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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)


That’s an excellent idea! I’ve got a couple of gouges in mine too, which I couldn’t justify spending Polywatch money on


Yeah, Polywatch is ridiculous. If you have trouble finding Meguiar’s, this is also a more economical option:


I’ve been wearing the Speedy exclusively ever since I got rid of that hideous scratch. I’m changing up today, however. image


I am NOT, repeat, NOT in the market for any new watches…but these new JDM Seiko “Mini-Turtles” in 41mm are really intriguing:



I have recently resolved my watch-less situation:

It had a number of things going for it:

  • I liked the size: at 43mm diameter, it’s conveniently smaller than most pocket watches I saw, without being annoying to read. The larger ones I looked at seemed just a bit awkward.

  • No case. That could easily be a con for others, but for me it again keeps the size down to a more practical level. I’d also found the cases on the ones I played with to be more irritating to open and close than I had expected (although I’m sure that would vary from watch to watch, and is probably something one gets accustomed to quickly enough).

  • I liked the look. The exposed mechanics are a gimmick of course, and honestly not something I originally thought I’d go for; but they’re undeniably neat to look at (even if in practice you’ll only see two pieces of the innards moving unless you’re paying extremely close attention). The gimmick does have a severe drawback, though, which this model largely avoids…

  • The hands actually stand out against the backdrop of the internals. In the catalogue I was viewing, this was literally the only watch with visible clockwork where I didn’t think to myself “I would struggle to pick out the hands against all that”. On a watch with a blank centre I believe I would have gone for a different style of hands; but in this instance these ones made far better sense to me (and I think still look nice).

  • It did not cost an arm and a leg. So I’m happy to wear it everywhere and, while I hope I keep it safe, it’s not a disaster if things go horribly wrong and I end up breaking it.

They didn’t have it in stock when I first went in, but offered to get it in on spec and, when I saw it in person, I simply couldn’t think of any reason not to get it : )


I thought the 37K was the price… :thinking:


I don’t think they’d sell many if that were the case.


Yup I feel like a complete idiot in retrospect!

My watch is as dull as all hell, but I love following this thread! Maybe one day I’ll get a good one…


It’s crappy Soviet watch Thursday! Хорошо!


My watch collection started because my uncle used to work in the USSR and would bring me a watch every time he came back for a visit. Sadly I sold them all to fund uni - by which I mean to fund uni drinking, but there were some really unique designs hiding cheap movements!


Soviet/Russian watches are good. In general, anyway. Certainly the 1986 Vostok Amphibia I was wearing the other day is a good 'un; it’s built like a tank…and finished like one too! “Soviet watches moost be STRONK like T-34!!!” IIRC the Soviets purchased Swiss equipment for their state watch factories.


Oh yes, absolutely - just not the ones an uncle might buy in the cheapest markets he can find!


So…I own the World’s Worst Watch. https://youtu.be/jUr5q7HuhdI

Just kidding! I don’t have the Z-Blue dial. Mine’s black, so it’s alright. :face_with_monocle:


Clear and cold today, but not as bad as yesterday. Winds were fierce (137mph gusts at the observatory on Mt. Washington!)


Stopping off to pick up a wrap for dinner wearing the Pepsi:


Not a watch (Speedy today) but I’ve been wearing my new fishing hat at the office to gauge the fit. Everyone hates it, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it’s my new full time office hat:


Citing new photographic evidence, our sources have today confirmed that Boydesian is not the Mona Lisa.


Breaking News: Art World In Turmoil Over New Discovery


I was sceptical until I noticed the watch. It checks out; seems legit.

Convincingly-Credentialed Watch-in-Art Expert, Esq