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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)


My interest in World War II is even older than my interest in watches, so I was pleasantly surprised to find an old pencil sketch I drew in high school during my unpacking. It’s a copy of one of my favorite WW2 photographs:

I thought I’d given it away long ago, but here it is. As it’s already framed, I’m going to hang it on my office wall. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s outstanding.


Thanks! I drew it in a study hall my senior year. Didn’t have any homework, so I did that instead. BTW, the pencil was a Prismacolor Ebony (my favorite art pencil).


That’s a nice pencil, you can get a lot of tone out of it. It hits the sweet-spot between the B and the H hardness.

Also, you’ve never expressed a lot about your artistic tendency here, and that’s really impressive for a high-school student.

Dammit, how do we keep getting this topic back on to writing implements? I thought @SleepyWill fixed that with the fountain pen thing!


Thanks a lot!
Do you know if that advice also applies to colored leather, since they’re using it specifically for natural tones I think?

Also, the drawing is really great (artistically that is, I’m not sure I’d want a picture of a soldier throwing a grenade in my study…)


It shouldn’t make any difference, but I would try a little test spot of protectant just to make sure it doesn’t discolor.

Ha ha! Yes, but we have different office decor! :wink:



I actually do like the style and coloring of the Liberty Loan poster a lot.


It’s Speedy Tuesda…um…Thursday!


Sorry to dredge up the past here, but Pepsi Turtle is a spot-on description. Also, I love the shape of that watch. The bulkiness really suits its other design aspects. Magnifique!


The cushion case was very popular in the late '60s - mid '70s. Turtles (the semi-official name too) are a cool, and fairly inexpensive way to get into dive watches.

Here’s a neat article on the history of the model:


Here’s a cool photo of Ed White making the first US spacewalk during the Gemini 4 mission in 1965. His issue Speedmaster is plainly visible on his left wrist.



Here’s three spaceworn Speedmasters (Schirra, Gordon, and Stafford). Wally Schirra’s is a pre-“Professional” and was his personal watch.


Wearing the SST today. :airplane:


The tried and true Speedmaster is still the official NASA certified EVA watch, but Роскосмос (“Roscosmos”), the Russian space agency, also allows its wear during extravehicular activity:


Another Speedy in Space pic. This time “Buzz” Aldrin’s EVA during Gemini 12. He’s wearing two watches here, a NASA Speedmaster and an unidentified watch (presumably one he owned personally). Aldrin wears two watches to this day for some reason. :slightly_smiling_face:


Addendum: My mistake, Aldrin actually wears THREE watches at the same time! :open_mouth:

I just noticed that Aldrin’s Moonwatch sports a non-NASA sanctioned sapphire crystal. Normally, I would rail against this unacceptable faux pas, but it’s “Buzz” freakin’ Aldrin…he can do whatever he likes! :laughing:


hahaha! Surely there has to be a reason… Right? I can’t think of what that could possibly be, but there has to be one…
I have it! It’s so he can check the time even if he has one arm occupied/covered/he can’t turn his head far enough to see that arm and one of the three watches breaks. Oh no! Hopefully the broken watch isn’t on the arm with only one watch. Someone has to tell Buzz he’s going to need to implement a four watch system.


A man with one watch knows the time. A man with two is never sure. A man with three is addicted to chaos. :smile:


…and a man with a grandfather clock has a very sore wrist.


I am wearing a C9 Harrison GMT today on the original black band.