get go.

But, if you aren’t hooked by the character of Walter Bishop I’m not sure how much you’ll enjoy it.


There’s a 12 Monkeys TV show? What’s the connection?


It really is!


It does!

Until it doesn’t at the end when J. J. Abrams does his usual thing of sending a series totally off the rails. It’s still fun at that point, but it’s a completely different experience. The last season is almost a totally different show than the first.

That being said, I love it almost as much as @Tika.

Also, as @MrJackdaw says, Walter Bishop is really the draw. It takes a few episodes to get to know how delightfully mad he is. (What I wouldn’t do to have him be my crazy uncle scientist…)


I’m going to argue that even the final season is totally watchable and fine.
It’s interesting rewatching the series and seeing it switch from the lite-serialization “case of the week” format to SERIALIZE EVERYTHING.
Truly it was a short lived golden era on FOX where they were willing to put all kinds of weird & wonderful stuff on air.


Alright, I’ll give it another shot. Amazon prime in Japan has a really limited selection, but Fringe is on there, so it’s “merely” a matter of finding an hour out of the parenting schedule every now and again.

I won’t go into the reasons it wound me up and put me off, because it seems very popular here and my memories of it are too hazy to be reliable.


I’ve watched all of your suggestions, they were all outstanding. I thought I’d suggest my own since we’re right up on Halloween.

Netflix in the USA has recently come out with Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It’s basically Sabrina the Teenage Witch, only much, much more grim, graphic, and disturbing.

Even though it’s based on the original Archie Comic, THIS IS NOT A SHOW FOR LITTLE KIDS. Even more-so than Riverdale.

It’s pretty spoopy, I think just enough for this time of year, although a little heavy on the teen-drama.


I just read the first six comics of this. Safe to say it’s not very similar to the original =)


Oh my, no. They went all 90s dark, and then some.

(For anyone who isn’t familiar, mainstream comics in the 90s suddenly had to be all dark and gritty and often gruesome.)


New fall season started some weeks ago!

So This is Us and The Good Place are back and good as ever :slight_smile:

We also got into The marvelous Ms. Maisel a show we enjoy a lot. It plays in the 50s which makes it an interesting portray of that time and society.

I also finally watched the finale of The Expanse. Such a beautiful and powerful ending. Glad it got picked up. Made me also very interested in reading the books.


I’m watching American Horror Story: Cult. I last stopped watching AHS after Coven, but I’m really impressed. They’ve really nailed yet another genre of horror, and it’s far more overtly satirical than the other series. I was a bit nervous when it was SO up front about being about Trump, but by a few episodes in that’s put more to the background.

On the other hand, it’s kinda a shame that Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters front the show these days. They’re bland and hammy. It feels like the rest of the cast are trying to do their best with those two overacting everything.


I know that as a geek I’m supposed to like serialization and I do for most shows, but I actually prefer the monster-of-the-week format of Fringe, just like I did for X-Files. I like the characters, and I like how much heart the show had, and the impending apocalypse became all-consuming (as it should) and it was less fun.

My favorite episode is “White Tulip”, but my favorite moment might be Walter sitting in a car and popping in a CD that plays “Only You” by Yazoo, which is sort of the perfect song for the series.

@KIR I’ve watched American Horror Story faithfully (even the crappy Freak Show season) but E1 of Cult upset me so genuinely I almost couldn’t bring myself to watch the rest of it. It turns out that gruesome and graphic murders and mutilations and rapes are nothing compared to… politics. I ended up reading spoilers for the rest of the series and the subsequent episodes weren’t as bad (plus I love Colton Haynes!) so I liked it overall, especially some of the sillier stuff towards the end.

I really like the current season (Apocalypse) because I generally like the apocalyptic setting and they’ve also been able to do a “greatest hits” of the past seasons and it’s nice (and horrible) to revisit those characters.


Yeah, I thought it was a smart move to move it from national politics to local politics. I like how republicans can view it as a literal interpretation of left-wing panic, as much as Democrats can see it as a criticism of Trump’s politics.

I’m only halfway through, so not got to the sillier stuff. The Saw parody was crazy! Not sure how much I’m enjoying the twists so far. It’s falling down that “EVERYONE’S A BAD GUY!” route that stops it being so fun to guess what’s happening.