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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)


Still on a CWL kick:


Hello! Here for one of my infrequent check-ins, although I did have a very nice visit with our very own @Boronian on Tuesday up in Maine. It is time for the annual Changing of the Straps, and so the Speedy will be wearing black leather for the next few months:


I remember looking at your wrist to see what watch you were wearing :smiley:


I am driving down the Mass Pike on the way to Saratoga, NY for a meeting. The BB-Blue is coming with me.


Speedy and I are spending the day at Saratoga National Battlefield.


I keep on coming here and thinking, “that’s not the current time.”

Seriously, guys. Learn how to set these things.


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That’s a fine kit. (why do I love tidy office supplies?)


(Oh, for everyone else who reads this thread, I did start to attempt a really bad rap, which I deleted and will hopefully be burned forever from the two people who witnessed it, myself (the perpetrator) and Will (which I have to say is the victim in this case).

I was making a rap about pens.
I am not ashamed, although I should be embarassed.

(Actually, my family is mixed race (a mix of nerds and jocks. We stopped caring about black/white/asian/hispanic whatever you want your ethnicity to be etc a long time ago, a lot of my relatives care more about who’s a contender in the Final Four), it just seemed like a funny thing to say in a thread about watches and pens (and very occasionally socks).


Hi everyone! It’s been awhile, but I’m checking in to extol a really fantastic looking watch. As anyone who’s followed this thread knows, I am a real Speedmaster nut. If I could only wear ONE watch for the rest of my life, it would be my Speedy Moon Watch. This video talks about the Omega Ultraman limited edition Speedmaster, and while I’m not a fan of the iconic Japanese superhero, I think this watch is the bee’s roller skates! Enjoy!



Note left on fridge

@Boydesian… It’s been a pleasure living with you here in this thread, but… I don’t know, while fountain pens evolved organically from our conversation about watches, I sometimes wonder if I’m not cramping your style - having friends over who only want to talk about pens, that sort of thing.

I think we both know, it’s time I moved out. But I wanted to say thank-you for your wonderful hospitality, I’ve found a nice little place of my own, and of course you’re always welcome - the kettle is always ready for a brew.

My new address is enclosed below, not that far away, clicking distance - still in the How to fix it: Weather neighbourhood!

Don’t be a stranger: Fountain Pen’s (Because they’re not watches or socks)

Fountain Pens (Because they're not watches or socks)

Oh that apostrophe is going to haunt me! Editing the link does nothing… Nothing

Fountain Pens (Because they're not watches or socks)

I am very sorry, but moving and work have taken up every waking minute for the moment. I will miss the pens, but promise to visit there once I can devote more time! :slightly_smiling_face:


This will so be about socks, soon…


Where you go, others will follow.


Dude, there’s already a “Sock Channel” here. :wink:


Ha HA! I’m more or less back from my partial hiatus! And to celebrate, I am posting a pic of my watch choice for today: My Speedy (what else?) on the black CWL Bader strap I use in the Autumn / Winter months.


This morning it occurred to me that my Pepsi Turtle has been quite neglected as of late. That is now rectified. :grin:


Hm, @Boydesian, may I ask how you clean/care for your leather wrist bands?


Here is a handy link. It’s brand specific, but the tips here will work with all types of leather bands.