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Vote - Best Board Game Art of 2018


I was kindly included in the Pearple’s Choice thread as each year (well… the last two so far) I run a vote to see which board game had the best art of the year. I started this as during end of year votes no one was really talking about artwork (more design, kickstarters, etc) and I thought it was a worthy topic. Plus my site is all about board game art so it felt a good fit.

In December and during the Pearples Choice I opened the nominations. Over 200 different games were nominated and the top 10 most popular are now going to vote.

That top 10 is now live and voting is open. For those of you who want to keep the chat here on this forum the top list (alphabetical is):

  • 1066 Tears to Many Mothers
  • Architect of the West Kingdom
  • Brass Birmingham
  • Coimbra
  • Everdell
  • Feudum
  • The Grimm Forest
  • Reykholt
  • Rising Sun
  • Root

Only votes submitted on the site will be counted but don’t let that stop you chatting away as I’m always curious what this wonderful community thinks. I’m sure there were plenty of games you thought were worthy of the top 10 that didn’t make the cut or maybe this list is pretty similar to your own?

p.s. If you do take part, please consider sharing, this is a public vote so the more people who get involved the truer result we’ll get. Thanks all!


Over 600 games voted for in the first few hours, people care about art! Thanks to everyone who’s taken part either via the forums or because you’re already following me on social media, it means a lot!


I must say, this was a tough one, they’re all quite lovely, and I’m very partial to bits (I’ve spent a lot of money on games I’m never going to play just because they have really nice bits. THANKS A LOT YOU JERK!)

I’m joking, thanks for putting this in front of us.

I voted, purely on aesthetics alone (and shared the link with some friends), but I still may have to buy the game I voted for just because it’s so pretty. Gameplay be dammed, hang it on the wall or display it on the shelves! This will not be the first time or the last that I’ve purchased something just because it was a thing of beauty.


I voted purely on ~ ~ * A E S T H E T I C S * ~ ~ of the illustrations and the “nice-ness” of the components as well. I hope the base art wins. It was a tough decision.