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Welcome Tom!

For those of you who are not receiving the newsletter, this months confirms the wonderful Thomas Brewster is joining the SU&SD team on a permanent basis!

I have no idea if he’s ever been to the forum, but I’m looking forward to this new age!


Welcome, Mr Thomas!

Congratulations, Tom!

I certainly appreciate the straight-man role in skits and Tom has done a great job contrasting Matt’s usual zaniness.

All hail Tom… the very nice lad I had a nice conversation with at SHUX…

…may his bowl of reference pears never empty!

Hello and welcome.
this is such a nice—though not so very surprise—turn of events!

From one Tom to another, welcome.

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All hail the new Tom! First of his name! Hurrah! And so on and so forth. Welcome, welcome, well done!

Perhaps you guys could get together and play Hansa TwoTomica


Hey! Thanks so much! Appreciate the warm welcome! The kind words of the SU&SD community as a whole has been super helpful in conquering my nerves in this wild new world of CONTENT CREATION.



A Tom in the wild!

Quick, gather the nets!



I’ve got a Pokeball, it might work!

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Throw enough of them and it might? Or try on Friday after drinks?