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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)


Cleaning out my desk, so I set up a tableau of some of my bracelet watches.


I’m bemused that out of the seven watches in that photo, only one of them shows numbers for the hours – and that’s the one which uses 24-hour time. Not a “1 to 12” (or so much as a “3,6,9,12”) in sight in that group.


So, I’m reading the rule book to Apollo, and the back has a neat photo of an astronaut walking on the surface of the moon with a portion of the Lunar Rover behind him. We can identify the mission as Apollo 16 from the patch just visible on the left breast (viewer’s right).

Apollo 16 means that this is John Young (He is identifiable by the red stripes on the legs, arms, and helmet. Charlie Duke’s suit was plain white). And, of course, Young’s NASA-issued Speedmaster is plainly visible:


Pilot and field watches generally use numeral indices. I prefer non-numerical markers.



Here is a watch that uses a neat slide rule design to tell time.


My choice today.




He loved it!




I was presented with some fancy watch with Barcelona FC logo on it from my step dad. He sad that this colorful logo looks childish and therefore he doesn’t want to wear them. Joke on him - it was a limited series and now they cost twice as much because they don’t do them anymore. But i’ve presented him with fur teddy bear coat - supposed to be a joke as well, but he gave it to my mother as 8th march gift and it worked out just fine. So, by now we are 1:1 :rofl:


Been busy, so I’ve not posted much, but I did try on one of my boss’s watches for a lark (he’s a watch nerd too, but has a penchant for gold that I do not share). This is a Rolex President (a submodel the Day - Date in gold) with diamond trim and dial. It’s stupendously ostentatious, and not to my taste, but I didn’t want to take it off! :laughing: (My biggest issue with it is that it’s a bit difficult to tell the time quickly.)


How is this not branded as the Rolex Mugger-Bait?


Another reason I wouldn’t buy one. :wink:


I’d almost certainly assume it was false if i were a mugger and saw it on my wrist!


Another neat video from Watchfinder & Co.


Speedy is back on the band due to my having to dress respectably today. I’m not in my usual slovenly, workplace hobo disguise. :face_with_monocle:


Aaaaand I’ve found my new preferred workplace dresscode description. “Business casual” around here faded from memory years ago.


Well…it’s true. :laughing: