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Warehouse 13 @ SHUX!

Hey all, I have indeed received my kickstarted copy of this wonderful looking boardgame. I was wondering if there might be any interested from folks in giving it a try. If so I will bring it with me to SHUX.

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D-mmit, how did I miss this Kickstarter? That was one of my favorite shows. (They messed up the cover art a little, though, IMHO, it should be Saul Rubinek (Artie) standing in the front).

I can’t make it (again, still passport and certificate issues) but if you get any takers, please let us all know how it goes.

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I haven’t seen the show, but I’ve played some PBF BSG with one of the game designers. I’d be up for giving this a try.


I don’t know how you missed it good sir. I think I posted about it on the Kickstarter thread when it was happening but that was about a year ago, and I can’t actually remember if I did or not.

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Excellent, that’s 1 down, only three more agents needed. XD!

When are you thinking? And will you post it to the BGG geeklist?

I can’t do Friday 2-4, Sat morning, or Sat evening. Everything else is still open for me.

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In my opinion, UCSIS is one of the most inept of the Federal agencies. Especially since it is one of the ones you never need until you do, and then your life stops until they deem you worthy.

You may want to try writing to both your senators. If you can show up at one of their offices in person, even better. If you can frame your troubles in reference to their particular political affiliation they should be able to get USCIS to get things in gear. A call from a senetor’s office can do wonders.

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Have you seen the KS thread? I swear it updates with something new every 8 seconds or so.

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I have nothing really planned other than going to Deephaven Dwarves Sat evening. So any other of those times I’m good with. Maybe Friday morning or Sunday? -shrugs- BGG, that’s Board Game Geek? I’m not on that site so I wasn’t planning on posting it there.

Yes, BGG is boardgamegeek. Might get a little more visibility there. Once we set a time, I could post it there if you’d like.

I’m fine with Friday morning (as long as we’re done by 1ish so I can get lunch before my 2pm game) or any time on Sunday.

-nod nod- Might be better to aim for around 9am - 10am on Sunday? Not too early, in case anyone wants to sleep in. According to the game it’s supposed to take about 2 hours to play.

Sounds good. Split the difference and start at 930?

Given the box says 2 hours, I’d probably bank on closer to 3 hours, with teaching and likely needing to double-check things in the rulebook.

Sounds good to me. We can finish game in time to grab lunch. -nods- I will be making sure I know all about the game so I can teach it quickly. It doesn’t look to be overly complex, but it could be. :slight_smile:

Posted on BGG:

BGG organized play geeklist: Warehouse 13

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Excellent! thank you so much!

We’ve got 2 more already, so we’re at 4 players. :slight_smile:

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We’re at 5 now, and one of the game designers offered to try to be available to answer rules questions via FB. :grin:

He also recommended this rules video: Warehouse 13 video

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Oh, neat! Awesome!

Now that the map is out, do you have a preference for whereabouts we play?

If you haven’t seen the map, options are: Frosty Freeplay Hinterlands, Forgotten Freeplay Fortress, Toasty Fireside Freeplay, Shaded Forest Freeplay, or Canada’s Most Haunted Freeplay.

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Hmm…I am fond of spooky stuff…maybe we could aim for Canada’s Most Haunted Freeplay, if it’s not terribly busy that day.