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[We are looking for at least one more player! It could be you!] Would someone want to try a ShadowRun (Anarchy) PBF?

I’ve messaged the players a few times, but I think they are away, or do not want to play anymore. So this is a message for potential players:
I still want to play, and I hope @MikeimusPrime and @Cpt.Hodor also, so we are only looking for at least one more player, maybe two. Everyone is welcome, it is an easy game, very much on the story telling side of things. You can either create your own character or choose from the ton of pre-gen in the rulebook. Feel free to post here or DM me if you want more info and are interested!

I can not believe I am starting this thread. deep breath

Okay! I love the shadowrun universe and what can be explored/told through this mix between fantasy and cyberpunk. It is a universe that plays with the notion of identity, belonging and counter-culture. The “Anarchy” ruleset is a rules-light, narrative oriented way to play, available as a PDF. It lets us be badasses runner, having great and meaningful scenes without being drowned in rules.
The way I want to play it needs a GM, but one who is not in full control of the game, player can and are expected to throw complication to their own action, and needs to be ready to fail something if it makes the story more interesting.

I GMed a few game of this already in real life, and I would be ready to try here, although I would need players to be forgiving of some writing mistake, although I have a spellchecker, I can make grammatical error or just maybe less engaging writing. But I will try my best, and having players be heavily invested is part of the rules anyway.

Last caveat, this can be a game that could be slow. I try to check as much as I can, but I am in Europe, and a stay at home dad with toddlers to attend to, so between the time zone and just being busy, it could be a bit frustarting if you expect a fast flowing game.

I realize I maybe I’m not selling this as best as I can, but I really think we could do something amazing here, and tell a great story!

This is more to gather interest, I will try to elevator pitch the plot when we have players!

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I am down!! I haven’t played anarchy yet so it may take me a hot minute to create a character and this would be my first play by forum game. Love shadowrun though and have an inordinate amount of time while in my cubicle… I hope you get a good amount of interest!

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I’d love to give it a try. I haven’t played much PBF before, but I’m interested, and Shadowrun with less rules sounds like a good time.

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I am so grateful to see people ready to play this! I think we still need at least one more player, but we could probably go up to 5!

Do you already have the PDF, or would you need it? It is actually on sale on DriveThruRpg for 15$, but if money is tight, I could PM you my copy, with the obvious agreement that it should stay between us as sharing!

I went and got the pdf. I agree at least one more player is a good idea.

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I will need it but I am sure I can find a copy somewhere.

I am still new to this forum. Is there any way to get notified of posts?

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Is there still room? I am a bit tired as I write this but I think I can fit. Would be my first time trying Shadowrun. If you want to share your PDF you have my pinky promise I will not share it with anyone else. Aparently money just doesn’t keep flowing to you after high school. This becoming an adult stuff is starting to sound like more responsibilities then freedom

There sould be a Button with a Orange or with circle at the botom of the page but above Suggested topics saying either Watching, Tracking, Normal or muted.

@Cokho Love your PBF on The quiet year btw! (Think I can give you at least partial credit for starting the thread but the other participants are amazing too)


Actually, if there is still room (looks like I would be the up to 5? I may have counted wrong), I’d totally be down. New to PBF, but given how crazy my life is right now, PBF might be the only way I get to get any gaming done, and I love the ShadowRun universe, just never had anyone who could run a game.

Also, if you’d rather keep it smaller, also cool with stepping down.


Hey that is perfect ! It makes a team of four, which is vert good numbers, allows some diversity ! I’ll try and make à longer post, and send to everyone that need it the pdf tommorow.

I’m excited !

And thank you @Cpt.Hodor for the kind words, but all I did for the quiet year is start it. This one will be a bit more involved, which I’m kind of scared but also happy to try !

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ALRIGHT! I sent the PDF to everyone, and I think we can go through characters now !

Most of you seems familiar with the world already, but just to remind everyone: It is a world full of corporation, intrigue and people getting in over their head, it is also bursting with life, magic and spirits. But for most people, it is not extraordinary anymore: you can be born, grow up, study, work, have a family and be buried by the same corporation.

I won’t lie to you, it is a good life. Not a lot to worry about, everyone and everything has a place. It is safe.

But for some reason, you don’t want safe. You don’t want to have a good life, not if it feels like a lie.
Or maybe it’s not even a choice, you just can not be part of this, or not anymore. You saw something you should not have, you were at the wrong place at the wrong time and just like that you had to get a feel for a new world, one where you don’t feel at ease, where you can not find a place.
Or maybe you just want chaos, a sense of freedom that the corp can’t give you. You will not be owned.

Or even something completly different. Either way, yiu live in the shadow now, doing dirty fork for faceless people, scraping by and sleeping with one eye open. But you love this. Or maybe you don’t. It’s not like you have time to figure out drek like this.

For characters you can either pick one of the many pre-gen character from the rulebook, or we can build one from scratch. It’s pretty straightforward, so it should not be to hard to do.

But before we go down the gritty nitty, maybe everyone can say what kind of runner they want to play. Everything is possoble, but I’ll give you a few archetypes, but feel free to mix and match.

The Street Samurai is kind of the more combat oriented runner, with lots of weapon and body augmentation. Fast and deadly.
The mage is attuned to mana and learns to turn it into outward manifestation in the form of spells, which can be as direct as a fireball to as subtle as an illusion.
The chaman believes in a more natural kind of magic, and kind of feels it, he’ll often uses spirit, kind of magic made “corporeal”, with respect and deference, where more “scientific” mages we’ll be more detached.
The adept also has a feel for magic, but it turns into inward manifestation that can boost their senses.,and on the result of that can be deadly fighter, or impressive acrobat, or incredible detective.
The hacker can hack, obviously, but in this world where everything is hooked up, it is not a skilled to be mocked. They are an essential part of any runner team worth mentionning. They can steal files, brick weapons, desarm alarms, and still have time for a cup of soycaf.
The rigger is your getaway driver, but he’s not only behind the wheel, he’s also your eye in the sky, a fly spying on a conversation, and a drone helping you gun down those guards. Sometime all at once, jumping from one to the other.

Those are the big one I can think of, but I only have one brain, I’m sure you’ll find something that will suit you just fine.

And, before I pass the mike and everyone can start sharing what they want to play as, I just want to make a few dislaimer:
It is a game that often has political tones, and especially some with marginalized population, racism and disafranchised people. I cannot hope to do those subject judtice, and I hope everyone will feel free to jump in and say if they are unconfortable with anything being say.
Once again, it is a game with few rules, focused on narrative play, and I love this about it. So please, feel free to overstep any bound that you would have as a player, and let’s tell and awesome story together.
Finally, we’re probably not all with the same schedule, so we’ll keep this game going as fast as we can, but let’s be honest, it will probably be slower than we would wish it to be. I say we work with it, try or best to be sure everyone has time to react to something, but not lettong us be bogged down to much. We’ll figure out our rythm while playing !

Your turn now, what does this team of runner looks like ?

The rigger sounds cool. With that role it sounds like I get the cool car and fate of every missions end may rest on my shoulders. Seeing as I have horrible luck this role will fit me perfectly.

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Haha! Awesome! What would you (@bbates728, @MikeimusPrime and @CTomich ) want to play as ?

I’m leaning towards the adept.

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I need to go over the PDF to make sure it works, but my hope was to adapt a character from a now-defunct 5th edition game a friend ran for two sessions. Basically a face (so good at talking/charming)/street samurai who used to be part of a corporate state’s military.

In that game, he was from LA, so the Pueblo Corporate Council. I’d obviously adjust depending where
this game takes place.

He also had a robot arm. And a mild drinking problem.

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In the PDF, toward the end, you will find a guide to help you move from 5th to Anarchy !

This game will probabley start at Seattle, unless someone has a better idea. My second option would be Marseille if you would like something different !

Finally had time to start reading the PDF. Going to take a stab and converting my SR5 dude over to Anarchy either today or tomorrow. What game level are you thinking?

As for location, I am fine with Seattle, or anywhere really. I say set it where you’re most interested in running a story.

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I was leaning toward the middle one, the street runner one. It has good balance I feel.

The more I’m thinking about it, I think our adventure should take us somewhere different from Seattle. If everyone is fine with Marseilles, I think it could be an interesting and different setting.

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OK, cool. I figured it would be the Street Runner one, I found this online character generator:

And here’s a fillable PDF

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Thanks for the pdf! Marseilles sounds like it has potential, and if you’ve got ideas, even better.

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