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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)


Sort of. I have an eight watch winder + a single stand-alone. I no longer use them since I concentrate on a handful of watches in rotation, and I don’t mind handwinding. If one uses a winder, watches should ideally be wound arrhythmically in order to minimize stress on the rotor pivot, so always set them to random.


Today I was feeling…HAQ-ey.






First snow of the season. Luckily I am in my warm office! :snowflake::snowman:


It is a colder than normal day here in northern New England, but it’s nothing Speedy can’t handle.


Squall line coming through. Blue sky and snow.


Oof! Full of turkey and all the fixin’s. I will take a quick watch pic before I lapse into a food coma :sleeping:


It is time for Thanksgiving 2 - Electric Boogaloo (SWMBO’s mother and brother have to work over the holiday, so we are having a 2nd dinner today).




Would that be the Black Bay Blue?


Yes. The BB was on an end table, and I had just shut the light off. It was glowing quite brightly as a result.



Neat feature on the newest version of the Omega Seamaster Professional 300m. I really like it. Do I like it more than a Submariner? Hmm. :thinking:



Just flew in to Florida to help my Mom out. I wore this because it’s a perfect travel companion: well nigh indestructible, and built like a…well…a Swiss watch!


When you use indestructible in context of flying, it sounds rather ominous…

By the way, I thought of you today, when I passed the factory of what was once the world’s largest manufacturer of clocks (okay, that was at the start of the 20th century, but still…).



Flying home on the red-eye. G’night.


Speedy is back on the wrist after some much needed first aid. I brushed up against a cinderblock wall and scratched the bejeezus out of the crystal and, since I didn’t have any Polywatch polish, my toothpaste fallback was not up to the task. Polywatch is expensive and hard to find, but after consulting with a watchmaker I know, I discovered Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Swirl Remover does the same thing AND can be found in any auto parts store (it also costs $9.00 for 16 ounces, instead of $16.00 for 5 grams). It worked! :grin: