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USA Members, Please Vote Tomorrow

Hey, other USA-ians. I’m making this in The Thunderdome because there are three topics that I normally like to avoid, because they start fights, and one of those topics is Politics. (The other two are Religion and Sports. People get crazy-weird about all three of those).

But if you live in the US, please remember to vote tomorrow, you won’t get another chance this cycle. I know it’s off-year, but frikkin COME ON! It’s not like it’s jury service, it only takes a few minutes, and it’s one of your privileges and duties of being a Citizen of this country. Well, I suppose unless you’re a convicted felon or don’t have voter ID.

You should still make your tiny voice heard! It’s just one voice, but everyone sounds better when they’re singing with everyone else, even if it’s to a different tune.


Oh shoot. I’m a UK-er and I need to register since I’ve moved homes.

Supposedly there’s plenty of time to do that. However one party has started making noises about “voter fraud” so we can expect more than the usual delays and lost registrations.

ETA: this is specific to the UK.

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It’s still an off-year. Don’t get crazy about it.

I think it’s important, as I do every year. This is how we get the locals involved in local government.

Plus " 'Merica=Democracy" somehow, and I get a little wound up about it sometimes. As critical as I am of my own country (which I am very critical of), I still feel patriotic. I love the US, even though it can be a real a-hole sometimes.

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Dear god please vote.

Canadian socialist cuck here, who is just so heartbroken watching some of the stuff going on in America (And in Canada, trust me, I’m not blind to our many… MANY issues)

We just had our big federal election and it was kind of a … disappointing process. I think its really easy to get disillusioned regarding voting when nothing seems to change, but its just such an important thing to do and if those of us who care stop participating, the ones in power who don’t want change will get exactly what they want.

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High five, Bear Master :raised_hand:

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I teach at a university in Virginia so state-wide elections here tomorrow. I only have classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and can easily vote around grading and class prep at home tomorrow, but I also want to do my part to encourage my students to vote. There’s been a lot of research that people who articulate a “plan” to vote (time they’ll do it, how they’re getting to the polling place, etc.) ahead of time are more likely to actually vote on the day of so per usual for me in all my classes today my students could write down their voting plan for a quiz grade. Anyone not registered in Virginia (out of state student, only 17, not eligible, etc.) could either tell me their next voting date for wherever they are registered or their plan to encourage and help others vote tomorrow instead. It’s my one-woman Get Out the Vote campaign that I do before every election. I also always get at least one student who wants to know if they can tell me why they don’t vote and think voting is stupid or pointless instead which just breaks my heart but I let them.


I don’t feel like this is the kind of thing that you need to force yourself to engage with anymore. Given the state of discourse in America, I don’t know that there is a good enough reason to … not participate that would be worth entertaining. The US election system is already complicated and imbalanced enough, more voices are definitely needed.

I mostly don’t push back in that moment because if I start I won’t stop and I can’t do it directly in anything resembling a professional manner. It would just be a rant. I teach the basic intro US history classes and the hope is they won’t feel that way by the end of the semester if they just pay attention to the class in general. Of course some don’t pay attention in general but that’s a different issue.

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Yeah, I don’t envy the position. My job also involves a certain level of… keeping it professional but it can be pretty challenging often.

Aside: I made a personal decision long ago to never click “Like” in The Thunderdome, it just seemed antithetical to why this topic exists (it’s just me, you all can do what you want). But I do have to say I wasn’t expecting this much discussion, and it’s all been great.

My old place was a party stronghold and didnt see the point of voting. Yes. I know “exercise your democratic rights blah blah”. But I know maths though. FPTP is still in place as a subtle means of political repression
I think my new place is a swing though, so I might actually bother.

The only thing I have to vote on is whether or not to raise taxes, and am continually baffled by the fact that anyone would be in favor of these things. I get paid minimum wage, and still get taxed a full 20%! That should be enough for anyone! How is anyone going to be benefited by this?!?

I did vote, though, even though I’m pretty sure no one actually counts them.

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We should eat the rich… er… tax the rich
sorry, slip of the tongue.

The rich are just taxed EVEN MORE. Like 60-80%. There’s not really any way we aren’t headed towards total economic ruin, but oh well. At least I did my part.

this does require the assumption that they don’t bend over backwards to … not pay those taxes
and all that … but still.

I have a low salary, apparently, but my standard of living seems very good to me. I pay more than 20% of my salary in taxes, and that’s after some drastic exemptions due to stuff like having a housing loan, paying in to a kind of kids’ education costs insurance scheme thing, etc., but I see the benefits of paying those taxes every day¥. If there were any threat of any of the public services and infrastructure my family and I benefit from being underfunded unless taxes were raised, I would (unhappily) vote to raise taxes. Of course, I’d hope that people actually earning a decent wage would foot most of the bill, but I understand the burden has to be shared.

I hear from friends in the UK that schools are closing on Fridays(!), and libraries are closing, and shit is generally getting steadily worse. If I were seeing shit like that happening here, I’d vote for more taxes in a heartbeat… but maybe only if Labour were in power and I had some confidence the money would go where it would do some good.

¥A couple of examples: my wife was in hospital for a month, gave birth to twins by cesarean section, the twins were in the NICU for weeks, and we never once had to give a moment’s thought to money. I commute everyday on a packed, but highly efficient and fast subway. My eldest goes to a daycare that teaches her aikido, of all things, and it’s cheap and great and really well run. The local schools are great. The local parks are in great shape. Etc., etc.

I’d be questioning where the taxes are going, and whether that is valuable, not just the tax rate. Sounds like the tax rate there is about the same as where I am, yet you’re unhappy with the public services that those taxes provide. On the other hand, I know that my taxes pay for many incredibly valuable things that I and many other people could not live without. Things like not having to worry about healthcare, good public education, a thriving library system (the largest in the world), a decent and expanding public transit system, etc. I’d be happy to pay more taxes for more things that people benefit from every day and vote for the party that says the money will go to the things that I think are most important. I do realise that in a two party system, such as the U.S., options may be limited. When you can’t even tell where the taxes are going, that’s obviously a problem…

November 5th was yesterday, people.

I want to close this topic, but it’s got some discussion bubbling, so I’ll leave it open for a while longer, so y’all can have at it.

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People need to learn how income tax bracket works.

It helps with life in general as well.

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