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Twilight Imperium at SHUX?

I know that the convention is a ways off yet, but…

I’m still sort of a noob to boardgaming. I’ve thrown myself headlong into the hobby over the last half-year or so, and SH&SD has really helped me along the way. That’s why I was super excited to discover the existence of the SHUX convention in my backyard of the Pacific Northwest (if one’s “backyard” can sensibly contain an 8-hour drive)! So I’m ditching the wife and kid and taking my lone self deep into a world I still don’t know very well, along with all of my social anxieties, insecurities, and etc. :slight_smile:

One game that’s been brought up here a bit is Twilight Imperium, but because I’m still new to the hobby and have not yet developed a core gaming group – and due to the expense of the game and the time required to play it – I’ve neither played TI nor see any prospects for playing it in the near future, or maybe ever. And so, I was hoping that maybe I could find some kindly folks at SHUX who would be interested in playing such a game, and teaching a new player like myself along the way…?

All you would need to do is bring a copy of the game. And organize a group. And resolve yourself to the lengthy playing time. And commit to teaching someone. And that’s it! Sounds easy peasy. In return, I will happily provide an unending series of annoying questions and mildly amusing tabletop banter.*

So, what say you my fellow conventioneers?

(*Banter not guaranteed to amuse, even mildly)


I am totally up for a game of TI:4. We have a semi informal group down here that gets together a couple months a year for that game. I adore it. I routinely teach it and I’m all for playing a game with you.

I may steal this for my twitter profile.

Good luck. I played my first game of TI4 recently and enjoyed it.

I’d be up for playing!

I’ve played a lot of TI3, but haven’t yet tried TI4. Not sure if I’ll get a chance to try it before SHUX. My husband might also be interested in playing.

I’m totally down for a game of ti4. Best times to do this would be the day before the convention or at night. The game will likely be 8+ hours so make sure you’re ok with committing that time.

Hey, thanks everyone for the responses so far.

So far we have: myself, Blackwell, Adria, Adria’s husband (maybe), and michaeljohnrawley. I dunno if all of these folks are committed or how many more we might need… and of course I understand that schedules and interest can change between now and October, but it’s definitely a start! :slight_smile:

I’m hopeful we can put something together!

As far as time and date are concerned, as michaeljohnrawley notes, the time investment isn’t small… so it will be tricky to come up with something convenient for everyone. The day before the convention would be cool, except that I will be driving up that Thursday and I cannot guarantee getting into town, setting up at the hotel, etc., and being on time for a lengthy game that evening.

Of course, that’s just me speaking personally and selfishly – if there’s enough interest in this thread, maybe several games can be set up over the course of the convention, and I’m sure Thursday would work best for some folks.

Right now (again: speaking personally and selfishly), I’m thinking that either Friday mid-afternoon or Saturday mid-afternoon would be best. Say 3pm or so? That way, people have time to get into town and set up at the convention, those who want to do opening activities Friday morning may do so without conflict, and the game doesn’t get started so late that it pushes into the early-morning hours.

That’s just my idea, though, and I’m willing to defer if others would prefer something different – besides, we have plenty of time to workout the details. I look forward to meeting everyone!

There will definitely be two (maybe more) copies in the library for use as well! :slight_smile:

I have never played this game, would totally love to, and am afraid I don’t know a single person who would actually play it with me… I would love to play if you’ll teach me! :smiley:

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Me me me too! I fit the same profile as the OP, identically. I suspect there are a lot of us (MMLFFG*). I have always wanted to play this game and, like Esther, also don’t know anyone who owns it or will play it. If there’s room at a table, and you don’t mind the teaching bit, count me in!

  • Alex

*Marriedmaleleavingfamiliyforgames (at least for a weekend).

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I’ve done a simplified half game before (definitely cannot teach it though). I am down to play Thursday if we can find someone to teach us! Playing a full game is literally on my bucket list…

I got a chance to play TI4 a few weeks ago. It was a blast!

It took us ~9 hours, with 2 new players and 2 very experienced TI3 players. I like the idea of an early to mid afternoon start. We’ll likely have to figure something out for dinner midway through the game though.

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I have TI4 and would love to play it at shux, would bring my copy if needed. I have played it once (TI3 twice) and it’s one of my two favourite games yet I rarely get a chance to play. Could teach if needed

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Greetings to everyone here. I’m Sam and I live in Sydney Australia. I’ll be bringing my TI4 copy to SHUX (amongst 7 other games which will totally eat up my suitcase space!) and will add it to the library during the three days. Having said that I very much agree with numerous people above that playing it on the Thursday is ideal as that means we have more time during the con (allows us to try any more shorter experiences and and of course panels/megagames etc).

Anyway I am happy to make this official and propose mid morning start on Thursday 11th October 10am. The only challenge is a venue large enough to cater. Any local Vancouverites willing to host? If not I’ll find us a venue between now and then. Given we have 10/11 players already including myself and the game is 6 player I suggest we have people team up so everyone gets to experience this before the con. And since many people are new, it could be fun discussing strategy with a buddy. Having said that if we manage to hit 12 exactly we could do TWO side by side games if someone else can definitely bring a copy and the majority vote for this option.

So far players include:

  1. donathos
  2. Blackwell
  3. michaeljohnrawley
  4. Esther
  5. Canadork25
  6. stormbirdd
  7. cookingwolves
  8. Islesfan13
  9. Myself (SamFromSydney)
  10. Adria
  11. Adria’s Husband (maybe)

Excited to meet fellow SUSD enthusiasts before SHUX and get our gaming juices flowing!

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Don’t worry about food, happy to order us all some nice yummies delivered by UberEats. The reason I suggest the earlier start time is that it is a long (and mentally taxing) game. If we start too late and end late at night we risk being tired on day one of the con!

My brother is coming so that brings us to a complete set of 12 if Adria’s husband joins in. A very good chance therefore that two seperate instances of TI4 can be played. If any other people want to join in its likely we’ll need to team people up since three games gets unwieldy (and will require an ungodly amount of tablespace). Having said that I’m sure the very nice SUSD community here will happily accomodate to let as many as possible join in on the action!

P.S. @Islesfan13 it would be awesome if you bring your copy so we have at least two TI4’s confirmed coming to the Thursday Pre-SHUX event.

Would love to do this, but if things work out, I wouldn’t be in town any sooner than Fri afternoon.

Being an SUSD convention, I’m pretty sure they be TI4 games later on in the weekend–but a Thurs game is a good idea for those that’ll be there.

so my only issue currently is that I have work booked off for the convention, plus the monday following it. I may be able to book the thursday off as well, but had assumed (because my brain doesn’t work well in mornings…or afternoons…or evenings…that we’d be playing during the convention. I’ll see if I can book the thursday off this morning and then if so, I will absolutely be able to bring my copy. If thursday doesn’t turn out to work well for everyone (or if I can’t book it off) I will be looking to play TI4 (along with aGoT, and probably Lords of Hellas) during the convention, and if needed can bring my copies of those as well

Sorry you can’t make the Thursday one. And you are absolutely right about there being TI4 games during the weekend. For me at least, between the two megagames i’m signed up for panels I’d like to see as well as new games to try, allocating 8 hours or so to this during the con is a tall ask in terms of opportunity cost. Whereas before the con starts we can all just mellow into it and immerse without the distractions of everything going on around us.

The great thing is that for those new to TI4, testing it out on Thursday gives you data points with which to decide if you want to dedicate those precious con hours to playing this again. And it is a beautiful game after all. So grand it could hardly be described as a game actually.

Anyway, see you all there! Looking forward to all the fun and excitement :smiley:

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The opportunity for more TI4 can never be a problem!

Thursday I should be able to do, no problem. Or I could do a game during the convention, depending on how numbers work out. I think I know the new stuff well enough to run a game, especially if everyone has watched a video or perused the rules ahead of time.

I don’t know about my husband, either for participating or being able to make the Thursday. He’s currently working in a temporary position and we don’t know how long that will last, so we’re not sure how he’ll be doing for time off. Doesn’t help that a coworker will also be needing time off for SHUX. :grin: