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Warhammer PBF

Any chance I’ve managed to keep my.powder dry!?

Is Else willing to try a shot in anger without knowing?

Oh of course! Unless it’s VERY obvious it’s utterly useless

We’re not making the best first impression to our boss I think.


Not at this rate no. Good to know how the dice roller feels about me today.

On a side note, my workload has just exploded so my responses here might be a little shorter than normal. Probably till the end of the week.


Jeez, we’ve had some bad rolls


I love the visual though; the captain screaming we’re going down the wrong route, and everyone falling into the water, one not standing up, the other two trying but falling. It gives a very Titanic feeling!

Quick question because I just did it, and I realized I should have asked before: Should we roll if we think it’s going to be needed, or would you rather have us wait for you to tell us what to roll (especially regarding difficulty levels and things)

My firm rule is this - if you roll for something then you have committed to doing that thing. I meant to post this with the other ‘rules’ of the PBF game, but somehow forgot!

Once the dice have landed, there is no changing your mind.

For some situations, rolling before asking will be harmless; for others, you might be rolling before I can fully explain what you are getting into, and thus commit to doing something rather silly (this is of course encouraged if you want to play a very reckless character, leaping before looking!)

I am fine (and would encourage) suggestions of which skills might be appropriate to do test for a particular activity. Waiting for my response will benefit your characters. I am aware that it does slow play down, but that is an unfortunate side product of PBF games. Think of it as an opportunity to rethink whether your character wants to pursue that particular avenue.

Also worth noting that I will usually only ask for a skill roll if I think that there is some value in giving a chance for failure. I was wavering about you needing to bother rolling for Outdoor Survival to simply light a fire for example.

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Soonish you will get to the point where you stop for the night (assuming mist wraiths don’t manage to get you on the way). It would be a natural point to set a party ambition amongst yourselves, and perhaps review your personal short term ambitions via a PM with me. If you want to discuss possible party ambitions before then, this would be a good place to do so.

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Could a party ambition be to just get the job done ? It is not very narratively interesting though.

It could be that simple, but I would probably probe deeper. ‘Get the job done’ is one thing, but are there limits to how far you’ll go to finish the job? Are you going to go above and beyond what you are being paid for, stick strictly to the agreed terms, or take the money and run?

There’s a balance to be struck between making them too simple or too complex, and to be honest I’m feeling my way around these too. Narratively it can help me focus on where you are more interested, and it can serve as a good benchmark for where everyone is at.

The party ambition has to be agreed on by the group (perhaps grudgingly), a common goal that you are going to work on together to achieve.

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I’m happy with ‘get the job done’ but I’d say that Else would interpret that quite generously in that ‘if extra stuff goes down’ she not going to say ‘right my terms up - pay me and I’m off’ .

As long as none of them turn out to be witches of course…

Yeah, I think Meinrad would not be the kind of guy to let everyone down just for money also. Maybe something like “We want to keep everybody safe”?

Gert is here for a paycheck.

Was the job just to get the cargo to the camp, with the option of more work when we got there? Or was the heavier work at the camp part and parcel? I was under the impression it was the latter. If it’s the latter, ‘get the job done’ might be a little open ended?

Other options could be
‘get a paycheck’
‘help establish the camp’ - might be open to reinterpretation when we arrive.
‘keep everyone alive’ - obviously this becomes less pressing at the camp. Maybe.

Otherwise, i’d be happy with ‘get the job done’.

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This is what has been implied, although you haven’t really tried to push the issue yet, or asked about pay directly…


The situation with Stiegler will end up with a Haggle test. This is a situation where it may be most advantageous to let one person make the test, and the other two give Assistance (for a +20 to the Haggling skill of whoever makes the roll). If this is the approach that you want to take, feel free to discuss how the negotiation evolves that way in the main thread.

I’m okay with assisting Gert, I think both narratively and because I think he has the best stat for it.

I’m actually leaning toward “Make sure the Strigany are/feel safe” as an ambition.

And please PM personal short term ambitions if the recent events have changed anything.