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Uganda board game convention crowdsourcing!


Ben parkinson has been organising and running board game conventions and setting up board game clubs for the children of rural Uganda since 2017. Each year they crowdsource funds for the convention and so far this year they are at 70% of there funding and if anyone would like to help them get over the line ive posted a link below! (im in no way associated with the project, i just think its a great idea and have been supporting the project since the beginning)


I chipped in, I hope it helps get them over the finish line. It was a little weird converting dollars-to-pounds, but it was fairly painless, and worth the effort (and, yes, I did leave a tip for the promoters).

Normally I’d relocate a post like this to the Shameless Self Promotion thread, but @BriaerosAU has been a member of good standing since 2016 and this seems worthy of its own thread.


(also, I think it woud not be inappropriate to Put It Here).


Thanks so much for promoting us here. We really appreciate any who repost our Crowdfunder and we’re not yet at the target! We’re also big fans of the Shut Up and Sit Down podcasts here in Uganda and often use them to learn about the new games.

All donors to the campaign will also be sent a “Firebox” game, if they donate £10 or more. This is a yet to be released game about trains from Tony Boydell - here’s the blog where he talks about it - https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/88304/fiat-lux

No need for me to post the link again, as it’s in the first post - thanks BriaErosAU!

If you wish to learn more about what we are doing, then you can contact me on [email protected]


This is the conversation I had with @ButterflyProjectUG, who agreed that we can post it publicly:

Just so you know, users have requirements that limit the number of posts or other actions they can take. This is in place to keep spammers/trolls/bots/griefers out.

I gave you a small bump to remove some of those restrictions, since you are obviously none of the above.

I hope you reach your goal, and I hope my small contribution helps push you over the finish line.

If it wasn’t for this community, here, I would have never known about this project. It’s nerds like @BriaerosAU that keep us connected and grounded to real things that people are doing all over the world. Please stay in touch in the forums, especially in this thread , to let us know what’s happening.
Justin “MinuteWalt” Moore

Many thanks - I am always indebted to those prepared to help us by spreading the word. You might not be aware, but it was SU&SD that, by featuring our very first Convention in their blog, enabled us to reach our first target and this encouraged us to continue with this project. Others helped too, but it was SU&SD’s help that brought the most donors.

We’re all looking forward to this year’s event and I hope too that we can make it at least to the first target. I’ll keep people updated on the forum too, as things progress!

Ben Parkinson
Director - Gamechangers, Uganda

Please re-read the last two sentences in that paragraph…oh screw it, I’ll just copy-paste it:

…it was SU&SD that, by featuring our very first Convention in their blog, enabled us to reach our first target and this encouraged us to continue with this project. Others helped too, but it was SU&SD’s help that brought the most donors.

Yay! We’re dorks who are making a difference!


You know, i have a feeling that SU & SD was probably where i heard about it as well, way back in 2016 and im proud to of helped even in a little way

The Kickstarter thread

Fundraiser seems to have stalled for a few days, just £1000 short - can we call on the help of SU&SD fans again to reach our target?

All donors of £10 or more will receive a free game - more info at this link - https://boardgamegeek.com/blogpost/88304/fiat-lux

Yesterday, we started to finalise the details for the film, where we are recording the progress of Ben Olara, one of our young trainees, as he ravels to his village to recruit more children to attend the Convention. We’ll show his journey from Kampala, where he is now, on the road to Gulu and then onwards to his village. If he can recruit the children, teach them some games, we’ll see them at the Convention in Koro, when it takes place at the end of May.

If anyone missed the video of last year’s Convention, then you can see it here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7CKEdza6LA

Many thanks


I cajoled my older son to chip in ( £10 is only about $13.50 USD last time I checked) and he never gives cash to non-profits. (I don’t want to disparage him, he does put in volunteer work all over the place! It’s hard to translate time-to-money, though, and in this case, it had to be cash).


Please convey our thanks to him! We’ve 11 days left and still £670 to find!


I think a mention in the Games News like in 2017 could lead to a surge in funding.
Maybe send them a mail to ask them for it?

I was able to donate 20£ due to a lucky coincidence and Jeff Beck, designer of Getaway Driver.
I ordered the game and was astonished how fast I got it (on a Saturday 36 hours after I ordered it.
I guess the fullfilment partner of Fowers Games was too fast to actually notice they sent the game, so they sent me a second copy. Jeff Beck was kind enough to let me keep the game, so I sold it and donated the money to the convention.