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UKGE Buy & Sell 2019


Hello, pearples! This thread is for peeps who wants to sell their games or buy some for collection in the UKGE.

I’ve asked @MinuteWalt and I think this is the most appropriate place to put this. So, it’s very legal and very cool. But I dont mind moving it somewhere if we must.

Bunny Bunny Moose Moose - £5
Stone Age - £25
Battlelore (2nd Edition) - £30
Nine Worlds - £15
Mint Delivery - £5
Taj Mahal (Z-Man edition) - £25
Night Clan - £5
Tiny Epic Defenders - £10
Suburbia -£25
K2 - £20
Pi Mal Pflaumen/Plums - £5
Pandemic: Iberia - £30
Fairy Tale - £10
Not Alone + Exploration exp + Red/Yellow/Green Artifact promos - £30
Tournament at Camelot - £15

I will only accept collections on Fri and Sat. We will exchange numbers for Whatsapp or good ol’ SMS and call, or through FB Messenger. Or if youre around Hounslow/Twickenham/Richmond or surrounding areas, that’s cool too.