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Trade and Negotiation in Champions of Midgard


So I got this wacky idea, as I tend to like games with a bit more player interaction: what if you allow players to trade stuff between each other while in the worker placement phase?

Things open for trade and negotiation would be:

  • coins
  • viking dice
  • wood
  • food
  • favor tokens
  • rune cards (as long as they are unused)
  • even boats (max 1 boat / player)

What do you think?

Ps. Also posted this on BGG to get more feedback.


I always say unless a game forbids that kind of thing, if you want to do it, go for it.


One thing I would add is that in Sidereal Confluence, nobody has what they need and nobody can use what they make. Without that, in Champions of Midgard, what is the incentive to trade?

Consider, perhaps, the player in 3rd place and the player in 2nd place have too much of something and the other could use it; could a fair trade fix it and bring both of those players in direct contention with the player in 1st? Possibly, but that’s not really fair to the player in 1st place.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it if you and your friends want to houserule it; but ensure everyone is on-board with it as it literally becomes a different game with, likely, it’s own balance concerns (which is probably fine since most negotiation games rely on the players to maintain balance)


I was thinking of Catan as a reference point. It’s not strictly necessary to trade in that game either :slight_smile:


What about once you trade you’ve sort of implicitly created a common trading bloc (and for arguments sake this would hold forever). In that situation, to counter the fact you’ve effectively doubled your production and spending power (consider an “action” as the available labour of that player’s region or clan or whatever) you can only share the “victory” with the other player you traded with.

So yeah you can trade but your victory is considered a lesser one (perhaps in the context of a campaign it’s worth fewer individual points or resources in the next game).

This is basically cosmic encounter isn’t it?


I fail to see the connection. Rather, I see new strategies. Such as cornering the marketplace for food or wood.


For one a trade amongst a pair may create an anti king making strategy. But also I think on a narrative level making a trade feels like an inherent act of friendliness which seems odd to then create a single winner. I think it would be a fun twist and also make the idea of “winning” more interesting. - the guy who goes on his own for a pure solo win has to do it the hard way.


For me, a crucial part of CoM is planning how to use your limited resources the most effective. Allowing trades would eliminate this interesting puzzle.
So for me, that wouldn’t be an option.


I don’t see how the value heirarchy in CoM would allow for trading. It’s not like Catan where you could end up with LOADS of one resource and nothing of another. Generally resources are quite tight, and you need everything you have, so you don’t have the excess to trade away. The dice are so vastly different that there’s not much reason to trade a weaker dice for a stronger one, unless it’s your special ability in which case no one is going to want to trade those with you. The structures for a market just aren’t there.


A fair point :slight_smile: