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I have a job from home that has a lot of down-time right now. I have to stay in front of my computer, but I don’t have to worry about taking up “company resources.”

It’s a terrible and boring job. Hopefully my more busy, seasonal, and more profitable job will be starting up soon.

Until then, between job tickets, I read books and comics, watch TV and movies, and dream of a better world.

(EDIT: while making no money and rethinking the decisions I’ve made with my life)


Post Script:

I used to subscribe to Heavy Metal!

I will eventually check all those out, but I will throw these back at you (these are both movies that you want to touch with a ten foot pole, and back away immediately if it starts to freak you out):

Teeth (NOOOOooo nevermind, I’m sure everyone’s seen this)
Killer Condom (not as terrible as the title may sound, it’s one of the closest things that Troma has done to making a real movie. It’s still bad, but not that bad.)

I guess this is a bonus recommendation:
The Babysitter was also kind of a refreshing take on comedy-horror, one I’d almost forgotten, but it made a bit of a splash, and I figured most of you kids had already known about it. It was a fun romp.


Really good. It wouldn’t be easy to adapt a Discworld novel, but I think they did a great job. I really enjoyed it, watching how the characters behaved even when the focus wasn’t on them. I thought Vetinari should have been taller, but the actor did a great job in the role.


Probably not as bad as Death Bed: The Bed That Eats. Very little is that bad.


I just watched as much as that as I could. I had to watch Coraline again as a palate-cleanser afterwards.

Death Bed was so close to being unintentionally hilarious, but it was so bad it was bad. I’m sure someone could edit it into “so bad it’s good” status, because the “good” (amusingly bad) parts are great, but the rest of it is boring as heck.

Thank you for expanding my cinematic horizon, though.

(And at least it wasn’t Tusk.)


Hilda Netflix. Lovely. Little weird kids cartoon with occasional adult jokes (but not in that icky post Shrek nod and a wink way). Based on series of Luke Pearson books. Some lovely messages and nice interweaving of over arching storylines. Favourite line, in response to Hilda querying why they weren’t searching for a cryptid in a forest or something but instead at the library:

“The library is a forest for the imagination”

“And research the greatest adventure of the all.”

You might have to actually see it.


My daughter is obsessed with this show and even wants to be Hilda for Halloween.
It’s got sort of an Adventure Time & Steven Universe vibe but a little more subdued.


I’m starting my annual Snuff Box rewatch which will eventually lead to Mighty Boosh , Luxury Comedy and Toast of London


I believe the author worked on adventure time at some point. Blue hair and a beret is a good look. Do you have a deer fox option?


That’s going to be a little hard to come by but I think we’re going to make a little felt elf to sit on her shoulder.


This conversation is adorable. My younger son has seen the whole thing, my older one and his fiancee are watching it together.

I’m a big fan of Hilda, too. It’s quite good. It’s strange, but not as disturbingly strange as some of the cuter animation has been in the last few years (although it’s all been excellent, we’ve come decades from the time Hanna-Barbera and Cosgrove Hall kept Western animation barely afloat).

I’m a little jealous about the costume, my little guy just wants to be a ghost, my big guy just wants to stay home and be a slacker (I’ll probably do my usual, either the Fourth or Eleventh Doctor, Dr. Horrible, or a cowboy/pirate/zombie).

That does seem like the natural progression, doesn’t it? :smile:


Is there an award for watching two different versions of Great insert country Bake Off at the same time. My family and I’ve been watching British and Canadian back-to-back, usually right after to each other.


I finally finished The Punisher…wow…it was intense, but I can’t wait for the next season.

I was finally going to get around to The Walking Dead S7, but Daredevil S3 hit so I started that. I also started hearing some really good thibgs about Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House (I think thats the title?!), so I may start that this weekend with my GF.


British bake off is all homey, village fete amateurism but, to my knowledge, French bake off is knives out, professional patissiere warfare (hardfought competition between professional patissieres rather than warfare using pastry trebuchets). Where does Canadian bakeoff sit on this scale?


Do the winners apologise for being better bakers?


I sort of like the homey, “hey we’re all nice to each other and lend a hand” nature of the Bake Off series as it’s a nice change from the “I’m not here to make friends” nature of other reality shoes.
The Great Canadian Bake Off is in the same vein as Bake Off but a lot more Canadian (Canadian foods, receipts, brands, etc). The skill of the contestants is definitely a couple notches lower than the British series but that’s to be expected.
The judges and 1/2 of the hosts also aren’t as great but Daniel Levy is a goddamn delight. Not as a goofy as Noel and Sandi but still good.


If you liked the 1953(?) original then… You’ll still have a damn good chance of loving this. It is a truly great show. Even Stephen King calls it a work of close to genius.

The pace may put you off though, and like all horror shows it loses a little of its shine in the final act for me.


I’ve never seen the original, but maybe one of the remakes? I’m honestly not sure.

I’ve heard about the pacing, so hopefully I can deal with it.


It’d be a shame to miss it to be fair.

The best show I’ve seen since Fringe.


Well gosh this Hilda thing is lovely.