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150$ is a big ticket price for a convention. What is the justification for that price? What’s included that I’m not seeing other then a big space to play games and events?

Based only on what I have seen from the videos;

Well, for one - the chance to meet a heck of a lot of other people interested in your hobby.

Guests (Tim Fowers!)
Demo & Exhibition Hall with a heck of a lot of companies,
Games library (Try before you buy! Or, just play that game you always wanted to try)
LFG Area
Panels etc
Megagames (Do these cost more?)

I would say; I’d jump at the chance to go to this, but have too far to travel.

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I think you’re also paying for a relatively boutique/cosy con experience combined with a popular brand name . That’s always gonna be more expensive (if it is expensive I don’t know) than a pack them in type affair.

Sometimes there are intangible invisible cost things that add value (like fostering a pleasant environment, paying people decently and so on).


Man that sounds awesome. Unfortunately being in Ontario I can’t justify the trip. Maybe if its still a thing in a few years when my son is a bit older I’ll be able to make it happen.

Here’s the list of the events from last year:

Never having been to any con I can’t compare but if sounds as though they’re offering a lot of extra panels/talks/things to do besides playing and watching and buying games.
Also the prices are the same as last year, so that’s also a plus imo.
Since I don’t get the donor email any more I don’t know whether they still use the VIP guess model.

Thanks everyone! That’s some good information. You might have changed my mind on this. I appreciate it.

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I won’t lie: I thought the exact same thing last year. I wasn’t planning to go, but was invited a couple weeks before the event to help demo some games. Despite spending 8-10 hours in the demo hall each day, I had a BLAST. The people were phenomenal. I left the convention saying I would absolutely pay to attend in the future, and I have put my money where my mouth was and bought tickets for my husband and I. I’m super excited to check out more of the convention this year.


Yeah, it is pretty expensive for the experience–especially with the expense for most of us to travel to Vancouver-- but I think the experience of SHUX promises to be unique.

I didn’t go last year, so I can only speculate, but it seems like a comparatively small convention with some major opportunity for interaction. Most similar in size cons might promise a couple of hobby headliners, but SHUX has a ton, and it sounds like they’re more accessible than you’d experience at something like GenCon or Essen or Origins.

And, I imagine the predominant audience for SHUX would be fans of the website, which as far as I can tell from the forum and comments are some of the most thoughtful, intelligent, and fun people in gaming! So to me, it feels like a kind of Gathering of Friends for boardgame fans. But, rather than having to get an exclusive invite, there’s more of a premium on the ticket price.

Clearly, I’ve built up a lot of good vibes for SHUX in my head…and I hope they’re all proven 100% groovy when I get there this fall. But overall, I think mine are good assumptions, and not too rose-tinted.


Just to throw in my $0.02 - SHUX 2017 was my first convention ever, and I left thinking that $150 seemed cheap for what I got out of the event. Granted, I didn’t really have anything in my experience to compare against. That said, I had absolutely no reservation about paying the same this year (and I would have probably paid more).


I have to guiltily admit something, I made a dumb mistake, this seems like the right place to admit it:

I had already bought a ticket last month.

And I forgot about it.

So I bought another one tonight before searching my email receipts to see If I had bought a ticket.

Admittedly, I may have been subconsciously still trying to give my son an excuse to go with me (“whoops, I have this extra ticket, what you say kiddo?”), but if they get sold out, and I can’t get him to go, I’ll gladly sell it at cost.

(I would never scalp a ticket for profit to my fellow gamers. You people are my extended family. Regardless of where you live or where you come from or your culture or what you look like, you’re part of my ethnic group of nerds and rules-lawyers and misfits and people who feel the need to check “other” in some boxes occasionally.)


As someone who attended last year, I can confirm that you are getting a very nice experience and it is well worth the money. Even though we had everyone in a hotel it was cozy and I never felt cramped or packed in like many other conventions. This year is going to have a different feel since there will be more people and a larger convention space, but I think the atmosphere is going to remain very inviting and welcoming.

Also that $150 is for all three days Fri, Sat, Sun. There are many conventions that will have you pay $40-$50 for day passes easily and those groups have much bigger numbers of attendees. Based on the experience that I had last year, I have no problems paying what I am because I considered it good value. Also, a lot of the designers and game developers were very relaxed and approachable. Just keep in mind the rules set out for the convention. What I felt was the “golden rule” for the con was, “Show respect to each other and value everyone’s time and personal space”, meaning if someone looks busy to try and catch them when they were not. There was a tremendous amount of programming, and it sounds like this year they are planning even more!

The end product that was on display at SHUX17 was very professional and extremely well done for a first-time event. I have the feeling they are wanting to nurture this event and grow it sustainably. With that being said, I suspect that in a few years once they have everything fine-tuned they may be ready to do day passes and consider dropping the price, but I hope they do not do it at the detriment of the end product.

I would gladly pay more for a great time than pay less for an OK time. And last year I had a great time so much so that my wife is going to be going this year as well. This is counting as a “vacation” for me, so I am willing to pay more. However, $150 is nothing to sneeze at as there are many people this is very burdensome once you consider travel costs, accommodation, and food. Having spoken with several people involved with the unseen side of the convention last year, they are very aware of this burden and pour a very considerable amount of energy into producing a show of the best quality.

Based on my experience last year, if you are able to afford it, are looking for a vacation, and/or it will not cause detriment to your personal finances I would personally recommend attending SHUX18. Sorry if this seems choppy (kept on messing with it adding things… Too much for a post!), and I hope this helps you or anyone else with making their decision :slight_smile:


I apologize in advance if you’re already aware of it, but if you’ve never been, would like to go to a convention, and live in the Toronto area, Breakout Con happens every spring and is good fun. I haven’t been to SHUX yet for monetary reasons (a whole lot of student debt), but I get the feeling that they have similar vibes. Breakout Con doesn’t have quite as many big names, but a number of bigger name Toronto area designers and other people that don’t live too far away (of which there are quite a few) usually attend and speak- Eric Lang, Jon Gilmour, Rob Daviau, Sen-Foong Lim, Daryl Andrews, etc. Like SHUX, the focus is more on playing games and hearing people talk about games, and less on exhibitors. There is also a pretty big RPG component with a separate RPG focused gaming space and many RPG related talks. I’d say it’s about 50 percent board games and 50 percent RPGs, which is great if you also like RPGs. This year it was $60 Canadian for a three day pass, $50 for two or $30 for one day, but there is also an early bird special, which I think was $50 for three days. Anyway, great option if travel is the issue.


Thanks for the info. I may keep my eyes open for that next year. My son will be a little older, so maybe he would enjoy it.

Glad I could help. While I don’t have kids, I noticed last year there were a fair number of events scheduled specifically for families, which you can check out on the schedule before going. Not sure how old he is/what level of games he might be playing, but there were also a good number of lighter/kids games in the game library plus Helaina Cappel, who designs kids games and runs the publisher Kids Table, was there demoing her games.

I’m pretty sure that if US$150 was too expensive the place would be crickets and tumbleweeds.