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What are we watching?


(PS: I forgot to say, in relation to My Brother, My Brother, & Me Happy Candlenights everyone!)


I have been waiting for the Doctor for so long now @bruitist. If I had been waiting for a medical doctor that long, I would have been dead by now.


There were good bits in the last few series, even sometimes whole episodes were good, but so much of it was bad/irritating that the overall experience ground me down until I was just tired of it and couldn’t appreciate the good bits.

This was so refreshing. In many ways, but mostly that it was straightforward Doctor Who. Something weird happened and the Doctor ran at it until they worked out how to fix it. And some ordinary people got caught up and helped along the way. Excellent stuff.


My wife and I have recently gone back and started re-watching Justified which is an amazing show, especially if you’re a fan of easy-on-the-eyes Timothy Olyphant.
Also for the times when the kids just went to bed but your brain is too burnt out for anything with a plot I highly suggest watching classic episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. You can even make a drinking game of it everytime Robert Stack brings up how he played Elliot Ness.


Justified is so great. I love the wry humor. I read a book of short stories about Kentucky recently and it reminded me of the show. :slight_smile:


I recently realized I had given up on The Blacklist just before halfway through the last season, during the mid-season break.

So, I re-watched a bit to get re-acclimated, and got my heart punched out of my chest. Multiple times.

The actor (Joanna P. Adler) for the young Mr. Kaplan was perfect, she totally sold the role that Susan Blommaert has been nailing for years.

Whatever, I used to think that The Blacklist was kind of a cheezy crime series, which, honestly, it still is. There is little-to-nothing that is analogous to actual real-world FBI stuff. However I have grown to love the characters, no matter how nonsensical the writers try to set up their plots.

Also: great music. I know, I keep on letting a television show’s score unduly affect my opinion of it, but they keep pulling some really good ones in (even though a few songs were obviously written in as placeholders until they realized they couldn’t afford the original and licensed a hipster indie band cover).


Big Mouth season 2 on Netflix. This was very good in the first season, but I think season 2 is outstanding. The sympathy the characters inspire in some truly cringe worthy, gross out moments is, I think, really special. The addition of the shame wizard/lizard is brilliant and although it lacks the emotional gut punch of something like Bojack, I think it might be building up to something with Jessie. Not finished yet.

I also finished Iron Fist my opinion of which improved enormously from a very low ebb, possibly because there other characters feature much more prominently this season, the relationships have developed and Dannys mysticism is tempered by wisecracks from Misty and Ward, both of whom are highlights. Also shorter series is good. Luke Cage 2 was great but too long for me.


I also love the Blacklist and have done so since we were introduced to it in Season 2 (and then binged Season 1).

Yeah, it’s cheesy and unbelievable, but it’s such an awesome show anyway.

James Spader could read the phone book and I would be enthralled.


A truer word has never been said.

I know I’ve already said this above, but I couldn’t agree with you more, S2 is a big improvement over S1.

I’ll need to check out Big Mouth, it hasn’t come up on my radar yet (well, NOW it has since you mentioned it :sweat_smile: )


Just finished the latest season of The Venture Bros and it remains one of my top 3 series of all time. Hopefully the gap between seasons is 1-2 years instead of the epic 5 year gaps in the past.


Our girls slept early for a change tonight, and there were no chores to do, so we had time to watch Your Name.
Wonderful movie with outstanding art.
Also had a glass of Kilchoman Machir Bay, my favorite Whisky at the moment.
Great evening. :hugs:


Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father
The first series was hilarious. The second one is just as good. I think Michael Whitehall is actually a much funnier man than he lets on to be, he just covers it up.

How did I lose track of this?

I take all of webs’ recommendations in this topic very seriously (in this topic, not in every topic :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ), and while it’s mostly about the “outstanding art” that intrigues me, I am not going to let the “Kilchoman Machir Bay” recommendation go, either. I am following up on this, webs generally has good instincts.

Edit: Also just watched Stop Making Sense. David Byrne and his antics (seriously, “antics” is the only word I can use) was an inspiration to me when I was a kid, that someone who was almost too odd to live could be a superstar. I could embrace my own weirdness, and turn it into an advantage. I don’t watch many concert videos, but this one was great.


I have been literally world weary the last few months (join the club, I know), but Hilda on Netflix is like an antidote. It’s just wonderful!


Probably because they go years between seasons and its extremely underrated when compared to other [adult swim] shows.


Ah, the pressure! :scream:
The online shop I used to order at has a rating system where it got rather mediocre scores,but apparently for the young age of six still decent ones.
Personally, I really enjoy the combination of the typical Islay smokeyness and hotness - in moderate amounts - which is quickly mitigated by sweetness (that’s probably due to the 80% bourbon casks).
Not the most complex Scotch, but definitely a very enjoyable one (and if I’m honest I’m not really able to note most of the nuances in the really great ones :wink:)


Talisker 18y Single Malt is my “make the demons be quiet for awhile” go to right now but in the past I’ve gone to Dalwhinnie (15y) or Laphroaig (10y) when the mood suited me.


OK @simian and @webs, let’s go to What are you drinking? and sidle up to the bar here in the forums, and let other folks talk about TV and movies.

I think they’re playing S6 of Gotham and have a Glenmorangie 18 on the top shelf! :grin:


Well tonight is a Great British Bake Off and Great Canadian Baking Show double header with apple pie moonshine so cheers!


Even better!


I’ve been trying to find shows or movies that are spooky-fun to prepare for Halloween. Any suggestions?

I just watched all the “good” House movies (1985? and the weirdly unrelated 1987 “sequel” House II, and the 1977 Japanese film “House” (Hausu) reccomended by @Phil, they are all totally bananas), the extremely underrated Cirque du Freak (critics hated it and even reviewed it before they even saw it, but it’s fun), and as I do every year, I’m playing one of the Costume Quest games (the Grubbins on Ice expansion this time).

I’ve seen a lot of the big movies, and weird small series for kids (I have an adult son and a 6&3/4 son), and I am out of the options I can think of.

I am a media addict, I’m running out of spoopy stuff.

Anything fun y’all can suggest would be helpful. I apologise in advance if I’ve already seen it, I don’t want to seem like a snob (although I may want to watch it again.)