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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)


So, as you all know, I am an Apollo Program uber-nerd, and own an Apollo type strap for the Speedy made by GasGasBones:http://www.gasgasbones.com/ggb-goodies/speedmaster-stuff/spv2.html
It’s a great strap, and very comfortable, but it’s not 100% correct (not entirely their fault because I also upgraded it with a non-NASA Omega branded steel keeper), and what I always wanted was a Kizzi Precision Flightgear strap, which are as close to perfect as one can get without a time machine. The problem with that is they are perpetually sold out of them. I have had my name on a waiting list for quite awhile now, and yesterday afternoon I received the notice that they were back in stock. I ordered one immediately, of course, and received my confirmation a few minutes later. I’m not the only person who wanted one of these, it seems, because a quick check of their site this morning shows that they are already sold out again! I just made it under the wire!


Interesting photo on the linked Kizzi page above. This is Michael Collins (Apollo 11 CM Pilot) fiddling with a camera, but the seated man behind him is Donald K. “Deke” Slayton, one of the original Mercury 7 astronauts, wearing what looks to be a Breitling Navitimer (still a very popular watch with pilots and aviation buffs). At the time Slayton was NASA’s Chief of the Astronaut Office, responsible for crew assignments, etc. He had never launched due to an atrial fibrillation that was only discovered after he had been selected, so he had been transferred to senior management of the astronaut program. He eventually regained flight status and launched on the 1973 Apollo-Soyuz mission; his only time in space.

Here’s an early Navitimer ad


I know I am Speedmaster-centric here, but I found this excellent photo of Buzz Aldrin’s Speedy (1967 ref: 145.012 column wheel movement); the first watch worn on the Moon (Armstrong’s watch was left on the LEM to serve as the ship’s clock after the Bulova tuning-fork clock malfunctioned). The Apollo 11 watches were sent to the Smithsonian following their return, but Buzz’s never arrived, having been stolen en-route. This is arguably the most desirable single watch in the world, and nobody knows where it is. The sale price for this watch would be in the millions of dollars (I would think it would still fetch less than Paul Newman’s Daytona, but not by much)…but one could not legally sell it until ownership is definitively determined. Technically, it is still US Government property, and anyone trying to do so would find themselves in a world of prosecutorial hurt (just like trying to sell moon rocks) unless they lawyer-up first.


Because I am certain you are ALL on tenterhooks regarding this, you will be pleased to know that my Kizzi strap has left the Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre and is winging its way across the Atlantic as I type this. Updates will follow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Kizzi has a neat little blog entry about the Speedmasters on display at the Omega Museum in Vienna:



WATCHBAND SHIPMENT UPDATE: It’s left the USPS International Shipping Facility in New York City and should arrive in New Hampshire soon.


I am now completely invested in this watchband saga.


LOL. That’s two of us then. :laughing:


WATCHBAND SHIPMENT UPDATE: USPS has informed me that it is “In Transit” to the next facility. NYC is about four and a half hours away; they must have put it on a horse-drawn mail wagon.:racehorse::truck:


Based on a recent experience with an international package passing through Customs/USPS in NYC, I’d say it’s flying through!


BTW, I am wearing this. Unsurprisingly.


Good to know. I haven’t had anything come into the US for awhile.


Admittedly, my last experience was for a package from Japan (NYC is certainly a strange transit point for Japan -> Kansas, but I believe the San Francisco entrypoint into the USPS system is horrifically backlogged). That package sat in a “pre-customs” status for 2 weeks prior to showing that USPS had received it… it then spent 4 days in transit to Philadelphia


I don’t post too much about work here, but every now and then I handle something truly…special. This is one of those items. Sometimes my desk is like a museum, but one where I get to play with the exhibits. :sunglasses:



My last shipment in was a JDM Seiko bracelet ordered through Amazon and it got to me from Tokyo in under a week, but that was a couple of years ago.


I’ve got into Citizen watches. I have two now and am eying up a 3rd. they are all eco drive with a solar powered face. I have the basic red arrow one and the nighthawk which is lovely but very black so unpractical in low light.


The Citizen Eco-Drive and the Seiko Kinetic are the best general purpose quartz movements available. The Eco-Drive’s ability to “top up its tank” with minimal light gives it the edge IMHO.


I am a big fan of the Eco-drive. Of all the watches I own, it’s the only one that exists.

(Time and date issues are my own fault for leaving it in a drawer. Sitting on my desk with incandescent lighting only, it started ticking again the next day. It’ll go another 8-15 years before the capacitor needs replaced probably)







WATCHBAND UPDATE: This is so cool. Kizzi even puts a facsimile NASA inventory sticker on the plastic pouch the band comes in. This turned out to be a slightly early, totally unplanned birthday present for myself and I love it! :sunglasses: