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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)


A great little video on the greatest watchmaker of the 20th century: George Daniels.


And for you technophiles out there who can’t understand why someone would pick a mechanical watch over an atomic clock synced, GPS enabled “wrist wonder”, here’s why:


I love watches, but I tend to find most modern watches for men to be far too bulky and masculine for my taste. So most of my collection are either original art deco, or a bit of a throwback in style.

Today I’m wearing one of my Benrus watches.


As someone (previously discussed) with a collection of mechanical watches and virtually forced into using apple watches, I couldn’t agree with this video more!


Still on my CWL kick:


I am currently wearing a Samsung Galaxy S3, which I bought a couple of years ago to replace my Pebble Time after the company was bought by Fitbit.

When I want something a little more traditional, I wear a Casio Waveceptor watch. I love that watch for two reasons: It sets the time automatically, and the face of the watch is a solar panel, so no need to change batteries.




Off the CWL train today, and onto something completely different:


Ooohh, very nice!


Old pic, but I am Milguassin’ it today. :sunglasses:



I just picked up this beauty. It’s a Universal Gèneve automatic dress watch from 1964. The original box and papers are included! :grinning:


I’m wearing this one today. What else would it be?


Wearing my Alpinist and also sporting the super swanky wristband I received from my bank for donating money to the Special Olympics (and if you have some extra to spare, I recommend you donate to the charity of your choice today):


I am wearing this today. Also, today is both Flag Day in the USA, and the 243rd birthday of the United States Army. :us:


The Very Cheap Watch turned out to be a survival watch, which gathered water from the air and carefully stored it inside its case. And I managed to break the strap attachment while getting the back off. So now I have a Very Slightly Less Cheap Watch:


Today, June 19, is National Watch Day in the United States! In honor of this, I am wearing my Milgauss today!


Hey! I finally got this back from servicing! Because it had stopped working…BUT it’s okay now! Hooray!


Okay. So you have decided to get yourself a Rolex. In general, unless you are a weirdo like me, that means a Submariner: The ultimate Rolex icon. Great! I highly recommend doing that! But the high cost (especially with Rolex’s latest price increase) means you’re going to have to shell out the big bucks. Pre-owned would be more economical, but you also need to be sure you’re getting the real deal. This is a great video by Watchfinder & Co. that compares a genuine Rolex Submariner to a high quality fake. Why is this important? Primarily because it makes no sense to spend thousands of your hard-earned on something that cost a few hundred to make. Also, the very best fakes come from the Far East (mostly The PRC), and they’re built in horrid, Dickensian sweat shops. Buying a fake Swiss watch just adds to the tally of exploitation and misery in the world. Watch this. And invest in a loupe too.