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Watcha Wearin'? (Stuff about Watches...plus the Occasional Diversion.)




We used some greenery, rosemary specifically, from our garden as the basis for the color. The ink mixer leading the workshop then suggested making it a bit darker as we planned on using it for letter writing. His idea was that bright colors can tire the eyes after a page or two, especially if used in a broad nib pen. He toned down the bright green of the rosemary into a nice smooth mix that I love using on informal, or, perhaps I should say, the most formal occasions.


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Off brand Guinness socks - takes me back to when I played rugby and wore full on guinness kit.




@Boydesian I know this may have been addressed here before, but it may be time to take a role-call? (absolutely can wait for after the holidays, because there are people who may be getting watches).

Just a paper-list of numbers of how many watches?

(Approximately. I can count how many watches I have but I couldn’t begin to guess how many idiophonic lamellophones I have, even though it’s a number that I’m positive is less than 15 but greater than 7. That’s one of my hobbies, don’t tease me.)

How many watches in general does everyone here have? When I wore them, I had around-ish one awesome one, and up to five cheap-but-fancy ones to choose from my watchiest.

(This does not include the period in the 80’s when I’d have 3 on one arm and 4 on the other.)


Hmm. Off the top of my head (I am not home at the moment) I count 24. That figure includes some old quartz pieces I simply don’t wear, but am sentimentally attached to. I will have to list them after the holiday.


Good Watches: 2
Bad watches, but I like them anyway: 7
Digital watches: 11
Deliberately obfuscated watches: 3
Apple wrist mounted computers: 2


I have only 1 watch.

You will probably ridicule me because it is an Esprit watch :smiley: I bought like 9 years ago. The bands aren’t the original ones, they had a lighter color but broke like 4 years ago. For two years I didn’t wear any watch till I started working as a teacher. Then I got new ones. Nowadays I wear it every day (almost) everywhere.


This watch was there when I met the legendary @Boydesian :slight_smile:


2 Wooden watches
2 Red watches
1 Nondescript regular watch I only wear very occasionally

(You can tell my interest in watches is purely aesthetic :stuck_out_tongue: )


How do they keep time?!? Wooden gears are so soft!

How does “red” keep time?!? That just raises further questions!

:breathes: Oh thank god one of those makes sense, @"Dr. Who_lx!"


I remember it. It looks good!


Well, red has the longest wavelength and lowest colour temperature, so it’s less likely to set the wooden watches on fire :stuck_out_tongue:


So I got in the car today and was greeted by this temperature reading:

(That would be about -16 in Celsius I think.) :confused:

It has been considerably warmer in Novosibirsk, Siberia than New England this week. But not considerably different from the summit of Mt Washington which was 2.2F this morning.

Current Mt. Washington conditions:

PS. I am still wearing the Speedmaster so no pic, but this publicity photo of the doomed Apollo 1 crew shows the spacesuit strap NASA developed for the watch very well. They are all wearing their Speedmasters on their left sleeve cuffs next to what I think are the O2 pressure gauges. L to R are Lt. Col. Virgil “Gus” Grissom (one of the original “Mercury 7”), Lt. Col. Edward White (the 1st American to perform an orbital EVA), and Lt. Cmdr. Roger Chaffee (Apollo 1 was to be his first space mission).


And yes…I do own a spacesuit strap. I just need to get a spacesuit now! :grinning:


Yeah, it’s been pretty cold. New Year’s Eve on Parliament Hill is cancelled this year because temperatures are forecasted to be -28 without windchill…


As far as I know they are still going to have First Night in Boston. I attended First Night once back in 2000, but have ZERO desire to ever do it again. I don’t like crowds.


Weather’s crazy atm. What we lack in Winter Cold (it’s forecast to be around 12°C on New Year’s Eve here (about 54° Fahrenheit)), you got in spades. Wish we could trade some of that.


You can have it. Could be worse though, the 24 hour data from MWWO shows that last night the windchill readings there dipped to -60F (about -51C). :anguished:


Oh man. I hope there are no homeless people on the streets in this weather.


MWWO is the Mt. Washington Weather Observatory, and the only people who live there are the meteorologists.


I guessed so, but it must be very cold in some of the more inhabited areas as well.?