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Video Games of the Year 2017!



Best “My partner got me a N64 for Christmas which is amazing and yep. It turns out Ocarina of Time really is pretty great” - Zelda the Ocarina of Time


A real, honest-to-goodness N64? They still make those??
Where did you plug the S-video cable :smile:


…am I the only person who doesn’t like Zelda?

All my friends had mega drives so I’ve never had any nostalgia with Nintendo games.


Naw, I’ve never been a Zelda person. Perhaps because I’ve always been a pc gamer?
The controls always felt hopelessly shonky, and Link seemed to have so many clumsy limitations and foibles. I was jealous of the worldbuilding, and because everyone I knew was so obsessed with it, but watching someone play it was way more fun than playing it myself.


Well, of the very small selection of games I’ve played that came out this year (none of which I’ve played loads):

Prettiest game of the year: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Game that’s lacking because it’s missing a major component of its predecessor, but seems still fun, plus I got to play a virtual D&D game: Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Game that didn’t have to put much effort in for me to love it, but actually did put an amazing amount of effort in and I already adore it after just a couple of days: Lego Marvel Superheroes 2


This is the first Zelda game I have ever played and since I don’t have the nostalgia I thought I was going to have that experience of “this is a fun piece of video game history, but it doesn’t really hold up”. But yeah nah, I am actually having genuinely tremendous time.

It’s the music and the colour and the creativity.

Perhaps it’s better when you play it around Christmas time.


Heat Signature by Tom Francis, was probably some of the most fun I had playing vidya games last year (of the games that were released last year);

A unique mix of strategy/puzzle/push your luck - where each mission is like pop-corn; you can never stop at just one - before you know it - you’ve eaten the whole bag


Okay, these are all for games I first played in 2017, though they may have been published before then.

Most immersive game: Batman VR. Sure it is more of an experience than a game, but I would have sworn when I was in the elevator going into the Batcave that I was actually descending and the air around me got a few degrees cooler. You can’t get much more immersive than that.

Game with most mediocre gameplay but best adaptation of a licensed property: Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth felt like he stepped right out of the pages of the comic and into this video game. It was a perfect Deadpool game, just not a very good game.

Game that I wish I had more time to play games so I could replay it to achieve perfection: Dishonored 2. A great sequel to an already great game, I would love to play through as Corvo, having finally finished Emily’s story, but I want to play some other games for a bit.

Game that most subverted my expectations: Telltale Batman. I was expecting the usual Batman background here, but Telltale went their own way and made a fascinating plot focusing more on Bruce Wayne over Batman, putting their own spin on some of the Rogue’s Gallery and overall keeping me engrossed in their little Elseworld.

Most joyous time filler: Super Time Force Ultra. Yeah, unintentional pun here, but I loved the time mechanic in this game, letting you defeat a boss in 5 seconds of game time by rewinding time over and over to make a bunch of copies of your characters, all of them unloading on the baddie. Would totally buy a sequel if one were made.

Most nostalgic game: Day of the Tentacle Remastered. I played this on my PC way back in the early 90’s as part of a LucasArts collection. Loved it then and loved it now.


Looks like most everything’s been done, but here are 2 more:

best game with rats in it: Warhammer Total War2

best game from 2010 that I finished in 2017: Costume Quest


Eh, I’d have to give best game with rats to Dishonored 2 myself, but to each their own. :slight_smile:

Loved Costume Quest though!


Hmmmmmm, I think you will find Night in the Woods is also a contender for “best rats in a video game” award