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Warhammer Humble Bundle


Help me out, what’s good, what’s dross.


This is going to be highly subjective, but…

Dawn of War games I don’t care for much - not into classic Dune-style “RTS” games.

Talisman is OK if you like Talisman (I stopped enjoying Talisman sometime in my teens).

Vermintide is like that Valve team FPS with the zombies, but not as good.

No idea about Space Marine.

Blood Bowl 2 is Blood Bowl, which is a very good board game, but with only a fraction of the teams. Either buy Blood Bowl 2 “legendary edition”, or be prepared to add some very overpriced DLC.

Gothic Armada is another RTS I don’t like.

… I actually did pay $1 just to get the Talisman expansions.


Cool, I was only really interested in Blood bowl and gothic.


DoW is great but I have a biased from knowing people who work at the studio.


I generally have a knee-jerk reaction to most Humble Bundles: get the whole shebang and ignore what I don’t want to play.

The basics are solid, Blood Bowl, Space Marine, and WH. Hell, I’m buying that now!

It’s for a good cause, don’t worry about the rest unless you care about it on a personal level. No matter what, it’s still really cheap. Humble almost always has incredible deals for games, with the side effect of making you feel good for donating to charity.

(there are critics, but I am firmly on the the side of HB)


At the very least one should check out the DoW games for the absolutely awesome voice acting. They spawned many a meme, and justly so.



Personally, I really like Dawn of War games, they are like starcraft put a bit more dynamic and a good romp, certainly worth a few dollars in my opinion.

Talisman is not for me, and I suspect you already know if it’s for you!

I enjoyed space marine for what it was, a rather mindless action shooter, but that’s all it is - I personally wouldn’t stretch to that tier for that game if that was all I wanted on it.

Vermintide is apparently very good if you like those multiplayer only squad based games.

I’ve heard good things about gothic, its basically a fleet based strategy game, but I got put off by the visuals myself.

Blood bowl is…

Bloodbowl is… well it’s… It’s the best and the worst all at the same time.

It’s an authentic bloodbowl experience and the conversion has been done very sympathetically and intelligently. It’s horrible for bugs and my god do they rack up the dlc’s The game modes are needlessly restrictive (hotseat anyone) but… its blood bowl!


Well, I pulled the trigger. Blood bowl seems to have many teams (Lizard men Norse etc) but I abandoned the tutorial for its slowness and strange order of teaching concepts.

My League team of Chaos Warriors has lost its first 3 games 1-0 but there’s been a lot of good maiming.


If you ever fancy a shot at a win, I’ll install it again, and you can face the mighty, unbroken loss record of Gorlmen Goreblades Chaos NoStars!


Interesting! Could you say how many, exactly? This may be a better deal than I thought.


When I get home I will check what are AI teams and what you can actually play.

(After FitL obvs)


Playable races are the Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves, Bretonnians, and Chaos.

Other races only appear to be AI opponents it seems.