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What are we watching?


its the reason I’ve enjoyed superhero comics for so long. we can all be reading and enjoying very different content and still feel a shared connection and ownership over this world.


And season 3 soon to be launched as well! (not sure about Canadian Netflix…)


@twispby @Griffster77

The Good Place was such a surprise when it came out. It’s so entertaining, and the premise is so bizarre, I’m shocked that the people with the money even funded it, on top of that that it’s lasted to the 3rd season.

In the beginning, “oh, this is cute and charming and odd,” but now I’m invested in these characters and the wacky metaphysics.


Just finished S3 of Humans, which was really good. The main plot is okay, but the best thing about the series is all of the neat ideas about what a world full of androids would be like. Almost every home has one to do household chores and watch the kids, and if you have neglectful parents the kids just spend most of their lives with these androids. Some of them end up imitating android mannerisms and trying to look like them, wearing contacts to get the bright green irises that the androids have. It’s the little observations like this that make the series stand out for me.

There was also a moment in S3 that actually broke my heart. It wasn’t something as straightforward as a beloved character dying, but it was someone being tested to the breaking point, and then finding out that they didn’t make the choice that they would have hoped to make.

I watched all of Legion S2 except for the finale. I didn’t like the way things were going so I read a spoiler and don’t feel like watching it right now. I absolutely loved S1. It was just such a different take on the Marvel stuff (TV/movies) and there were so many interesting things visually about it. I also love other things Noah Hawley has done like The Unusuals and Fargo (TV). S2 is just as good visually and creatively, but I’m just not interested in the story. There’s a reason I didn’t watch Breaking Bad. It’s easy for people to fall, it’s hard for them to rise.

@MinuteWalt I’ve watched around 20 episodes of Acquisitions, Inc. C Team now and I love it! It’s even funnier than “A” team, IMO. The characters are so distinct and they really play up their flaws well. Patrick Rothfuss has a great guest spot as one of Rosie’s many many many children, but he’s sort of present throughout all of the episodes because he texts Kate Welch (Rosie) during the Twitch stream haha.


I just started listening to the “C” team podcasts at work and I’m loving them. A few things have been spoiled for me because I follow a lot of PA people and am only in Season 1, but it’s pretty minor.


Is it weird that I feel kind of great for getting you two into a silly PA spin-off? Seriously, you’re two of my favorite people here.

(Everyone’s my favorite people here, don’t get jealous! I just know @Tika’s been hanging out since before the forums, and @twispby’s got epic hair and some Pokemon Go! skills, and both of them have adorable families.)


Oh, jeeze, I suppose I should mention Maniac, which just hit US Netflix. It’s weird, which should mean a lot coming from me, I’m a weird guy.

I do love the anachronistic mix of far-future tech with late-80s, early 90s aesthetics, using actors that are often used in comedic roles for drama, and everything being just a bit off-kilter. I can’t decide if I actually like it or not. I am fascinated with how it’s going to turn out though, it’s like something slightly uncomfortable that you can’t turn away from.


I’ve noticed a lot of billboards advertising the show here yesterday, and they somehow conveyed what you described!


It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. I’m not even sure if it’s for me.

OK, no, If I’m going to be honest, this is for me. I’m down. I’ll forget about it in 6 months but until then I’m on board.


Continuing through my Netflix backlog, I watched the first episode of The Punisher. It was a bit of a slow start, but that was expected. Definitely an intense ending though! Frank is back!!!
Really looking forward to the rest of the season. After that, I’m going to attempt season 2 of Iron Fist, despite not finishing the first. I really feel like it was a poor casting choice (or it was a good choice and I just don’t like the character!).


Yeah you are right, the best thing about Humans is how it portrays the future and there are a lot of good and smart ideas. But we haven’t seen season 3 yet.


I can’t help feeling that if you’re selling housekeeper-bots - where Wife Acceptance Factor will be a major concern - the last thing you should make them look like is sexy young women.


There is a special mode you can unlock. (Not kidding.)


Hitler’s Inner Circle on Netflix. Quite interesting in how it depicts the inner machinations of Goering, Goebbels, Hess and Himmler, not to advance the Nazis (although they did that too obviously) but to outwit each other.


I binged The Good Cop.

It’s not great.

Somehow, though, I couldn’t look away. It’s comedy-cop procedural, which is hard for me to resist to begin with, but seeing Tony Danza looking like a desiccated lizard was so weird. I grew up with Who’s the Boss? and other things when he was a superstar, this version of his acting persona is surreal.

That being said, Danza, the origin of TVTropes’ “The Danza(A character whose name is clearly taken from the actor/actress portraying them), is probably the most (almost desperately) vibrant regular on the show. I don’t think the writers have given the actors a lot to work with though, and I did see a few plots recycled from elsewhere.

It’s amusing, rather than funny. It’s comfortable. They went straight for my age-range jugular, this would have been a smash between 2 or 3 decades ago.

Also, they do this insidious thing where, at the end of every episode, they show a newspaper clipping that’s exactly the same as the next episode’s opening credits. You have four seconds to notice that one episode’s over and the next one’s begun, but it’s hard to tell because it looks like you’re still watching one contiguous thing! It’s diabolical, and I expect it will come up again in future new IPs.


I just finished the My Brother, My Brother and Me Show which I bought off itunes. It’s otherwise locked behind some arcane streaming service that I’d definitely never look into.

Aaaaaagh, so so so good. The goofs are top notch, the boys are in superb comedic form, and their interaction with their hometown is so sweet.
Netflix needs to pick them up. Especially considering some of the rather mundane people they’ve given shows to. Just make a show version of the podcast even. PLEASE.


I love My Brother, My Brother and Me, they’re hilarious. I’ll download the podcast to play in the car for long trips (well, not my car, I only have a motorbike, listening to a podcast is dangerous if you can’t hear traffic).

I think these guys have come up here before, in the Podcast thread. The actual video show is a blast, too, I hope these guys never stop. The McElroy’s are a trip.


Just finished Maniac. God, that was a wild ride! More B pill stories would have been great. Having said that, I hope there isn’t a season 2 - the story is complete as it is.


Good lord, yes. Maniac was a bit like a roller coaster that I enjoyed riding, but never want to have to do it again. I’m done, perfectly satisfied.


Oh shit, new Doctor Who was good! Damn it feels good to enjoy this show again.