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Watch the Skies Megagame at UKGE


Thought some of you UK folk might be keen to know that we’re running the Watch the Skies: megagame on Sunday 2nd June at the huge UK Games Expo in Birmingham. For those that haven’t watched the videos from a couple of years ago, it’s a giant 60-player megagame of decision making, resource management, political simulation and alien mystery.

We’re running Watch The Skies: Second Sight which is a re-designed and augmented version of the original “Watch The Skies” which has now been run dozens of times, in places all over the world. Players represent major countries, corporations and aliens, as alien contact threatens global stability and international conflict intensifies This game is aimed at new players wanting to try out megagames at the same time as enjoying the best con in the country!

You can sign up for the game here - https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/bookevents.php?category=lar

And get more details on the game here - https://www.swmegagames.co.uk/wts-second-sight


Thanks SW megagames! Glad to see John and everyone organising this.

We’ve also got a megagames megathread for general updates as well if you want.