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Warhammer PBF

Okay, last step is to spend the xp you accumulated from the generation process.
Random species (+20 xp), second pick on career (+25 xp), and you kept your characteristics as rolled (+45 xp), so 95 xp to spend.

Xp can be used to buy Advances to your Characteristics and Skills, pick up new Talents, and to progress to your next career. During the Character generation phase, your xp can only be spent on Career Characteristics, Skills and Talents.

Also I made an error in listing your class skills - it is Melee (Brawling) not Melee (Basic). They are different, one deals with unarmed fighting. If that changes any of your distirbution of your Advances across your Career Skills, please let me know.

The xp cost for each Advance depends on how many Advances have already been taken in each Characteristic and Skill, as per the table below. For example, buying the first to fifth Advance in a Skill costs 10 xp per Advance, and 25 xp for a Characteristic.


I’ve noted the following advances that you’ve already taken:

T - 4 Advances
Ag - 1 Advance
S - 0 Advance

Looking at the table, you can see that increasing any one of these will cost 25 xp per point, although after taking one more Advance in T, it will then cost 30 xp per Advance.

Consume Alcohol - 5 Advances
Dodge - 5 Advances
Endurance - 5 Advances
Gossip - 10 Advances
Melee (Brawling) - 10 Advances
Row - 0 Advances
Sail - 8 Advances
Swim - 2 Advances

You can see that buying Advances in the skills you are already good at is getting a lot more expensive than those you are not so good at yet, e.g. 20 xp to further increase Gossip or Melee (Brawling), compared to 10 xp for Row.

Talents can also be purchased at the cost of 100 xp per talent, so they are unfortunately beyond you at the moment.

I’ll repeat that characters progress to the next career level by having at least 5 Advances in all the Career Characteristics and Skills, plus one Talent. You’re already there for most of the Career skills, a bit behind on the Characteristics.

We’re almost at the point of having three characters ready to go, which is enough to start playing.

I’d like to poll you guys as to how you would like to start this. There are essentially two choices - you are already a group, or you have not yet bonded as a party. With our Witch and Witch Hunter, I like the latter idea, but this is as much your story as mine, so I’m happy either way.

If you start as individuals, there’s also an option to have a short lead in adventure before getting into the adventure from the Starter Set.

I have asked you all privately about ambitions, and I think an introduction to exactly where you find yourself at the beginning of the adventure might help that process.

Thoughts, leanings and preferences?

I’m more for the second option also, with the lead in adventure!

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Sounds good to me


I’d be happy to start as individuals.

As far as my character:

I’ll drop 5 out of brawling and put 2 in sailing and 3 in swimming then please. I’ll just be a mean, lean gossip machine instead.

As far as my xp spend:
3 x Ag for 75xp
2 x row for 20xp.


Okay, sometime tomorrow I’ll get the game thread started. We’ll keep this thread open for general discussion etc.

Anyone got any questions before then, please let me know, and don’t hesitate to ask about anything that is unclear as we go.

A few general comments before play:

If everyone can commit to checking in at least once or twice a week the game will continue to tick along nicely. When combat starts checking in a bit more regularly will help with the flow, but isn’t essential. A rhythm of posting frequency that fits the group usually forms relatively quickly.

Warhammer Fantasy is a fairly grim dark setting. I think that you are all aware of the tone of the setting, but don’t be afraid to highlight anything that you are uncomfortable with.

With dice rolling, as the reply gets assigned to System once posted, they can get a little confusing. I find a good convention is to put something for context before the dice roll command, be it the character name or what is being tested.
E.g. Else rolling…
Testing against Agility…
Else testing Agility…


Where were we when we got on the barge?

Just on the outskirts of Ubersreik.

A map of the Duchy of Ubersreik. You met the barge roughly where there is a small green line just above the ‘B’ in ‘Ubersreik’. The barge is going south towards Grausse.

Spectating, bookmarked. I’ll try not to heckle on the main topic.

(By “heckle” I just mean “chime in.” I’d never actually heckle a PBF game. I try to limit myself to discussion threads and clicking the occasional “Like” when I’m just a spectator).


Gert’s skill test was an example of what the game calls a simple test , where the GM is just looking to assess whether the character has succeeded or failed at something.

Sometimes the GM will want to how how well the character has succeeded or failed at a test. This is referred to as a dramatic test . In these situations, the same dice roll is made, but the difference between the result and the target skill number is assessed. This is done by subtracting the tens part of the rolled result from the tens part of the skill to get the Success Level (SL) of the test.

Let’s Gert’s roll of 36 against a Sail skill of 68 as an example.
6 - 3 = +3 SL, which is a good success.

If he rolled 71 against 68, then he would got -1 SL, a marginal failure.

The GM can use the SL of a dramatic test to help decide what happens next as a result of an important roll.


This is, in technical terms, what might be called a lie. I’m sure Gert knows how to sail a boat, but navigation was generally left up to other people.

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Probably not an outrageous lie, but perhaps stretching things a little. Gert has Lore (Reikland), so knows something about the geography specific to the region, which would cover the riverways (and more besides).

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Oh! I had assumed the lore skill was for stories and folklore. If it’s more general knowledge then even better.

I always have a strange urge to just kill someone like Rutger or the traveller chap just to see what would happen…

Don’t worry, I won’t! :slight_smile:


Apologies, I should have explained the Lore skills better - they are knowledge skills, representing your understanding of a particualr field of study or your knowledge of a particualr region or culture.

The areas can overlap, but some are more applicable than others, and might yield alternative information. For example, to learn more about the river you travel on, Lore (Reikland) and Lore (Riverways) could be tested. A success with the former will tell you about where teh river goes, maybe some of the history and folk tales associated with it. The latter will give some of teh same, but more focused to the practical side of navigating the river and associated hazards.

Testing Lore (Reikland) could give you information about things in Ubersreik, but it would be a more difficlut test than if you had Lore (Ubersreik), representign the respective breadth and focus of the Lore areas.

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It would be a very different story. You would be on the run as murderers, pursued by either venegeful Strigany or the law, perhaps even both.

Spoilers - it would not end up well for you.



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Hey quick question, is it known to everybody that Else is a witch hunter? Does she wear something that tells her job, is she known as one? Or is it kind of a “you’ll know it when I take you to the fire” ?

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Each Career has specific trappings necessary to conduct that particular job. Some are fairly ubiquitous, unless you dig a little deeper. Meinrad looks like a peasant, but carries a few oddities safely stashed away that are more revealing of him being a witch. From his gear and the way that Gert’s been showing his skills on the boat, it’s clear he’s a boatman.

You would at least guess Else means business. She has a breastplate, a pair of pistols and a sword, which aren’t easy to hide. I guess it is up to @Griffster77 how much she is trying to disguise what she is.

You will all know about Witch Hunters, they are not a hidden order, but whether they conduct their work openly or in the shadows is entirely dependent on the individual and/or the situation. Riding into town boldly proclaiming they are there to route out any heretics could work by putting the fear into the townspeople. It could also backfire hugely.

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