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Warhammer PBF


I’m thinking of buying the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay starter set. Anyone interested in doing a PBF?


I’m very interested. I have the Starter Set, and was intending to post something similar in a week or two as soon as I get some Real Life stuff out of the way.

I would like to try and GM the game unless you really wanted to take on that role yourself?


Happy to play in a game.


I only have the second edition rulebook, would I be able to follow ?


Put me in as reserve. I might have some time as I’m about to murder @BioKeith s
Pendragon character.



Hey - I heard that. :slight_smile:


Definitely. The Starter Set of 4e is designed to get players familiar with the system and assumes only the GM has access to the rules.


Sign me up then :+1:


I think four players is probably a sweet spot, five would be still be managable.

@Griffster77 and @Cokho - do you have any preferences between having a pregenerated character vs rolling your own? The party can be a mix of both so it is entirely personal preference.


I’ll love to roll my own ! But can take a pre gen if needed !


Happy to run through the character generation process. (This isn’t in the Starter Set, but I also have the Core Rulebook…)

The way character generation is organised involves a step by step process. At each step you can choose to let fate decide your options (i.e. dice rolls) in return for getting a pool of xp to invest, or make decisions yourself at the cost of no extra xp. There’s typically a halfway house between those two extremes as well.

(It will become clear as character generation progresses)


I’m happy to look at the pregens first. Are they in a pdf like the D&D starter set was?


I do have them as pdfs. Each character has some personal secrets on their sheet, so I’ll tease the front page only which has details on the character’s class, their strengths and weaknesses and why you might like to play them.


Pregenerated characters are as follows.

Salunra von Drakenburg, Human Solider:

Gunnar Hrolfsson, Dwarf Slayer

Molrella Brandysnap, Halfling Thief

Ferdinard Gruber, Human Wizard

Amris Emberfell, High Elf Merchant

Else Sigloben, Human Witch Hunter

Blank character sheets can be downloaded from here:


Creating a character
Step 1. Species.
Choose between a Human, Dwarf, Halfling, Wood Elf or High Elf.
If you wish to Roll d100 to randomly select a species, your character will get +20 xp.
Any questions about the different species, please let me know.
(I am assuming a degree of Warhammer Lore from you considering your post about having 2nd Edition WFRP. Please let me know if I assume too much at any stage!)


Alright, all of these sounds good, so I’ll roll :
d100: 11


That will make you a human, a proud Reiklander of the Empire.


Step 2. Class & Career
Your class determines your general place in society, whilst your career describes your current job, which in turns determines your status and how much money you earn.

Roll another d100 to see what comes up randomly. If you keep the result, you get +50 xp.

If you don’t like the result, roll twice more to get a selection of three possible careers. Selecting one of those gives you +25 xp.

If none of those take your fancy, you can keep rolling or just pick. There’s no xp bonus if you take this choice.

(Results will be tomorrow…)


Rolling for career
d100: 88


I might roll along to see what I get while waiting for the pregens. Feel free to not tell me what I’ve got if you want me to look first.

How do you use the dice roller again? Or given that I don’t know what the results are, are you happy for me to use my own dice? 46 and 15 for race and class/career