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What are we watching?

I’ve been meaning to watch Stranger Things with the kid for a while and we finally started last night. Unfortunately it spooked her and she didn’t want to watch it. :frowning: As it turned out, she watched the only spooky parts of pretty much the entire series in those first five minutes haha. We ended up binge watching the whole thing today!

The opening credits was totally like something out of the '80s (those fonts!) but at the same time you could tell there was something modern about it. And that description kind of applies to the whole show. It was clearly influenced by a bunch of different '80s action/adventure movies (and a video game), but managed to do it without feeling derivative. There were very modern touches to the show (visual effects that didn’t exist back then) and it was also kind of a modern story and had modern filming techniques.

Overall entertaining and enjoyable and good performances from the kids. :slight_smile:


I’ve seen Steven Universe mentioned here and elsewhere. I eventually got round to watching it, and have now watched 40 episodes in about 5 days. It’s brilliant, like pure condensed joy in 10 minutes a go. My bedtime has gone back 40 minutes because it’s so easy to have “just one more”. It also seems really invested in its worldbuilding and there are some Community-level gags and references to previous episodes, which I always love. Very much a big fan now!

Glad to hear some love for Rick and Morty, which I think may be my favourite current show. It is pretty bizarre at times and some of the Harmon-y humour doesn’t quite work. But when it does, it’s genius , like the parasites episode.

I’m also slowly rewatching TNG, which has always been my favourite iteration of the show (though man are those first two seasons tough to get through).


Speaking of Dan Harmon, I finally watched HarmonQuest. It’s really fun :slight_smile:

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Not a show, but my son convinced me to watch the movie R.I.P.D. It’s incredibly stupid.
It’s a metaphysical fantasy afterlife cop procedural.

It’s basically Men In Black, only dead.
So, obviously I love it.

Also, great cast. And another degree of Kevin Bacon!
Shout out to the person I was playing Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon with. You know who you are!
(OK it wasn’t really a huge secret.)

[edit: the movie was pretty much universally panned by critics and was a box office flop, so I’m just gonna call this now.
Cult Classic.
Easy call.]

I never started that thread, did I? I’ll do it now …

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(@bruitist Psst: You forgot the link. Here, have this one!)

Steven Universe is really a lovely thing. The rich emotional landscape in which these characters live alone sets the show apart, with complicated and not always clean lessons about kindness and how we deal with hardship. But beyond that, it features a very different portrayal of a male protagonist and of masculinity (my friend Ashley wrote an essay about this for the blog Bitch Flicks which can be found here: http://www.btchflcks.com/2015/06/strong-in-the-real-way-steven-universe-and-the-shape-of-masculinity-to-come.html#.V9lkK_krJhE). AND as the series progresses, it includes deeper explorations of relationships, particularly queer and especially lesbian relationships. It’s a wonderful show and I’m really glad that kids today have it.

I’ve been watching the first season of Supergirl and I’ve been really enjoying it. It appeals to me in a similar way to The Flash, in that it’s bright and colorful and characters genuinely care about each other. And Calista Flockhart is amazing in it. I can’t wait for the Flash crossover episode.

I love Supergirl. I hadn’t watched any of the recent DC TV shows until it started and then the Flash crossover sold me on the others. I’m still not bothering with Arrow though. Nothing about it appeals to me.

Yeeeeah, I wanted to like RIPD, but the voice Jeff Bridges does for his character was enough to kill it for me.

Great British Bake Off. Having gone through cake, biscuit and bread weeks already, this week it’s batter.

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That’s so weird. I randomly spent the tail end of last week binge-watching the whole run of Rick & Morty and yeah, just like you I liked it way more than the first time round.


Just started to catch up on the fourth series of Ripper Street. Period detective drama set around the Whitechapel area of London for anyone unfamiliar with the series.

I’ve never heard of it! But it sounds right up my alley. I’ll have to see if I can get it on netflix or someting. :slight_smile:

I have watched the first three episodes of Atlanta because of Troy from Community and I really like it! It is a great blend of drama and comedy. More drama than comedy but that makes the moments of comedic relief even better.

@hannahbee I need to check out Stephen Universe again. It’s got a lot of positive cred. I think I had just finished Gravity Falls when I saw the first episodes, and I couldn’t bring myself to date another cartoon so soon.

I have Supergirl queued up, too. I keep on hearing that it’s a DC thing that somehow doesn’t suck, here and elsewhere, and that gets me excited.
Don’t get me wrong! I just think there’s been a much stronger showing for DC on TV than the most recent movies, and I’ve been cynical.

@twispby I’m cool with Jeff Bridges doing pretty much whatever. He actually nails the accent better than Tom Hanks’ overkill Boston accent in Catch Me If You Can and totally phony “Southern Gentleman” accent in The Ladykillers.

I concede that RIPD is a terrible movie, and a terrible adaptation of the source material. Kevin Bacon’s Bostonian accent was turned up to eleventeen, too. I’ve grown up with both Boston and “The South” and both those accents can be a little grating.

But Tank Girl was also a godawful and messy adaptation as well, and that was fun as hell, too. It still gets midnight movie screenings. (I still have a little crush on Lori Petty. I was much younger then, and I had a thing for women who had changing blue/green/pink hair and possibly mohawks! Basically, if your hair looked like a snowcone, I was a drooling Neanderthal.)

Hence: Cult Classic. RIPD sucked, but I think it has a following.

I’ve been watching the unfortunately named and themed “The Finder.” It’s about a guy who finds stuff. Yeah. It’s about as good as its name suggests.

It deservedly lasted only 13 episodes. It’s like Psych for people who were too dumb for Psych.

The only redeeming factors:

  1. Comedy Private Eye Procedural
  2. It all looks like where I live, so that’s neat
  3. It’s technically a spin-off of Bones (from a backdoor pilot)
  4. And the beautiful, glorious, majestic, late Michael Clarke Duncan in every episode

It’s occasionally legitimately funny or moving, as well. But if you can’t check at least two of those enumerated bulletpoints as being interesting, forget it. It’s got a lot of problems.

(Unless it’s #4. Michael Clarke Duncan is usually worth the effort. Dude was an amazing character actor.)

I think everyone who’s watched Tank Girl came away with a crush on Lori Petty.

I considered watching The Finder, but the Bones episode that introduced it wasn’t that great (his two ‘sidekicks’ seemed good, but the actual main character was quite irritating). And then it got cancelled so I assumed I made the right decision.

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Just finished. Calista, indeed, kicked ass. She was hilarious and a blast to watch. Good acting over all. Benoist was great, going back and forth in pretty much any order from adoable-mouse, strong justice-y with the straight back and square shoulders, and raging overpowering f-u warrior, and badly injured. Harewood is always fun in almost anything. The crossover was particularly fun, I’ve loved The Flash since I was a kid, and I like the show, too. I’m also glad they worked one of my most favorite characters ever, The Martian Manhunter, into any show at all, and in such a prominent part.

The cinematography and art direction is noticeably better than the other DC shows.

Although dialogue is generally very well written, the arc writing, though, is about on par with Arrow and Flash, a mix of generic soap opera sci-fi tropes, and very formulaic. RANT WARNING:

I get a little annoyed with the constant plot formulas of, “No one can know my secret identity. OK, this guy. OK, now you can, too. Oh wait, you totally need to let this person…” etc.

Or, the irritating love quadrangles/triangles/tug-of-wars that always play out as never ending. Everyone who is in love with each other ends up rejecting that other person eventually “for reasons.” Can’t anyone just fall in love with each other and stay that way? It’s like watching anime.

Or every single episode starting about the hero’s needing to learn a lesson in heroing, and learning that lesson by the end after almost being defeated.

Or, a guy who looks like a bad guy ends up being a good guy until they’re the bad guy again. And a good guy then bad guy who was always a good guy after all… these DC plots have more face-heel/heel-face turns than pro-wrestling.

And finally: character bloat. Actually, Supergirl does that one pretty well. I was just reminded of this when, during the crossover ep Barry goes through a whole list of known, named heroes, while this world only has two, and he becomes #3.

(I think that may be the reason the only DC show I really like is one most other people don’t: Gotham. Yeah, there is a bit of that formula there, but not quite the formulaic flailing about. There’s more development, and it’s more down-to-earth. Literally, in fact!)

I know I’ve been critical, but I still like them all.
I loved Arrow’s first season, I stuck with The Flash for quite a while because of Barry (I can’t abandon Barry!), but Supergirl is my favorite of all three at the moment.

Wow, really I went off on a rant with that last post. Sorry kids.

The Mr Robot finale is tonight. Finally, no more total mind f*cks until next year!

Just started Galavant, a musical medieval comedy, very much a homage to later Mel Brooks films (not to mention The Princess Bride). It’s incredibly stupid. But it’s gleefully over the top and keeps making me laugh guiltily, so I’ll stick with it for a bit.

I love Galavant. I’m very annoyed that, despite being largely filmed over here and involving a lot of British actors, it’s not been on TV in the UK so it’s impossible to get on DVD.

Fun fact: The “pirate ship” they use is actually The Matthew - a replica of the ship John Cabot sailed to Newfoundland. I know this because it’s from Bristol like me (and you can see the name plaque in some shots). I was once told off for going down some stairs on it wrong.

The Matthew was also used as the ship Twoflower arrives on in the TV adaptation of The Colour Of Magic. Which Karen David (Isabella in Galavant) was also in.

Brooklyn Nine Nine’s back! And it continues to be awesome and unexpectedly lovely.

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I’m diving into Filmstruck and watching a lot more movies than I did. Last night, Downhill Racer with Robert Redford. Just a perfect study of a clinical narcissist. The ending is quite a stinger.

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