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Video games for board gamers (Meeple Like Us)

Meeple Like Us (one of my other favourite board game review sites) have just published a top 10 video games for board gamers, so I wondered what you all thought of their choices.

I’m not sure what the author’s criteria were for including things on the list, but I have spent an almost embarrassing amount of time playing Stardew Valley, Papers Please, and Sunless Seas, so maybe he’s onto something…

Number 1 on the list (Cultist Simulator) is one I haven’t encountered, so I’d be interested in hearing what you think if you’ve played it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play at being a minor administrative worker in a fictional former-Soviet republic…

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I think it is an odd selection, with the only one I really agree with being Into the Breach.

Many of them, like Cultist Simulator, are narrative/exploration games, where the hook is in finding out new stuff, which seems to me to be quite a different kind of reason to play than the reasons I play board games, even if I think only about single-player board games (which I’m not really into).

I agree with Benkyo that this is a bit of an odd list. There are a lot of games on this list that I have played and really liked, but not necessarily because they feel like board games. Into the Breach is definitely board gamey and I think X-COM is pretty board gamey too (more the miniatures side of things though).

I’m surprised Duelyst isn’t on this list, especially since it is a video game designed by a board game designer. Maybe it is so close to a board game that it doesn’t fit the writer’s criteria, since it is essentially just a digital version of a board game (albeit one that doesn’t exist)? And it is mechanically very similar to Summoner Wars.

It’s a list of good games, and I’ve played and enjoyed most of them, but I don’t think it’s because I enjoy board games? Maybe they are onto something I haven’t appreciated. As mentioned above it is the storytelling and narrative elements of 80 Days, Cultist Simulator, Duskers and Sunless Seas that appealed to me, and I do therefore get the comparisons with Tales of the Arabian Nights. It seems like some of the connection is that the author like narrative games regardless of media, and that’s cool, as I do too.

I wonder if I can do any “better”?

Here’s my tentative list of games that aren’t boardgames, but which I think appeal to me because I am into board games:

  1. Invisible Inc.
  2. Slay the Spire
  3. Brogue/Pixel Dungeon (PC/mobile, Pixel Dungeon is basically Brogue)
  4. Into the Breach
  5. Hearthstone (hate the grind and CCG model, but the free dungeon runs keep me playing)
  6. FTL
  7. Civilization IV
  8. X-COM 2
  9. Teleglitch
  10. Frozen Synapse

Of course, as @Scribbs points out, people play games, and board games, for very different reasons, so my reasons aren’t necessarily going to mesh with anyone else’s.

I’ve put probably a dozen+ hours into Cultist Simulator and it’s enjoyable but you can find yourself in a rut pretty often. This might have changed but I’d suggest looking for a spoiler free tutorial to get an idea of what the mechanics are and how to work with them… Or don’t and enjoy the trial and error of it all.