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Two player travel games

Hi all, first post after listening to the podcast for a while… I’m about to set off on a driving tour in Europe and could do with some new ideas for interesting 2 player games in small boxes that my wife and I can play while sat in cafes as the sun sets (or in a dingy hotel room at the end of a long day’s driving in the rain depending on how idyllic this trip turns out to be…)

We have star realms, Fungi, Targi and struggle for Catan, although Fargi is probably a bigger box than I’d ideally take…

So…suggestions for other options welcome and much appreciated!

This might be a start!

RossM has linked a valuable thread for this.

Additionally (though they may be mentioned in the above thread), I would recommend Hanamikoji, Fox in the Forest, Arboretum, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, and Mr. Jack Pocket. Barring the booklets and newspapers for SHCD, I’m pretty sure all of the above games combined can fit in a box the size of The Resistance, probably with some room to spare for Love Letter and/or Jaipur.


My suggestion is Illimat, the box is small and light AND gets used during the game itself.

Race for the Galaxy? It’s all cards and a great game.

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I feel like Hive Pocket is the quintessential 2-player travel game. I also like to bring Jaipur, Hand of the King, and/or Schotten Totten/Battle Line (funnily enough Battle Line has a higher “complexity” rating on BGG, but it is exactly the same game in every way other than it is a re-theme of Schotten Totten with images of classical soldiers instead of cartoon Scots).


The FFG edition of condotierre is an amazing 2 player game if you can find it and the size is great (unlike the latest edition). My edition is now getting a bit tatty as it’s been played and taken to the pub that often.
Hardback/paperback is good as a light version of a Deck builder.
As is fugitive (although your mileage with this simple deduction game can vary).
Nmbr9 is a good puzzle game although the box is oversized for what you need so you may want to strip out parts into a bag.
Similarly consulting detective would be good and without the box it’s probably comparable in size to a large magazine.

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Scopa, Hive Pocket, One-Deck Dungeon, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Codenames DUET (leave the box at home, just bring the cards), Splendor (likewise), Deep Sea Adventure, Bandido!, Scrimish, and SET are all good choices. And, most likely, when you take Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective out of the box, it’s all just paper that when packed would be about the size of a thick magazine. <— OOPS! I saw Geebizzle just wrote the same thing… So it must be true!


Aha! Thanks…

I’ve mentioned this a lot here, but Coin Age. It’s an easy print-and-play area control game that just needs a map (that can fit in your wallet) and a handful of change. It combines strategy and randomness, but you have to have a space where no one will mind you dumping a fistful of coins on the table every turn.

The creator (Michel Mindes) wanted everyone to be able to play this game for free after the Kickstarter, you can find the P&P from BGG HERE. To get an idea of what it is, this is the original (way old) Kickstarter page that has a how-to, but you don’t need that, it’s pretty easy to pick up.

Thanks for all the suggestions folks, some great ideas. In the end I picked up Hanamikoji (wife loves Japanese themed stuff) and love letter… we set off tomorrow morning for excitement adventures and really wild things…


Enjoy the trip and the game.

One of the best travel games is The Mind because it is not language dependent. Busting that out at a hostel will bring everybody together.


Ticket to Ride: New York is a good, fast-playing and small 2-player game.

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Mr. Jack Pocket, Ingenious: Travel Edition, 13 Minutes: The Cuban Missile Crisis. All are board games and they are my favoring during travel.

We love The Mind as a travel game as well as Shards of Infinity. The latter is a small box game from the makers of Ascension, which is a versus deckbuilder, with tons of strategies, nice art, streamlined design and has no booster packs etc. for it, as well as being very cheap (around £18 usually) - also plays with up to 4 people. It’s very similar to Star Realms, but with a much more sturdy box, cleaner way of handling damage but unlike Star Realms, has a fairly fixed run time so a game can’t spiral out of control due to a system called enlightenment- where bad cards from early in the game slowly get more powerful.

There’s also a new expansion coming that somehow turns it into a narrative driven co-op adventure, so that’s also neat!


Brave Rats - tiny and lightning-quick. It’s basically Love Letter The Duel.

If you have an iPad my other suggestion would be to load that up with a few games e.g. Splendour that would be too annoying to lug around because of their size.