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Waldschattenspiel (shadows in the forest)

Any parents played this with their kids? Any thoughts? I’m interested in getting it for the experience, the German edition with a candle, not the new American one with an LED lamp, but it’s about 45 euros shipped to Japan.

Seems like it’s not much of a game, but maybe that doesn’t matter?

I don’t know about the game itself, but, yeah, the experience of it seems like a delight. Reminds me of a PnP game from two years ago, Into the Dark, which also uses a tealight to create a board of light and shadow. A bit of a project to build, and it’s only a solitaire game, but maybe it can scratch the itch without dinging the wallet?

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The shipping makes this a bit irrelevant, but you could always swap the LED lamp with a tealight. Otherwise it’s a fairly straightforward DIY experience.

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Thanks for the suggestions, but

I’m interested in the game as a way to entertain my 4 year old daughter, so a solitaire PnP is not going to substitute.

Baby twins make even straightforward DIY projects very tricky to schedule.

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Oof. 45€ to distract a 4yo seems a bit steep.

It’s not as bad as spending 45 Euros on a “real” board game that I’ll only get to play once a year, if that.

But yeah, it’s a fair bit of money, which is why I’m casting about for opinions, instead of just ordering the thing.

I might be a terrible parent. At that age, I would have blanched at the price, then tossed the kid a pile of paper, crayons, and scissors that we’d illuminate later. With an LED tealight or a flashlight, 'cause neither of my children should be near open flame. JV’s 6 now, and that’s still mostly what I do.

So many projects filling so many bins of recycling.

It’s nothing to do with the quality of parenting, and everything to do with sharing my hobby.

I don’t know many parents that have adapted games like Pandemic, Flamme Rouge, Forbidden Desert, and Escape to play with a 4-year old, but she now actually requests those games instead of HABA games. Well, she does when I’m not entirely occupied with the twins and she’s stuck watching videos or playing alone.

Also, when you live in Japan you get used to doubling the price of everything imported, because shipping.

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By straightforward DIY I wasn’t really thinking of much in the way of arts and crafts. You just need something inexpensive or already in your home of approximately the right size for the trees, and something to draw the path for the tealight on. If you were feeling more adventurous you could print out “papercraft” trees that amount to triangles with slits in them on card stock, but that’s really not necessary.

The board design is available on BGG but there’s no reason it needs to be especially exact; even if it did you could always print it at a shop instead of doing anything painstaking. :slight_smile:


P.S. Someone also scanned their trees for size comparison. https://boardgamegeek.com/image/1546380/shadows-forest

But again, it’d probably work fine without using exact tree shapes if you don’t have time for much cutting and taping/gluing.

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While I’m sure her imagination could easily fill in the gaps, knowing my daughter’s penchant for fancy components, I’d have to come up with something reasonably special to fire up her imagination.

Also, I wouldn’t risk using components that are too easy to knock over and set fire to (but the fire itself I consider essential to the experience!)

That said, I have to concede that even with, say, only an hour a week, I could probably put something together from thin sheets of wood, cheap paints, and something suitably cute and shop-bought for the gnomes.

But this is where I come back to time being a far scarcer resource than money right now - and despite my interest, I’m still not even sure if the game works as a game…

BGG comments are so unreliable for kids’ games. So many adults applying adult criteria. That said, there seems to be enough substance to the negative reviews to cause me concern.

So, I thought I’d try and draw on the more… normal? perspective of the SUSD forums, but if no-one here has played it I’m still in the dark (sorry).

I’m not sure if this helps, but there is a post, with pictures, about playing this game (with adults rather than children) on the Board Game Trading and Chat UK Facebook group here

Thanks. That link appears to be broken.

You could also use an electric tealight instead of a flaming one. I’ve used some in the past that have a nice flame-y tone and flicker.