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Touch screen compatible games for Windows

I’ve just bought a Windows 10 tablet (13") and have just installed Steam. Does anybody know of any games that work well with touch controls?

I’m currently playing Papers Please, which works great and have also lined up Democracy 3 (though I’m not 100% that will work as well as I want).

I’ve heard that the Civilisation games are possible and I’m hoping that Kentucky Route Zero is possible too.

If anybody has any other suggestions that’d be great.


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Well you found one of the two i play on a touchscreen with ease.

Papers, Please. Which gets a bit tricky late game.
Responsive, and everything works though.

FTL is the other one. It plays like a gem from touch controls.

My touchscreen laptop is not really for gaming, but i load
those two games up on everything.
Since they have a near infinite replayability and are super fun.

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that’s good to hear as I’ve been meaning to get around to playing FTL, it seems to be one of those games that gets mentioned in a whole variety of contexts.

I also tried out SpaceChem last night and that works well with the touch controls too.

Mini Metro works well with touch-screen, I’ve found.

Probably a lot of boardgame implementations will have that. And check games that have also come out on mobile like Mini Metro.

Civ 6 definitely works, I got so used to it when I put my laptop in the docking station I started swiping on my big monitor…

I will look at my Steam library later and check a few of my favorites…

edit: so I checked a few of the games currently on my laptop. These work: Civ6, Invisible Inc, Master of Orion (I think that is the latest iteration of this game, not sure), Plague Inc, Mushroom Wars, Surviving Mars (caveat: I only checked it has touch controls enabled, but I was having trouble panning across the map right now, I am sure it’s possible, touch controls are not always trivial to figure out but it does have something).

Lol, this isn’t a new thread I just noticed. Anyway, these are the games I have that work with touch. Probably more but 90% of my Steam library isn’t on my computer.