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Vegetarian restaurants


Any suggestions for vegetarian restaurants in central Vancouver? Or favorite restaurants with a variety of vegetarian options? FYI, the person I’m asking for likes stuff like American, TexMex, Italian, and is leery of more spicy/exotic cuisine. Indian is out, as may be some east asian cuisines.


I’m not the guy to answer but you’re entering a vegan/vegetarian paradise. I can absolutely recommend Budgies Burritos though.


Due to the culture here, just about everywhere you go is going to have vegetarian options, so I wouldn’t worry too much. A favourite veggie spot of mine is Nuba, it’s Lebanese but not super spicy or weird. I’ve heard really good things about “MeeT” as well.


I’m not sure if it’s still around but Locus on Main & King Edward is pretty good from a vegetarian perspective. At least I recall the vegetarian girlfriend I had at the time liking to go there a lot.


Chickpea Food Truck is typically right outside the convention center (at least on Friday) and very tasty :yum:


One day last year, on the way from my hotel to SHUX, I walked by a sandwich & soup shop called Tractor (which I’m guessing is a franchise?) It was about a block from the Convention Center.

It’s not strictly vegetarian, but there were plenty of soup/stew/sandwich options that were. It was fairly good and wholesome, if maybe a little pricey and a little trendy. Definitely appears to be the spot for a quick avocado toast.


I’m very much a meat eater, but I thank all the stars that I don’t see this truck daily or I would literally eat there every single day! It’s delicious!


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