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Twilight Imperium Night?

So I convinced 4 friends to join me for our first ever con.

Several of us are SUPER intrigued by the idea of TI.

Anyone interested in running/playing a game with the 5 of us?

I promise we’ll provide good free beer / snacks (including Vegan options!) for the night and we’ll all have read up on the rules as best as we can in advance. We just need access to the game (we’re all flying in from LA area so its a ‘little tough’ to buy and transport for the occasion) and someone who can gently correct any of our rule errors while undoubtedly pulverizing us into space dust or colonizing 1/2 the board while we pulverize each other senselessly.

Not that its saying much for a gaming con, but we’re all strategy game vets just never on this scale.

We’re flexible on timing but were thinking Fri or Sat. night.

We are likely finalizing an AirBNB nearby so we may have a place to spread out if the table is right…I’ve been eyeing them in every photo array!



I might know someone who could be interested in that. He’s a huge TI fan and would be a perfect teacher for you all. I’ll see if he has any interest in running a game with you all.

Hey Bret!

I’d be more than willing to join you and your friends and teach this game for you all. My preference is to stay at/near the con but other than that I’m keen!

That is awesome! THANKS for the offer!

Turns out I’m not sure if our whole group will be up for it (some want to play as many different things as possible) and they may want the table space at the house…TBD

We also may have another TI connection found so it’s possible you could have a co-shepherd :+1: for 2-3 of us. And again we’d try our best to read up in advance (maybe even pre select races to make it easier to be aware of our own and others abilities) so the teach would be more a refresher and an ever present reminder to not skip steps on turns etc.

A few questions re: logistics

—For 5-6 players plan on ~6-7hrs ? Plus 30min for setup?
—So maybe start in the late afternoon of it doesn’t kill anyone’s panel plans or right after the con? I’m always fine playing til 1 or 2 AM but don’t want to run the risk of tired players at the final climax making ‘end it now’ plays etc.
—re: convention hours, are there spaces at the con we can play til late or would we need to find an offsite home base?

Sooo looking forward to this!

Well there’s lots of time left between now and SHUX so lots of time to figure out what you’re all doing. Keep me posted! :slight_smile:

For your questions:

Time length - Hard to say. It really depends on how quickly you and your friends play games and pick rules up. TI games can absolutely stretch that long. I’ve also played multiple games in 3-4 hours (with players who knew how to play). If you’re all experienced gamers, book 6 hours.

Convention Hours - I think the hall closes at midnight? I remember reading that somewhere. The hotel bar at the place I stayed last year was totally happy having gamers in there and that always works. Regardless, ya I’d say a late afternoon start would be a good idea for all the reasons you list.

I don’t know if the midnight hours are hard and fast rules. Pretty sure people were playing later as well but you should probably plan to wrap up around that time if possible. Pretty sure I didn’t leave until 1am once or twice during the weekend

Awesome! Glad I hear the space is avail early late.

My group tends to play with a ‘calculated gut’ Approach that stays this side of AP while allowing time & space & Grace for the occasional critical-braching-path level decisions but generally encouraging quick play.

Although we also revel in table talk and diplomacy discussions and alliance building (and breaking) so that may cancel out the alternate time savings on routine plays?!

Man I’m so stoked for this play.

That sounds like the perfect group for a first play of TI4.

I’ll pay attention to this thread (or DM me) and let me know how things go :slight_smile:

If this game ends up needing another player feel free to message me - I may not end up playing ti4 during the convention to get a bunch of other games played, but ti is my favourite game so I can be swayed.