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Warhammer PBF

Dex: 2d10: 4 + 8 = 12

Int: 2d10: 8 + 2 = 10

WP : 2d10: 4 + 8 = 12

Fel: 2d10: 6 + 4 = 10

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WS 29
BS 26
S 37
T 25
I 29
Ag 30
Dex 32
Int 30
WP 32
Fel 30

Using this set of rolls, your derived Wounds attribute would be 10.

Before you make a decision, you also have 3 extra points that can be added to any characteristic.
As with the older editions, the ‘tens’ part of a score is called the characteristic bonus. e.g Strength 37 equates to a strength bonus of 3. These characteristic bonuses are key for certain talents and spells etc.

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I’ll mix those up:
WS :29
BS : 30
S: 25
T: 29
I: 26
Ag 30
Dex 32
Int: 37 + 3 = 40
WP: 32
Fel 30

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That switch around nets you another +25 xp (+95 current total).

Your Wounds have dropped to 9 (SB + (TBx2) +WPB) (that’s Strength Bonus, Toughness Bonus and Will Power Bonus).

Other statistics:
Fate = 2
Resilience = 1
Movement = 4

We’ll get to what fate and Resilience mean in a bit. One key thing to consider is a Motivation for your character. This represents your Character’s core essence, a phrase or word that esums up what you live for. When the going gets tough, this Motivation is the thing that keeps you driving onwards. It ties directy into your Resilience. You don’t have to decide now, but something to consider as we develop your character.

Examples of motivations - ‘Protect the weak’, ‘Thrillseeker’, ‘Rebellious’, ‘Shining Wit’.

Further up I posted the Advance Scheme for the Witch Career. There are three characteristics marked by a :heavy_plus_sign: symbol (WS, T, WP).

You can spend five Advances in any of those characteristics. Each Advance increases the Characteristic by 1 (e.g. if you put all five advances into T, you will end up with a T = 34).

Please let me know where you want to spend those advances.

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(Sticking this here for easier reference for the next couple of steps)

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Perfect ! It lets me bump up my WS and T up to 30, and i’ll spend the three remaining point on WP, so that I have 35.

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In regard to my motivation, I’m seeing this character as growing up on a recluse farm, and finding about his/her power on his/her own, with no one but his/her parent to say that she/he has to hide them or enroll in a College of magic.
So, like any teenager, she/he does not realize how serious this is, and keep downplaying what he/she can do. So I’m picturing a very young, optimistic character, that will have to learn the hard way what this world is like. So could my motivation be “Everything will work out eventually”? Or if you need something more short, maybe “Optimist” would work ?

(Bumping your T to 30 also pushes your Wounds up to 11.)
Let’s jot those possible motivations down, and revisit when I explain the mechanical side of how they work. I think both would be okay, Optimist possibly being better.

Step 4. Skills & Talents

Skills represnet your areas of training, learning and experience. The skills available to you are determined by your species and career. Each skill is governed by a particular Characteristic.

There are two types of skill - basic and advanced. Basic skills are those that anyone can do, whilst Advanced skills require specialist knowledge. Basic skills can be attempted by using the score of the appropriate characteristic, whilst you need to have put an Advance against an Advanced Skill before it can be used.

List of Basic Skills and governing Characteristics

First are the Species specific skills and talents.

You may choose 3 skills from the list below to gain 5 Advances each, and then 3 Skills to gain 3 Advances each.
The skills are:
Animal care
Language (Bretonnian)
Language (Wastelander)
Lore (Reikland)
Meele (Basic weapon)
Ranged (Bow)

You also get to choose one of Talent between Doomed, Savvy or Suave, and you get three random talents. Roll 3d100 to determine your random talents.

You might wnat to galnce at the Career Advance for the Witch above too. You start at Career Level 1, Hexer. There’s a list of skills and talents there that you can advance in the next phase if it helps guide what you pick from the species skills and talents.

Ask if you want details about any particualr Skill or Talent. To get the ball rolling:



(The ‘Max: 1’ shows that this Talent can only be taken once. Some Talents can be taken multiple times to stack their advantages).

Alright, so :
For my first 3 skills to get 5 advance in:
Animal Care
Ranged (Bow)

Then for the 3 advance:

Language (Wastelander)
Cool (I think I get what it is, but would like a description)

For the talent, Doomed seems like the most interesting one. What would you think if I actually was foretold that I’ll be killed by a Witch Slayer? Or something of that effect, which would make my interaction with Else even more interesting, especially if I don’t really believed it until I met her, but I’m still convinced it’s not really true, or that I’m mis-remembering my dooming.

and then, for the other talent 3d100: 55 + 49 + 27 = 131

Cool is basically keeping in control and holding your nerves when put under stress.

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(As a warning I’m going to be fairly quiet for the next couple of days whilst I tackle a looming deadline, so apologies for a pause in the character generation process!)

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I’m going on holiday next week so I might be quiet anyway.

Although we need some more players to get started don’t we?

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Yes we do. At least one more, preferably two.

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Your three random Talents are:
Orientation You have an instinctual feel for direction. You automatically know which way is North from a glimpse at the stars, trees or whatever other signs you are familiar with.

Nimble fingered You gain a permanent +5 bonus to your starting Dexterity (puts you at 37).

Hardy You gain a permanent addition to your wounds equal to your TB (puts you at 14 wounds).

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Next is the Career Skills and Talents.
You have 40 advances to split between the 8 Career skills listed on your Career Advance Scheme, with a limit of 10 advances in one skill. For a starting Witch, the 8 Career Skills are:
Language (Magick)
Sleight of Hand
Stealth (Rural)

(To clarify a couple:
Channelling Skill measures your ability to call upon and control the Winds of Magic to help cast spells.
Language (Magick) is the tongue spoken when casting spells.)

You get to pick one Talent from Criminal, Instinctive Diction, Menacing or Petty Magic.

(FYI If you actually want to cast spells, Petty Magic is your first chance to do. If you spend 50xp you will learn a number of Petty spells equal to your Will Power bonus).

Got it !
So I’ll put:
10 in Channelling
10 in language (magick)
7 in Cool
5 in Slight of hands
5 in Gossip
3 stealth (Rural)

And I’ll take Petty Magic ! Do I spend xp now or after ?

We’ll do that at the end when we spend all your xp.

Step 5. Trappings
Trappings are all the equipment, clothes, weapons and other items that your character starts with. They are determined by your Class and Career.

As a Rogue, you start with clothing, a dagger, a pouch, a sling bag containing 2 candles, 1d10 matches and your choice of either a hood or a mask.

As a Witch, you can add another pair of candles, chalk, a doll and some pins.

On your Witch Advance Scheme you may have noted that next to Hexer is ‘Brass 1’. This is an indication of the Status that your Career holds in the eyes of everyone else, and your Standing shows how respected you are within those of the same status. There are three tiers to Status, brass being the lowest, followed by silver, with gold representing the elite of society. Standing runs from 1 to 5, with 5 being highly esteemed among those of the same Status.

Perhaps unsurprising, a starting Witch is in the Brass tier for Status, along with peasants, those who undertake professions that require little to no skill, beggars and criminals. The ‘1’ is your standing amongst the common rabble, meaning you have pretty much no respect from how you conduct your living.

For a comparison, a starting Witch Hunter is Silver 1. They are a social class above the masses, but equally poorly regarded within their class as Witches are among the poor.

Bit of a digression there. As a Witch is brass 1, you get a paltry 2d10 brass pennies as your starting wealth.

(Currency: 1 gold crown = 20 silver shillings = 240 brass pennies; 1 shilling = 12 pennies)

So I’m the lowest of the lows ! I’m fine with that !
Matches : d10: 1
Starting money : 2d10: 1 + 10 = 11

I will take à hood over a mask !

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Could you show the career structure for Witch Hunter please?