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Warhammer PBF

(I’m not ignoring this, I don’t have access to the pdfs at the moment to share. I will add as soon as I can).

Alright : so , I’ll be Meinrad Wollmächer, a young men on the verge of being 17 years old.
For the colour, I’ll be pretty plain: Black messy hair, hazel eyes. I’m going to be pretty average height also, so 5’6’’?

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You don’t need to now I have the book



I’ve got all your stats now noted.

So you want to be wizard? Or maybe not, but you are cursed with the stain of the witch anyway…

Rather intuitively, you have the ability to cast to ‘Petty’ Magic via your Petty Magic talent.

Petty Magic is used to describe a whole bunch of different little tricks, knacks, cantrips or similar that show that the wizard-to-be should be trained for everyone else’s safety. Petty spells are not formerly codified, and have many different names for what is the same overall effect.

You start the game knowing a number of spells equal to your WP bonus. With your WP of 35, that is 3 spells.

For a bit of roleplaying fun, we’ll be picking your spells privately for you to reveal as we play, as it may be interesting to see how your companions react…

PM will be sent shortly.

I’m not sure a witch and a Witch hunter are really going to work in a group. I’d basically be trying to kill you the entire time

I don’t know! I think there is room for an interesting story to be told from here. I think the important question is “why won’t you just kill me right there and there?”. Maybe you don’t know just yet I’m a witch, or maybe we’ve known each other before and you don’t feel just right with killing me, making me a weird exception? Or maybe I could swear I was going to enroll in a College of magic and so you kind of make sure I don’t step out of line? I don’t know, do you think of anything else?

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I think the relationship between your two characters is extremely interesting, if perhaps challenging. Why would a Witch Hunter and Witch be travelling together?

It would make the most sense that Else has no idea that Meinrad is a witch. What is the relationship between the two of them then? Is Meinrad accompanying the Witch Hunter as a potential neophyte, having come to the Witch Hunter to learn more about their order? Meinrad might have her own reasons for doing such a thing, maybe a desparate attempt to find out more about those would kill him out of hand if his talents were ever known. Or is Meinrad an acquitance, maybe just another traveller that you’ve fallen in with on your journey?

I think the challenge here is roleplaying that Else doesn not know the Meinrad is a witch, and Meinrad is definitely trying to keep that secret.

Other alternatives could be as Cokho suggests - I think it is up to you to decide.

We’re actually at the step of looking for Party Ambitions, some collective goal that everyone is working towards. A bit hard without a full party, but I think defining the relationship between your characters will be core to this.

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(Should we edit the title of the post to reflect the fact we are still looking for player?)

One final step in character generation for @Cokho, spending the experience gained by your random choices during the creation process. You had accumulated 95 xp to spend, 50 of which was used with your Petty Magic talent, leaving you 45 xp to spend.

Xp can be used to buy Advances to your Characteristics and Skills, pick up new Talents, and to progress to your next career.

During the character creation process, xp spend is limited to buying Advances only for your career’s Characteristis, Skills and Talents.

Link back to the Witch Career Advance Scheme

Warhammer PBF

The xp cost for each Advance depends on how many Advances have already been taken in each Characteristic and Skill, as per the table below. For example, buying the first to fifth Advance in a Skill costs 10 xp per Advance, and 25 xp for a Characteristic.


For Meinrad, I have the following advances listed for the Witch Career Characteristics and Skills:

WS - 1 Advance
T - 1 Advance
WP - 3 Advances

Looking at the table, you can see that increasing any one of these will cost 25 xp per point.

Channelling - 10 Advances
Cool - 10 Advances
Endurance - 0 Advances
Gossip - 5 Advances
Intimidate - 0 Advances
Language (Magick) - 10 Advances
Sleight of Hand - 5 Advances
Stealth (Rural) - 3 Advances

Looking back to the table, you can see that increasing Language (Magick) and Channeling are going to cost 20xp per point, Sleight of Hand and Gossip 15 xp per point, the rest 10 xp per point.

Talents can also be purchased at the cost of 100 xp per talent, so they are unfortunately beyond you at the moment.

It is probably worth mentioning how characters progress to the next career level. At level 1, you need to have at least 5 Advances in all the Career Characteristics and Skills, plus one Talent. Meinrad is halfway there in terms of skills, but needs to invest in Advancing the Career Characteristics.

(Why try to move to the next Career level? Essentially you get access to better Skills and Talents, your social Status improves, and you can start to improve some Characteristics. For instance, the Talent Arcane Magic (Witchery) can be learnt at Career level 2 for a witch, a substantial different set of magic spells from teh petty magic you have currently available. Changing careers costs 100xp, and there is also the option to switch careers.)

Alright ! So if I spend 20 xp to raise my stealth(rural) from 3 to 5, and the remaining 25xp to add one to my WP, would that be correct ?

Yes, that would indeed be correct! I’ll PM you a scanned copy of what I have as your character sheet later today so you can have a check over for any errors…

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We are looking for one or two more players

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I’m really keen to play! But I feel I might not be the best fit for the following reasons.

  • I’ve got a three week old baby at home and just started back at work. I’m a touch sleep deprived.

  • I don’t own the books, and probably won’t buy them any time soon (for reasons relating to my first point)

  • I’m moderately familiar with the Warhammer universe. More so with the 40k universe but still. Most of this comes from the total war games, neat short stories, and osmosis from friends. As a gauge, I’m roughly familiar with the empire, but not the particular area you mentioned earlier.

With that in mind, if you’re happy to occasionally push on without me or put up with my ‘it made sense to sleep deprived me’ posts I’d be interested in joining in. Either way it’ll be interesting to see how far it all gets before the witch Hunter and witch… Explode into demons?


I am completely happy with all of your caveats.

If you’ve read any fiction about Warhammer Fantasy you’ve got enough grounding in the setting. Playing Total WarHammer (as it should have been called) is probably also enough. Both together, that’s perfect. (And having any prior background for the setting is not a barrier; it just helps me to know what level I can pitch stuff.)

You don’t need the books. I can share all the things you need.

Pacing - if you can commit to checking in once ir twice a week, that’s enough.

Sleep deprived baby brain is fine. The benefits of this format is that you can think about how to respond and take your time. You can start to draft something, come back to it later etc.


Great! Twice a week should be easy as.

Shall we wait for a yay or nay from @Griffster77 before starting a character? If possible I think I’d like to roll one up. None of the premades jump out as anything amazing.


Yay or nay from me?? I’m in


So then @fodder256, when you’re ready we’ll start to roll up your character.

Step 1. Species.
Choose between a Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Wood Elf or High Elf.
If you wish to Roll d100 to randomly select a species, your character will get +20 xp.
Any questions about the different species, please let me know.

Lets take it at random and just hope I don’t get an elf.
Race roll - d100: 82

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Not an elf, just a regular human, another proud Reiklander of the Empire.

Step 2. Class & Career
Your class determines your general place in society, whilst your career describes your current job, which in turns determines your status and how much money you earn.

Roll another d100 to see what comes up randomly. If you keep the result, you get +50 xp.

If you don’t like the result, roll twice more to get a selection of three possible careers. Selecting one of those gives you +25 xp.

If none of those take your fancy, you can keep rolling or just pick. There’s no xp bonus if you take this choice.

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What on Earth do you have to roll to get a non human race?

In any case, class roll - d100: 74