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Unsure if buy High frontier 2nd ed now or wait for 4th edition


I have found a High frontier 2nd edition for around 70€ and I want to buy it; some days ago I have discovered that at the end of 2019 Phil will make a 4th edition… Dunno what to do,
If 4th ed will come out with better component:

  1. I iwill not be able to sell my 2nd
  2. I will be stuck with it


How many times will you play the game between now and then? Seems like a simple decision to me, based on whatever that number is.


I’d wait for 4th edition. If it was 3rd it would be more of a dilemma, but I suspect 2nd edition is thoroughly outclassed these days.


70 Euros sounds pretty steep for an older edition. I’d say wait for 4th edition.