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Trying to find seemingly rare Battlelore expansion, could use some help

Hi there! I’ve been looking to finish my collection of Battlelore since I got it last year, but I can’t find the Hernfar Guardians army pack and it’s really bugging me. All I can find on google and ebay have been scalpers or in Europe with exorbitant shipping fees, and none of my closest FLGSs have a copy.

Does anyone have advice for finding a copy, or have you spotted one in the wild recently and can point me to it? I’m in Midwestern United states so anything in the US, Canada or Mexico would be perfect.

Thanks so much for your help!!!


Don’t have any specific advice for.you, but yeah, looks like it’s hard to get a hold of now.

eBay might be your best bet–currently, there’s one up for a bid at about double retail ($62), but sadly looks like many end up going for twice that.

It also might be worth scoping out folks selling the base set plus expansions–if you land one, you can always sell off the stuff you don’t need.


Just want to underline how sad it is that FFG has chosen to let BattleLore lie fallow. Such a great game, and even now, it seems to have a pretty solid following, and critical acclaim.

Why oh why did this thoroughbred get sent to the glue factory?

PM those people and offer a reasonable price. Some people that have it for trade will sell. If language matters make sure of the version. Warning though it takes days to get a response sometimes…

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Sent an email to my LFGS. It’s the weekend, though, might not be able to get even a negative result until Monday, soonest. These guys mostly service the US, Canada, and Mexico. Outside of North America, shipping rates get too silly for them to hassle with.
(minorly edited, sorry, somehow missed reading that you said you were in the Midwest US)

Wow, that was a really fast reply! Darkside Games said they do not have it and currently cannot get it, although they did have it a long time ago (I know, it’s like just twisting the knife. “Sorry, dude, you’re just several years too late.”)

I’m on their mailing list, and you are within their mailing area (aka, the continent of North America). They will let me know if it comes up again.

These people are pretty cool and have good follow-through. I’ve known them for a long time, they’ve yet to let me down (except for when something is actually impossible for them to do). Keep looking, for sure, but I’ll post here again if they give me any leads.

@Enkufka Are you still looking for this? I think I saw a copy piled behind some stuff at a toy store here. If you are in the US the dollar pound exchange rate is so crazy that it would probably be cheaper for you even with shipping.

Let me know and I can see if it’s still there