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[We are looking for at least one more player! It could be you!] Would someone want to try a ShadowRun (Anarchy) PBF?

That is absolutly right and totally my fault for not noticing it while helping you create your character @Cpt.Hodor ! Apologies!

Oh…how many points short am I?

You can add 5 points to any of your attributes, not exceeding the maximum of 6 !

Almost there! Settled on concept, just dialing in what it means on paper. Running a bit slow as I’m on vacay, so trying to unplug mostly, sorry!

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Unplugging is necessary for sanity and well being, do not apologize for doing it! Enjoy your vacation :smile:

Took forever, but here he is. Introducing “Blackwood” aka Kilian Rothaus:
Blackwood.pdf (1.9 MB)

Kilian’s a former Allied German States military man, who retired a few years ago and moved to Marseilles. He tries to keep that low-key, but he does operate a legitimate bodyguard business with that identity so some people will be able to make the connection.

Since bodyguarding doesn’t bring in enough money for the lifestyle he prefers (nice clothes, nice booze, nice car), he also operates in the shadows he goes by Blackwood. He specializes in infiltration and information gathering, but unlike a decker, he prefers to charm his way to the information he needs. He’ll also take less-legitimate bodyguarding contracts as Blackwood.

He stands about 6’1" tall, is in shape and has dark hair and a beard. If you look close enough, you can see grey hairs appearing on his head and beard, and lines around his eyes. Kilian’s no spring chicken, he’s definitely been around a bit and seem some shit.

He prefers to avoid lethal violence when possible, but is a crack shot and has no qualms taking people out. And if the need arises for non-lethal violence, well, he has a metal arm and he is not shy about coking back and punching people.

Given that Marseilles doesn’t take kindly to body mods, he usually wears long sleeves and gloves to cover his obviously metallic arm.

He spends a lot of his free time drinking at the “Jade Palace” both alone and occasionally in the company of “Error 407”

Also, while Tyrion “drinks and knows things”, Kilian “drinks and knows people.” He gets around, so if you need something, or something done, he “might know someone …”

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And for those of us who like pictures, here’s some visual inspiration for Kilian.

This is his lightly-modified BMW

Here’s two of his favorite things, his pistols

That’s his Salavette Guardian, the big boy he uses when shit hits the fan.

And that’s his Beretta 201T, a smaller, more concealable pistol for when he’s being sneaky.

And finally, this is how I imagine he looks, just with a little more grey. And usually less blood.

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Okay I have updated my character with the appropriate stats, someone might need to doubble cheek the damage I do otherwise I am ready to go.
Error 407.pdf (426.8 KB)

Seeing as I have no cool picture I will instead just leave this quote.

“The 407 Proxy Authentication Required is an HTTP response status code indicating that the server is unable to complete the request because the client lacks proper authentication credentials for a proxy server that is intercepting the request between the client and server.”

Verry cool character @MikeimusPrime. Where are the pictures from?

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I found the picture of the dude on pintrest, but it looks like it’s done by an artist named Rodrigo A. Branco. Don’t see it on his website, though (https://rbranco.artstation.com/)

I found the car just searching “futuristic BMW” and kind of jumping around.

And the guns I did basically the same, “futuristic gun” or maybe “Cyberpunk guns” and clicked around, pretty sure ended up on Pintrest again, and found on one artists website and clicked around and found the ones I liked. They had a lot of cool stuff.


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You put 1 damage for Unarmed and that is true, you have a bit of a weak punch. For the stun gloves though you can put in the stat of the Stun baton (7S damage). The electrical current does most the damage, not how hard you punch with it !

His unarmed looks right, it’s STR/2 rounded up.

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Yes it is right, that’s what I meant. He is not a heavy puncher

Bumping @CTomich and @Swaguar ! How are your characters coming up?

I’ve messaged the players a few times, but I think they are away, or do not want to play anymore. So this is a message for potential players:
I still want to play, and I hope @MikeimusPrime and @Cpt.Hodor also, so we are only looking for at least one more player, maybe two. Everyone is welcome, it is an easy game, very much on the story telling side of things. You can either create your own character or choose from the ton of pre-gen in the rulebook. Feel free to post here or DM me if you want more info and are interested!
I’ve edited both the title of the post and the top post with this information! Finger’s crossed!

I am still verry much intressted! :grin:

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