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Uncomfortable Burlesque Discussion


For me, essential crowd wear:

Sadly the company wound itself down last year, but these are wireless headphones, with noise cancelling technology that can target specific frequencies - say crowds!


Well Hung Lover had a guy who looks pretty average. Slightly overweight. And he just had sex! Banksy is a bit of an odd target for criticism of representation in high art. Reductionist to the extreme.


I choose Banksy because the piece I referenced has been all over the news recently, rather than specific criticism of any individual artist - they just make what sells. That notwithstanding, I don’t feel men have ever been the particular target of body idealism in high art, shall we look at the slim, attractive, half naked woman in said piece?

If you’re going to edit your post from “seems reductionist” to “reductionist to the extreme” - one being an expression of your opinion, the other being the strongest condemnation based on what you are asserting is an undisputable fact, then the conversation is over.

Just hilarious that you had the whole world of high art to prove your point, and you chose one with an anime body shaped (waists don’t work like that), full ruby red lipped, pouting, blonde beauty with cleavage peeking for our pleasure.


Resolved forums-wise anyway. Only the SHUX crew can truly make a decision. Whatever the answer is, someone is going to feel bad about it, it’s a matter of who the organizers believe is worth making feel bad vs. making feel good. In that regard, it’s a matter of personal ethics on their part.

HOWEVER, there was not fencing exhibition this year so one could just not invite them back in a purely “mixing it up” capacity… no hurt feelings.


How well do those work for letting through the other players at your table while blocking the background noise?


Pretty well, they are good at blocking white noise - like general crowd noise and have forward and rear facing mics so you can selectively block by direction. The voices that get through sound like they are slightly robotic, but if you can bear that it works fine - I also use them at restaurants in the same way - amplify voices in front of me, reduce crowd noise all around and it can be quite eerie at times!


Sounds good.
I’m bad at filtering out background noise, especially voices, which can be handy at times but very distracting most of the time.
And just using sth like wax earplugs cancels out too much.
I’ll have to see if I can find another brand here in Germany that makes sth like that.


Hi F222 (and others),

This conversation seems to have resolved itself, but I wanted to pop in and make a statement on behalf of SU&SD and our con management.

Apologies if this comes off as overly formal or brusque, but this is the kind of thing we take very seriously!

First off, the Geekenders were compensated for the show they did at SHUX, they were thrilled to be supported by us, and even happier that we were able to offer them a (hopefully) high-quality video of the performance, which is something that they’ve wanted for a while. The clapping and cheering was something they specifically requested, and definitely not our audience acting out of turn. In fact, we had our convention management and our response team in the audience, ready to act if anything occurred that we felt was at odds with our code of conduct.

Second, as a lot of people have said already, burlesque is a hobby and an art form as opposed to exploitation. Like cosplay, this is something that the performers choose to do in their spare time. As for your suggestion that audience jeers meant that this couldn’t be art, that’s just not something anyone on our team seriously believes. People jeered endlessly at Shakespeare’s plays! And as people have already pointed out, people yelled and booed and whistled during other panels at SHUX.

In answer to your question of what this has to do with board games… well, nothing! It was a showcase of local talent that lies within the vague purview of geekiness, like some of our other guests including Loading Ready Run or Steve Wolfhard. But honestly, my favourite music festivals always have weird little pop-up features that have nothing to do with music, and we wanted to bring the same attitude to a board game convention.

But actually, while the Geekenders performance might have had nothing to do with board games, it did have a lot in common with our politics. We were specifically happy to be working with the Geekenders because they’re a body-positive troupe who have performers of different genders and sexual identities, which enables us to reinforce SU&SD as an inclusive space. Yes, the audience of the show might have mainly been male, but I’m willing to bet that they were cheering just as much for the male performers.

On the subject, the reason we have a code of conduct is not to limit anybody’s forms of expression, but to ensure that everyone present has agreed to those forms of expression. We want everybody to be able to be themselves, and if that means dressing as Captain Janeway and pouring coffee over yourself while everybody cheers, we think that’s great, so long as everyone in the audience is aware and consenting.

That said, if we were to have the Geekenders back next year then there are a couple of things that we would absolutely do differently. We know that sound was an issue (for this and all sorts of other areas of the show), so improving that is something that we’ll be prioritising in 2019. We’d also go into more detail describing any future burlesque shows so that our audience knows what they’re getting into. :sweat_smile:

That said, I’m sorry that you were made uncomfortable at the show, and grateful that you took the time to talk about it. Your comment is going to help us to make an even better show in future.


That seems to be the final word, we’ll close it unless there are any complaints.

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