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Video Games of the Year 2017!


2017 is coming to a close and we have managed not to blow ourselves up once again.

Time to share those special games that tick that special box inside your head.

Best game for about 6ish hours and then I kind of had my fill - Gravity Rush 2

The “Oh yeah that came out this year. That was pretty alright” - Night in the Woods

Best game within another game - Demon Tower

Most pleasingly Spooky - Stories Untold

Best light nice game to play at my parents beach house - Reigns: Her Majesty

Best game that literally no one knows about - Unfair Jousting

Most evocative of a specific feeling - Don’t Make Love

The nearly masterpiece - Hollow Knight

The best game ever which you should never play - Crusade Kings 2

Best game that I should of played years ago, but definitely holds up today - The Last of Us

Best game as long as you ignore the micro transactions and the “story” - Shadow of War

What were your very special games this year?


I never thought it was possible to make the newest entry in this series the BEST entry award: Tied for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey

Best game for causing consensual verbal spousal abuse: Overcooked

Best robot dinosaurs and flower picking simulator: Horizon: Zero Dawn

Best game I just started playing because of a Black Friday sale and am overwhelmed by: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


Two more!

Best game that tricked me into liking a sports game: Golf Story

Best gaming experience wherein I opened a door in VR a couple inches, leaned over to peak through, saw a zombie trying to get out (but unable to because I was holding the doorknob), and headshot the zombie through the crack… thus convincing me that VR has an exciting future of experiences I’ve never had before in a life of gaming… award?: Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine also gets the award for causing my wife to curl up into a ball when surrounded by zombies clarifying that she must stay indoors come zombie apocalypses.


Pretty neat that Nintendo has created games which are arguably the best for 2 of their longest running series. Kind of makes me want to grab a Switch.


Game I Won’t Buy Until It’s Super Cheap Award: Star Wars: Battlefront 2

Best Game That I Kickstarted So Long Ago That I Forgot It Was Being Made: Hiveswapped


Best RPG: Divinity: Original Sin 2
Best action platformer: Cuphead
Best Samurai Commando’s throwback: Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun (released 6 Dec. 2016)

Definitely need to get me a switch in 2018…


Best Grand Strategy: Stellaris
Best Boardgame Conversion: Blood Bowl 2 Legendary Edition
Best Overall Strategy: XCOM 2 (and the expansion)
Best Discovery of Older Game: Remember Me
Best Puzzle Game: The Sexy Brutale
Best Game I Still Haven’t Finished: Pillars of Eternity

Honorable Mention: World of Warcraft: Legion for finally being so obnoxious I could kick my MMO-habit. Thanks Blizzard!


Really want to Divinity Original Sin 2 a go. I’m a bit poor though.


Best game that’s gonna get good any minute now if I just keep pushing forward (but never does): Final Fantasy XV (screw you, Square Enix!!!)

Best game that I’m happy to potter along with even after the main story has ended: Horizon Zero Dawn

Best game with huge promise but never gets to show its full potential: Sexy Brutale

Best “I’m really going to Iron Man this time. No guts no glory! Oh no someone died after missing an 80% probability shot! Reload! Reload!” game: Xcom 2

And for older games:
Best “I really have places to be right now, where’s a save point?!” game: Persona 5

Best Game you’re told repeatedly is underrated but you finally give it a shot to find out isn’t worth even the smallest but if hype: Mad Max

Best not very good game that’s worth playing for the set pieces alone: Uncharted 4


Most Surprisingly Fun Expansion to Reignite a Game After a 3 Years of Hiatus that I Didn’t Really Think I Would Play This Much: Diablo 3, Necromancer Expansion

The “They’re Still Making DLC for this? For Free? And it’s Good?!” Award: Shovel Knight

The “Ah, my Kickstarter Baby has Finally Been Released!” Award: Hollow Knight

The “Ah, my Kickstarter Baby has Finally Been Released but I Can’t Play it Because They Insist on Figuring out Bonus Goals for the PC/Console Market Instead of Focusing on the Mac Beta”: Tie between Children of Zodiarcs and Dragon of Legends

Best Thing I Bought on Pre-Order that I Actually Didn’t Regret: Persona 5

Thing I Bought on Pre-Order that I Actually Regret Paying Full Price for: Grand Kingdom (too many convoluted online interactions for ostensibly a single-player game.)

Game That I Know is Totally Great, I’m Totally Going to it Pick up Once it gets a Liiiiiiitle Bit Cheaper: Nier Automata

Disappointingly Obtuse Sequel Award: Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2 (will reconsider once key bindings get patched in)


Oh oh oh: Game that Reminded Me that I am Basically a Large Size Child and I Still Love Dragonball Z in my Heart: Dragonball Xenoverse 2

Seriously. I have never ever made a fan character of a setting besides Star Wars before, but I love my very short emotionless Saiyan girl. I would draw comics about her adventures if it wasn’t copyright infringement. The universe is just so colourful and ridiculous and yet serious and awesome.


Oooh, can we see a picture of your character?


Usual note applies, played a bunch of stuff from the backlog that didn’t come out in 2017

Best game that still holds up 10, 7 and 4 years later: Bioshock Remastered Collection

Best game that doesn’t hold up but was better than you remember: Dead Space 1, 2 and 3

Best game where yelling at your friends is the game: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Most innovative use of on how to interact with an AR interface: Tacoma

Most moronic protaganist of the year: Simon Jarrett in SOMA

Most improved game since launch but still don’t know what’s going on or what you’re doing except killing lots of things in style: Warframe

Most story in the first hour than all of Destiny combined: Torment: Tides of Numenera

Best DLC that’s actually worth the price of admission: Dishonored 2: Death of the Outsider

Best use of licensed music: Tales from the Borderlands

“Want to kill lots of Nazis?” award: Wolfenstein 2

And now the dubious awards:

The “Don’t play this game if you’re in a down mood” award: The Long Dark

The “What the hell did I just play?” award: Virginia

The “Why are there other players in my game and why are they still playing this game three+ years and two sequels later?” award: Dark Souls

Best “OH CRAP MY WEAPON BROKE AFTER TWO SWINGS AND I NEED A NEW ONE” scavenger hunt: Breath of the Wild

Biggest disappointment of the year: UNPRECEDENTED THREE-WAY TIE Mass Effect: Andromeda, Destiny 2 and Breath of the Wild


I’m having difficulty copying Akira Toriyama’s style, but I am working on a nice pic of her. Not really the place to post it here, though!


I’d be interested to hear your opinion on your unprecedented 3-way tie. I’ve got folks telling me destiny 2 and BotW are the next two games I should pick up, and I’m skeptical on the first and probably not going get a switch quite yet on the second.

Also, is anyone else curious what the offical Erik @tengblad “Best Video Game of the Previous Year I Only Got To Play For The First Time This Year” Award for 2017 is?


Destiny 2 I’ve been player since alpha. Taking breaks here and there as content runs dry. Gameplay is tight and it’s always satisfying to shoot lots of aliens in the face, but… Bungie has not been great on their follow through. D1 shipped with a disjointed story, lack of end game activities or progression, and poor response to community concerns. It was special enough to keep playing and the community really kept things going. The raids in Destiny are still some of the best experiences going right now. We get to the point in D1’s life cycle of Age of Triumph and it’s pretty much what should’ve shipped at launch. Lots of things to do or chase, gameplay more solid with years of tweaking, and it seemed like D2 would continue to build on that. However, this is Bungie, and they didn’t carry over the lessons learned from everything up to Age of Triumph and started over with D2. The one thing they did learn is that the story is better. The game focuses more on people who play maybe an hour or two a week and had (until recently) little in the way of investment systems for those who play longer. As someone who is more of a hobbyist player with time to play, I ran out of things to do a few weeks after the game launched. I had collected not just the items I wanted, but most of the gear available and hit the ceiling of things to do and chase after. Raiding is still as good as it was in D1 (except the most recent Eater of Worlds lair, which is a wholly personal opinion) but there is no incentive to continue playing the Prestige level raids more than once or twice except for bragging rights. The community has taken Bungie to task on many missteps and outright shady mechanisms in the game that really shows how much trust they’ve lost with the community. I guess the best thing I could recommend is that if you don’t mind playing intermittently and seeing the game evolve over years, sure, jump in. I’ll still be playing since my friends still play regularly. I think if they didn’t I wouldn’t be playing currently.

Breath of the Wild I’m super disappointed that this just didn’t hit it for me. I am a Zelda fan and was really looking forward to this. What we got was a cartoony Skyrim with frustrating game systems. Full disclosure, I have not finished the game and I don’t feel compelled to do so. I find it a chore to get around the game world. There is a sense of discovery like in Skyrim that I like and that’s about it. Getting jumped by random mob #315 and having used up all of your weapons in inventory just to survive is not fun. I did not enjoy having to have a huge inventory of 5 different types of various weapons ready for when they inevitably break. Even items that would be logically more durable broke after an unreasonably low amount of swings. So there you are, whittling down a creature and they’re slowly whittling down your inventory of weapons. It also doesn’t help that just about everything out there were damage sponges artificially enhanced to slow down your gameplay. Ranged gameplay was just as frustrating and I had a difficult time attempting to shoot things with the bow. It’s funny, but I found playing Longbow with a VR headset easier than trying to use a bow in BotW. More disclosure, I haven’t played the DLC so if my above quibbles have been fixed, I don’t know if that would get me interested in continuing my game. After reading all the praise on other Game of the Year lists, I am definitely in the minority with my opinion…


I appreciate the breadth (no pun intended) of opinions here! Thanks for writing down your thoughts. The weapon degradation was definitely a mechanic I had my eyes on, but most others I’ve heard present it as minor in comparison to all the good the game brings to the table.

For me, in the current moment it really does boil down to “does BotW outweigh all the other open world games I already have access to without buying a new console?” Having just picked up Horizon Zero Dawn, I’m thinking the answer is “Not yet.”


That is the one game I completely neglected to get on the list. Horizon is my game of the year. Hands down. Loved it end to end. Working on the DLC right now


Well, I DID actually play it last year, but I’m going to nominate OneShot for this category. It was actually my favourite game of last year, and one I felt did not get nearly enough attention.


Shoot me a link if it all comes together nicely.