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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)


This thread is about watches. And fountain pens. And for one truly disturbing interval; socks. But today I’m posting a video about a car. Not just any car, but one of the kookiest cars ever made. My all-time favorite automobile is the 1972 AMC Matador Police Cruiser (as seen on Adam-12), but my SECOND favorite is the subject of this video: the Aston Martin Lagonda. You could drive a Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Chiron, or Pagani “Huahuyarahhh” past me and I would simply say “Wow. Look at that.” But drive past me in a Lagonda, and I would freak out, jumping up and down with joy. It’s basically Aston Martin’s take on the proverbial “pimp-mobile” and it’s chock full of questionable design choices. Basically, I love the Lagonda like I love Plan 9 From Outer Space. Both are masterpieces of weirdness. :grinning:


Two intervals! (sort of, a shoes and socks offshoot happened)
And not the last…muuuhwahahah!

Anyway, this car is incredibly sexy. It’s like a Commodore 64 and a real touring car had a baby raised by rich hippies that got enrobed in cherry candy and leather marshmallow. A worthwhile diversion from the watches.

(I did watch all 34-ish minutes of that video, I could not turn away)


Then you will love this (plus it’s just under 10 minutes long this time). This guy owns a Mk. 1 Lagonda, which is the definitive version in my mind. The Mk. 3 in the previous video is weird, but the Mk. 1 was bonkers:


That’s awesome! I can’t believe they kept making these until 1990. Good lord, I love the LED displays and all the buttons.


Here is a neat little video by Watchfinder UK on one of THE iconic watches of all time. If you like slide rules (and who doesn’t?), then you’ll like this. It’s about Breitling’s amazing Navitimer. Arguably the world’s first “smart watch”.


So more than one year ago @Boydesian ensnared some of us with pictures of the green Seiko Recraft. Which led me to get my first ‘proper’ watch in September.
I have to admit that I was slightly disappointed at first - the watch does look good, but the metal wristband it came with wasn’t great, and I managed to get three visible scratches into the dome after one month (courtesy of my being clumsy and not used to watch where my wrists were going).
Plus it gained about 9 seconds per day.
I’ve later learned that this is a respectable figure for a mechanical watch, and now that I’ve got a leather new leather wristband for my birthday I’m very content with it.


It looks good! I like that strap too. :+1:t3:


Ah, now that is true. It’s horribly tinny. I’ve kept it because I have a zillion watches and accessories already, but lacking a splendid color-coordinated strap like yours, I’d probably opt for a steel mesh band.



Sitting in a biker bar in Maine.


Did you ride a motorcycle there?


No. We’re friends of the band. Button down MIT scientists by day, hard-rockin’ whackos by night.:wink:


So… scientists… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes. Meteorologists to be exact. They work at MIT’s Lincoln Labs. And yes, they’re nuts. :wink:


Today is Speedy Tuesday!


Long time no see! Wearing my Tissot PR 516 blue face today. On a black leather rally strap.


I love the aesthetic of that dial! I restored an antique clock and it was exactly the same, no-one else liked it, which was why I got a silk suspension movement for £60, but I loved it, and was sad when I “lost” it (an ex neglected to return it, sold it for over £500)


Hello. Just popped in for a bit to say that I am wearing an All-Dial today. Yellow on black, the BEST color combo! :grin:


I bet you like the colour scheme in Sekigahara, then (like me!).

Although I also have a fondness for a strong red on black.


Yes, I do. And I like red on black as well, as shown on today’s choice: