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Warhammer PBF

The rolls are weighed to reflect the balance of the population in the Empire. 9 in 10 people are human.

A 74 places you in the Class of Riverfolk, in the Career of Wrecker.

[I’ll post the Career later]

I think I might roll again. As great as wrecker sounds, surely there’s something better out there? Maybe?
d100: 28
d100: 61

It depends on your definition of better…

28 puts you into the Courtiers class as an Advisor, 61 is another of the Riverfolk, this time a Boatman.

(It will be a lot later today when I can get to posting a section for each Career.)

The Advisor:

The Boatman:

The Wrecker:

Ok, I think I’ll take the boatman, if only because it has slightly less baggage than the wrecker.

If I follow on from above the next step is rolling attributes, so I’ll do that now.

WS - 2d10: 6 + 8 = 14
BS - 2d10: 1 + 9 = 10
S - 2d10: 1 + 4 = 5
T - 2d10: 4 + 2 = 6
I - 2d10: 9 + 8 = 17
Ag - 2d10: 10 + 6 = 16
Dex - 2d10: 2 + 8 = 10
Int - 2d10: 6 + 2 = 8
WP - 2d10: 1 + 4 = 5
Fel - 2d10: 8 + 1 = 9

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Now, again if I follow the example for the witch correctly, each stat gets +20 for being human then I get three extra points to put anywhere, and five to put in the advances specific to my career.

So the following should be correct?
WS - 34
BS - 30
S - 25
T - 26 + 4 = 30
I - 37
Ag - 36 + 1 = 37
Dex - 30
Int - 28 +2 = 30
WP - 25
Fel - 29 +1 = 30

So I added my three extra points to fellowship and int, and my five advancements to toughness and agility.

Regarding motivation, my father was a boatsman and my fathers father was a boatsman and my fathers fathers father… well, no one really talks about him, but I assume he was a boatsman. And why would I want to do anything else? Boatsmen get to hear the news first, and go see new and interesting places. So my motivation is to explore or discover new things.

Let me know if anything isn’t correct above, but otherwise I’m happy to move on to the next bit.

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That’s all looking okay to me. Step 3 done, so onto Step 4. Skills & Talents

Skills represnet your areas of training, learning and experience. The skills available to you are determined by your species and career. Each skill is governed by a particular Characteristic.

There are two types of skill - basic and advanced. Basic skills are those that anyone can do, whilst Advanced skills require specialist knowledge. Basic skills can be attempted by using the score of the appropriate characteristic, whilst you need to have put an Advance against an Advanced Skill before it can be used.

First are the Species specific skills and talents.

You may choose 3 skills from the list below to gain 5 Advances each, and then 3 Skills to gain 3 Advances each.
The skills are:
Animal care
Language (Bretonnian)
Language (Wastelander)
Lore (Reikland)
Meele (Basic weapon)
Ranged (Bow)

You also get to choose one of Talent between Doomed , Savvy or Suave , and you get three random talents. Roll 3d100 to determine your random talents.

You might want to glance at the Career Advance for the Boatman above too. You start at Career Level 1, Boat Hand. There’s a list of skills and talents there that you can advance in the next phase if it helps guide what you pick from the species skills and talents.

Ask if you want details about any particualr Skill or Talent. To get the ball rolling:



(The ‘Max: 1’ shows that this Talent can only be taken once. Some Talents can be taken multiple times to stack their advantages).

Ok, let’s take 5 in gossip, melee weapon and lore (reikland), 3 in bow, haggle and language (wasteland)
I’ll take the suave talent making my fellowship 35.

Random talents: 3d100: 70 + 18 + 37 = 125

Oh, I noticed the Sail skill for boatman is italicized. Does that have a specific meaning?

Yes, the italicised skill is the skill you test when you try to earn money via your Career. Spend sone time working as a Boatman, your Sail will be tested to see how much you managed to earn.

Your three random Talents are:




That puts your Intelligence to 35, WP to 30, and your Luck means that you start with 2 Fortune Points.

That leads quite nicey into a discussion about Fate, Fortune, Resilience and Resolve…

You have two characteristics called Fate and Resilience. Fate directly ties into your Fortune, whilst Resilience links to Resolve. Fate is a measure of your destiny, whilst your Resilience represents your inner strength, the things your character draws on to push them onwards when things start to turn for the worst, and is thus tied to your character’s motivation.

Fortune Points are spent to turn luck to your advantage. You can spent a point to:

  • Reroll a failed test
  • Add a Success Level to a Test after it has been rolled
    (Success Levels are the new ‘Degrees of Success’ from the older editions; more about them when we actually get into play)
  • At the start of a Round, choose when to act rather than going as determined by Initiative.

As in older editions, Fate Points can be permanently burnt to avoid death or make a hitting blow miss.
Fortune points are regained at the start of every gaming session, or as a result of certain in game encounters (they could be removed by in game effects too). Hard to determine what a ‘session’ represents in a PBF game, but some significant milestone in the plot is a likely good point. The pool of Fortune Points is determined by the Character’s Fate.

Fate Points are granted at GM discretion.

Resolve Points are used push through minor obstacles. You can spend a point to:

  • Become immune to a Psychology until the end of the next round
  • Ignore all modifiers from all Critical Wounds until the beginning of the next round
  • Remove one Condition

Like Fate Points, Resilience Points can be permanently burnt to either defy corruption (i.e. resisting a mutation roll) or to succeed at any test, no roll required.

Resolve is regained whenever your act according to your Motivation. So whenever you RP something that comes under the banner of your motivation, you can regain a Resolve Point. The pool of Resolve Points is determined by the Character’s Resilience.

Resilience Points can be granted at GM’s discretion for an act of extreme importance to your motivation, but like Fate Point awards, this will be very rare.


Next for you is the Career Skills and Talents.
You have 40 advances to split between the 8 Career skills listed on your Career Advance Scheme, with a limit of 10 advances in one skill. For a starting Boatman, the 8 Career Skills are:
Consume Alcohol
Melee (Basic) (This refers to your skill at using ‘basic’ weapons - swords, clubs, daggers etc.)

You get to pick one Talent from Dirty Fighting, Fisherman, Strong Back, Strong Swimmer

Dirty Fighting gives you a bonus to damage when fighting in unarmed combat.
Fisherman means you can always catch enough fish to feed yourself if you spend an hour when a rod and line in a water body that supports fish.
Strong Back lets you add an extra Success Level to any test made against Row and Swim, and you can lug around more stuff.
Strong Swimmer gives you a bonus to any tests requiring you to hold your breath.

Right then.
5 gossip
10 weapon (basic)
8 sail
5 consume alcohol
5 Dodge
5 Endurance
2 swim

And I’ll take the strong back talent.

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Step 5. Trappings
Trappings are all the equipment, clothes, weapons and other items that your character starts with. They are determined by your Class and Career.

As a member of the Riverfolk, you start with a cloak, clothing, a dagger, a pouch, a sling bag containing a flask of spirits.

As a Boatman, you can add a Hand Weapon (Boat Hook), Leather Jack and a Pole.
The Boat Hook is a one handed weapon and your Weapon (Basic) skill is used for any attacks made with it. There’s no particualr gameplay mechanics associated with it, any attacks will be treated as if it were a sword or axe or other hand weapon, but it might be interesting for RP purposes.
The Leather Jack is a piece of armour, which provides you with 1 point of armour on your arms and body.

On your Boatman Advance Scheme you may have noted that next to Boat-hand is ‘Silver 1’. This is an indication of the Status that your Career holds in the eyes of everyone else, and your Standing shows how respected you are within those of the same status. There are three tiers to Status, brass being the lowest, followed by silver, with gold representing the elite of society. Standing runs from 1 to 5, with 5 being highly esteemed among those of the same Status.

A boatman is soemwhat respected, above the common rabble, but the lowest part of next social level. You are actually on the same par as the Witch Hunter.

You start with a personal wealth of 1d10 silver shilings.

(Currency: 1 gold crown = 20 silver shillings = 240 brass pennies; 1 shilling = 12 pennies)

Step 6. Adding Detail.
Next step is adding flesh to the bare bones of your character.

First up is a name. If you want something that fits the setting, pick something Germanic.

Second, what gender does your character identify with? No impact on game mechanics whatsoever.

Third is age. You can choose something sensible, bearing in mind that 60 is probably the average human lifespan for the setting. Alternatively, you can roll d10+15.

Fourth is eye colour, hair colour and height. You can obviously pick what suits you, or roll a d20 to randomly determine the colours. A random height is 4’9" +2d10, with a roll of 10 ‘exploding’ (i.e. roll it again and add the result to the 10).

Right then.
Cash - d10: 6 silver coins.

Gert Vandtrum is a 22 year old male. On the slightly shorter side at 5’5’’ he’s a lithe build that only comes from constant hard work. His brown hair matches his eyes. Two fingers are missing from his left hand following some accident.

Okay, last step is to spend the xp you accumulated from the generation process.
Random species (+20 xp), second pick on career (+25 xp), and you kept your characteristics as rolled (+45 xp), so 95 xp to spend.

Xp can be used to buy Advances to your Characteristics and Skills, pick up new Talents, and to progress to your next career. During the Character generation phase, your xp can only be spent on Career Characteristics, Skills and Talents.

Also I made an error in listing your class skills - it is Melee (Brawling) not Melee (Basic). They are different, one deals with unarmed fighting. If that changes any of your distirbution of your Advances across your Career Skills, please let me know.

The xp cost for each Advance depends on how many Advances have already been taken in each Characteristic and Skill, as per the table below. For example, buying the first to fifth Advance in a Skill costs 10 xp per Advance, and 25 xp for a Characteristic.


I’ve noted the following advances that you’ve already taken:

T - 4 Advances
Ag - 1 Advance
S - 0 Advance

Looking at the table, you can see that increasing any one of these will cost 25 xp per point, although after taking one more Advance in T, it will then cost 30 xp per Advance.

Consume Alcohol - 5 Advances
Dodge - 5 Advances
Endurance - 5 Advances
Gossip - 10 Advances
Melee (Brawling) - 10 Advances
Row - 0 Advances
Sail - 8 Advances
Swim - 2 Advances

You can see that buying Advances in the skills you are already good at is getting a lot more expensive than those you are not so good at yet, e.g. 20 xp to further increase Gossip or Melee (Brawling), compared to 10 xp for Row.

Talents can also be purchased at the cost of 100 xp per talent, so they are unfortunately beyond you at the moment.

I’ll repeat that characters progress to the next career level by having at least 5 Advances in all the Career Characteristics and Skills, plus one Talent. You’re already there for most of the Career skills, a bit behind on the Characteristics.

We’re almost at the point of having three characters ready to go, which is enough to start playing.

I’d like to poll you guys as to how you would like to start this. There are essentially two choices - you are already a group, or you have not yet bonded as a party. With our Witch and Witch Hunter, I like the latter idea, but this is as much your story as mine, so I’m happy either way.

If you start as individuals, there’s also an option to have a short lead in adventure before getting into the adventure from the Starter Set.

I have asked you all privately about ambitions, and I think an introduction to exactly where you find yourself at the beginning of the adventure might help that process.

Thoughts, leanings and preferences?

I’m more for the second option also, with the lead in adventure!

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Sounds good to me


I’d be happy to start as individuals.

As far as my character:

I’ll drop 5 out of brawling and put 2 in sailing and 3 in swimming then please. I’ll just be a mean, lean gossip machine instead.

As far as my xp spend:
3 x Ag for 75xp
2 x row for 20xp.