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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)



The Speedmaster has been on the wrist for a very long time. It will be for the foreseeable future too.


Still on…


In the spirit of this:

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Still getting through that first fill…


Here’s a link to an interesting new video from watchfinder UK. It covers three bonkers watches that have gone full-nutter recently. And yes, I posted this for you @SleepyWill. Hope you enjoy it, my friend! :wink:



Almost 2 feet of snow on the other side of my window. More coming next week. Great.


Back at the office after attending the Baltimore Antique Arms Show as an exhibitor:

Speedy served me well down there too:

(I cannot tell you how bored I was when I took this photo! :wink: )

The show is held in an exhibition hall at the Maryland State Fairgrounds next to a large barn where livestock judging takes place. This is my favorite sign in the world:



Every amazing CW you post makes me a little bit sad inside now… let’s hope they get back on track!



April 2 and it’s snowing! Yay! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Here’s the fabulous view from my office window again, but in focus:



April 6 and it’s snowing! Yay! :roll_eyes:

Déjà Vu:

(At least it isn’t sticking this time.)


A friend came to visit me here outside of Tokyo to see the cherry blossoms. Unfortunately for him, he was too late for the local blossoms (Although we did drive up to a mountain town that had some in full bloom).
Fortunately for me he brought a gift with him. A new pen! The “Noodler’s Boston Safety Pen.”

It’s neat. My grandfather, a pilot, always carried a safety pen. I still remember the day my younger cousin found it on the table. She then proceeded to uncap it upside-down which dumped the ink all over the white dinning room carpet.

As for the pen, I love it. It is a great writer and the build quality is superb. Twisting the nib out is very satisfying and the ebonite body looks and feels great. But I wish I had had it years ago when I was still inking geologic maps by hand. It would have been perfect for that as it can handle india inks.

The uncapping process is a bit too time consuming to just carry around casually. It would be great for handling the rather noxious inks I use to take field notes, but I have several cheap pens that do okay while uncapping much faster.

Maybe I’ll take up watercoloring inked drawings as a hobby. Then I’ll have an excuse to get this out more.


Flying home today. Wearing my Speedy (no surprise). In the background is my late father’s rosebush, which my mother has nursed back to health after it almost died from neglect when he fell ill two years ago.


Ugh. Back in the office after the Red-Eye flight in last night. Did I say “last night”? I meant to say “earlier this morning”. :frowning_face:



:face_with_raised_eyebrow: So I was desperately rummaging through my desk looking for something that I had my damn hands on less than 30 minutes ago, when something in the back of a drawer caught my eye. :crazy_face: “Oooh! Shiny!” I said to myself, instantly forgetting why I had even opened the drawer in the first place, so I made a switch. I am now wearing my trusty ol’ C60 Trident (with charcoal bezel). :sunglasses:


Now I’m on a CWL kick.