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Tracey Thorn

I once went to a book reading by Tracey Thorn of the band Everything But The Girl and during the Q&A section (and in preference to my question about recording with Jens Lekman) someone asked “How did Everything but the Girl get the name Everything But The Girl”

And everyone moaned, because everyone knows.

So anyway, in that spirit…
“Why Shut up and Sit Down?”

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All I’ve read is that they were very surprised to hear that some people found it confrontational.

Which, um.

I can only conjecture… but I believe if modern Quinns and Paul were going to come up with a name, it would be different. But, based on watching their early videos, I’m sure the name “Shut Up and Sit Down” was right on point for what they were trying to do, i.e. get as many people to take notice of modern boardgames as possible. And it certainly seems to fit the energy and spirit of their early videos.