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[We are looking for at least one more player! It could be you!] Would someone want to try a ShadowRun (Anarchy) PBF?

So I am in the middle of character creation but while I am doing that…
What time zone is everyone in.

I am from sweden, so that is GMT+2

I’m in France, that is GMT + 1 !

Hawai`i is GMT -10

California, so GMT -7/8

Aaaaaand DONE!

Introducing “Error 407” aka John Gronovich
John_Gronovich__Error_(Anarchy_character_sheet).pdf (426.9 KB)
(Art by Valentina Remenar)

If you need to get anywehre in cyberspace, the notorious hacker by the alias “error 407” is a cheap alternative. He can hack into anything. Bank atms, government records, police database, your wifes hud, rumor has it that he once hacked into Saeder Kurps mainframe. This however remains unconfirmed. For such a (self proclaimed) notorious hacker he is quite easy to find. He is a frequent visitor to the “Jade Palace” bar, where he can be found trying to charm whichever unfortunate woman who walked in that day.

If for whatever reasson Error is not in the “Jade palace”, the barwoman who runs the place always have some cards with “Errors” contact info, which she gives out to anyone who asks along with a piece of advice.

"Error 407"s got dirt on most people in the city and acording to himself, even some people in the megacorps. If you hire or ever work with him you do not pay in money, his fares are suprisingly cheap. No you pay with your personal info.

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Well done !

Nice. Life and work’s pushed everything aside the past week, but I’ll be finishing up my guy in the next day or two.

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Wow, time flies. Still close. If you’re down Cpt.Hodor my dude is a bit of a drinker, so we could say they’ve bumped into each other at the “Jade Palace” before.

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Yes my acces to the forum is back!!!
Yes that sounds like a lovely idea.

How are the others characters coming along?


Mine’s close. Just verifying I didn’t mess anything up (his attributes and skills seem oddly higher than your character’s) and still need to do his backstory.

Thankfully work should have calmed down by tomorrow, so I might actually get some breaks and not have to work through lunch.

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I’ve tried to DD @bbates728; but I don’t think he came back on the forum since his first posts. I’m going to open a spot for one more player, so if anyone is interested, please feel free to join in !

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Hi there! I will slide into your PMs if you’ve got room here. Mikeimus said you had an opening. I’m game to give it a whirl.

Could try slathering together a mage or a more melee / agile samurai. New to PBF, and definitely a SR novice, but I’ve been an adoring fan of the setting since I was a lad playing the SNES and Genesis games. I do have some decent RP experience though! Mostly D&D 5e, some WoD way back.

Also Pacific time zone (-7/-8 GMT) and work more than most reasonable beings would consider, but should hopefully be able to contribute consistently! And the work/life balance should improve as we get closer to the holidays.

Let me know!


Welcome to the pbf!

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I’m just about finished with my character as well!


Amazing, glad to have you on board!

For your character, you can do whatever you want. Since we are playing a lightweight version of the game, we don’t necesseraly need a very balanced crew, it will be fun nonetheless, so do whatever seems the funnest for you!

Would you rather we build it together (in PM) or do you want to do it by yourself?

@Swaguar I don’t think you know what a PM is. Unless you meant “Public Message,” and if you did … you’re old.

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I’m older than the internet and so are you. I’ll mean what I please. In this case I’ll mean Public Message because I was exhausted and it gave me about half a chuckle.

Thanks for the welcome! I’ll do my best not to slow us down. Still deciding which way I want to lean for character, but I should be able to manage the build myself. Especially if I lean into the SS. Will start poking around today and figure it out!

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This is a family website! No talking about giving anyone chuckles.

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Shut it you chuckleheaded ninny, before we derail the entire thread in minutes.

Hey, @Cpt.Hodor, I’d verify with @Cokho, but pretty sure John’s attributes are too low.

When I saw your sheet, I thought I messed up my math and my dude’s were way too high, but after running the numbers I think you started with all yours at 0, instead of 1. So you should have 5 more points to spend.