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What are we watching?


Here’s a bunch of ideas, of probably varying levels of appropriateness…

You’ll surely know Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness.
I think several Tim Burton films would qualify, but again you’re probably familiar.
I’m quite fond of the classic creature feature Them! (played straight, but pretty entertaining).
Housebound (2014) is great! I’ll definitely recommend that.
Braindead (1992) also definitely recommended. (Known as “Dead Alive” in some parts, but that’s a rubbish title.)
I want to say Black Sheep (2006), but I’ve still not seen it myself, so I don’t actually know.
Shaun of the Dead you’ve probably seen.
Tragedy Girls is hilarious in a murderous fashion, and surpassed my expectations.
Swiss Army Man isn’t spooky; but one of the main characters is a corpse, and it’s very funny and an amazingly great film.
Good Manners was unexpected and kooky in all kinds of ways (although not comedy exactly). Spoilers would be a shame.
The Happiness of the Katakuris may be one of Takashi Miike’s most off-the-wall films (which is saying something), and I think definitely recommended to someone who just enjoyed the bizarreness that is House : )
You’re Next is pretty nasty from the outset, but builds into quite the crowd-pleaser.


Watch The Thing. Watch The Thing, 2011 version. Enjoy watching the state of Norwegian research base from first film being achieved in the second film.


It’s many, many years since I watched it, but I remember it being good.

Another one I watched many years ago is Versus, which is like a bizarre, Japanese version of Evil Dead.


I’m a pretty ardent anti-horror person but I was able to sit through and enjoy The Final Girls.


Then just rewatch the Thing. And never speak of the 2011 version again.


I watched No Escape Room on SyFy (because Mark Ghanime is in it and I think he’s hot, heh) and it was surprisingly decent! It’s a spin on the haunted house genre (with a bit of Saw thrown in?) where the house is an escape room and shit gets real.

P.S. Missed you at SHUX. Hope your ticket recipients gave you a good vicarious experience.


I love this movie - the cover art made a cool avatar too



Did not know of these (except where I added a MW notation), the rest I did know of and love a lot:

MW [NOTE: This note got too long to leave in the quotations.
I have seen all the versions and played a most excellent video game based on it. I just wanted to mention it because I’m a huge fan. We actually played a homemade version of Werewolf my friend Derick came up with, called Derick’s John Carpenter’s The Thing.

It’s basically the PnP version of Werewolf, where you blindly take scraps of paper with “roles” out of a hat, only you have one “Thing” and one “Kurt Russell.” During the day phase, you argue about who should be flame-throwered, during the night phase, the “Thing” could optionally tap someone on the shoulder and they would become a new “Thing.” Only “Kurt Russell” would be immune to becoming a Thing.

The humans would almost always loose, and we kept trying to play-balance it with different roles. ]

These were all excellent suggestions, and should keep me busy until Halloween! Thanks, you nerds!

I just got finished with the outstanding movies Monster House and ParaNorman in my month-long marathon.

I have my Dr. Horrible/Tom Baker Doctor Who/Matt Smith Doctor Who/Guy In Pajamas/etc costumes ready, depending on what I feel like and what the weather’s like (OK, all of my costumes are just things I actually wear from time-to-time, I have an eclectic taste in clothes)


I’ve been watching my Red Sox beat the Astros to win the AL Pennant! Woo-HOOOOO!!!

Next up: The World Series. Hahahaha!





I’m just home from watching a play of the Pratchett novel “Men at Arms”


That is awesome. I’ve read it a couple of times, how was the play?


I think that was the first Pratchett I ever read, because my school library didn’t have any of the actual Discworld books. Just the stage adaptations for some reason.


PS: @Boydesian I refuse to :heart: any of that, because I really can’t take sides.
Ah what the heck, my family’s mostly from Boston, I’ll give you one.
I just don’t “sports.”

Besides, I don’t think that’s what this thread is about, at all.

Start a new sports thread if you like, but please put it in The Thunderdome. I’ve found that the three most controversial and heated topics in any environment are Religion, Politics, and Sports.

(Followed closely by Sexuality, and also Pokémon. Up for debate where of those two fall into the above three categories).


Just finished that. It was AWESOME.


Just finished that, that was a lot of fun. Is it just me, or did that have a big Heathers vibe to it?


I’ve never enjoyed the stage adaptations really - so much of the clever word play is lost


That had a Pleasantville feel, not to mention a touch of Last Action Hero and Cabin in the Woods. It was really fun, it had me in the first 13 seconds with the theme, I loved the “meta” self-reference of the point of the movie.

And YAY! They made the credits not-boring.


Oh wow, you are powering through these : )

I’ve sadly not seen Heathers in a very very long time, and don’t remember too much more about it than the fact that I loved it when I first saw it. In theory I had a DVD of it, but didn’t find out until much too late that it was completely borked, and I never got around to replacing it : /

I have a couple of other recommendations for you while I think of them. They’re both from this year, and they don’t fit into the present discussion as such (wrt your original request), but I’m mostly confident you’ll dig them (to anyone else: proceed at your own risk). Piercing is shockingly funny, with an emphasis on the shocking. The author of the novel it’s based on also wrote the novel that Audition (1999) was based on, to give you some idea of what you’d be letting yourself in for (although they’re very different films). Mandy has been described as “the midnightiest of midnight movies”, which I can only concur with (I suspect screening it at around 2am in a 24-hour movie marathon on the big screen in a packed theatre would be about perfect). It’s an axe-wielding, crossbow-toting, jesus-freaking, biker-gimping, Heavy Metal comic book nightmare drenched in lurid colour, heavy synth reverb, and eye-melting acid-soaked imagery. It isn’t comedy, but it is fantastic.